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Illusory dreams; gallery. William Li - Official website Fenyx. Pitre Fine Arts. Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo. The Art of Kuang Hong [] 26 Jan 2010Hi all, happy new year!

The Art of Kuang Hong []

~ For updates please check my deviantART & blog (Chinese). I've also released a small booklet - Kuang Hong Postcard Collection 10 Aug 2008I just moved back to Shanghai, about time for a change of environment again. Please look forward to new works I'll be updating! 3 Mar 2008Woah, certainly been a while since I'd updated. 4 Feb 2007 how's everyone doing? 13 June 2006 cover image for July's issue of ImagineFX, you can find the cover image here. 28 Mar 2006 well, more texts than usual. hope i don't bore you. had an interview done for the spring issue of japanese magazine Kikan-S (Vol 14). iIf you read jap go grab a copy, it looks good just that i can't understand also had an interview done with 2DArtist Magazine for the March issue (the making of myworld was in the feb issue), you can download a copy here (3.01mb, pdf). last one is an interview/portfolio feature done for ImagineFX, which i am sure quite a number of people have seen, march06 issue. 10 Dec 2005.

Fairy, and Fantasy Art Prints by faery artist Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly. CGS Artist Profile - Linda Tso. While the world outside has a rich collection of reference, there is nothing like the web as the source of searchable visual reference, and Linda Tso takes advantage of that resource for mood. “I've saved a lot of beautiful images and paintings from the web,” she explains, “and I like to browse through the folders when I have nothing to do. As much as things like music and writing inspires me as well, it's the visual queues that make the greatest impact, and that includes movies, dreams and magazines of any kind. Dreams do inspire me, and if I don't dream I'd somehow feel the time I spent sleeping was wasted. Mirror reference and some quick photos of myself are a help sometimes Also. Then there are the Loomis anatomy books.”

Linda Tso creates all her work, from sketch to finish, on the computer. Future For the moment, Linda Tso wants to just keep working on her skills, hopefully broadening the areas she is proficient in. Related links:Linda Tso's Website. Fairy Art: Faery Linda Biggs Rainbow Fairy Art. New Brow, Contemporary Figurative Realism, Neo-Victorian Illustration, Pop Surrealism & Steampunk Art ~ Brigid Ashwood - HOME. The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser. All Images, Text, Music and Videos Copyright, © 1984 - 2013, Jonathon Earl Bowser The content of this web-site is protected by registered copyright.

You may download these picture-files to your computer, and if you would like to showcase some of my images on your own non-commercial web-site, then you are invited to do so - as long as you establish a link to my web-site, and provide the following artwork credit: Artwork © Jonathon Earl Bowser - And I hope that those who do place my work on their web-sites will someday consider purchasing one of the artworks available on my site; fine-art reproductions are available for as little as US$19.95, and an Artist-signed 98-page ArtBook is only US$25. - PRINTING OR REPRODUCING MY WORK IN ANY WAY IS PROHIBITED -(This is a serious matter; they hung the last guy who thought he could steal my work!)

Fantasy and Fairy Artists from around the World. Matt Wilson. Furiae. Fantasy Art Gallery. The Art of Meredith Dillman - Illustration, fantasy, fairy and mythological art. The Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick - Home. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Shadowscapes - Fantasy Art. The Fairy Art, Faery Art, Fantasy Art and Gothic Art of Victoria Griffin. Henning Ludvigsen - Digital Artist. Ursula Vernon. David Delamare Official Web Site (Bad Monkey Productions) Selina Fenech – Fairy Art and Fantasy Art Gallery. Fantasy art by Jessica Galbreth, faery and fairy art, gothic art, goddess art & more. Welcome to the website of the fantasy artist Josephine Wall.

Amy Brown: Fairy Art - The Official Gallery. Faery Art, faeries and illustrations, fae artists from Devon, UK. Index - The art of Steven Stahlberg. MELANIE DELON ? ILLUSTRATOR. Clyde Caldwell Online: Gallery. Linda Ravenscroft Enchanted fairy art. Brom. Denise Garner - Romantic Fantasy Art Gallery, fairy drawings, paintings and prints at

Jhoneil. Sito ricco di immagini Fantasy, per entrare nel mondo di Camelot, di Peter Pan, Disney e in altri ancora. Home. Targete Gallery. Mary Baxter St Clair, Fairy Artist. Some say Mary Baxter St.

Mary Baxter St Clair, Fairy Artist

Clair entered the world with a brush in her hand. Others remark that she paints with fairy dust. All are touched by her sense of wonder and marvel at her beautifully detailed paintings of wide-eyed children, ethereal angels, elusive fairies and piquant pixies, richly dressed in brilliant colors. Born in St. Science Fiction and Fantasy Artist. The Art Of Maria J. William - main page.