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South America Hx. Ancient Hx. North America. Baby Boomer HeadQuarters: WWW.BBHQ.COM. Boomer Statistics. A Special Feature of Baby Boomer HeadQuarters: WWW.BBHQ.COM The United States experienced an “explosion” of births after American soldiers returned home from World War II. The sociologists define those born between (and including) 1946 and 1964 as “baby boomers.” To be fair, some people born on the fringes of this time period do not think of themselves as boomers. The Maritime History Virtual Archives. Please note that these documents have been thoroughly indexed by e.g. the Alta Vista: or Google catalogues as well as other catalogues.

The Maritime History Virtual Archives

If you are trying to locate specific information, searching the indices might be the easiest way. Please respect the copyright, I grant you the right to read what you find interesting, but please refrain from downloading entire folders of files. Smarthistory. Thanks for your question!


Art is a really big topic and can easily feel intimidating. Humans have been making art and artifacts for a very very long time and in order to understand what that art meant to the people who made it, we need to learn about their culture and how it is different from our own. The History Place. History.com — History Made Every Day — American & World History. Eyewitness to History. History Matters: The U.S. Survey Course on the Web.