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A Time for Celebration | NJIT News. Two distinguished individuals were recognized for achievements beneficial to the state and our nation, as well as an organization exceptional for its commitment to NJIT’s mission, at Celebration, NJIT’s annual fundraiser for campuswide scholarship endowment funds, held Nov. 9, 2018 at The Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange. Since its inception in 1995, Celebration has raised nearly $6 million in endowed scholarship funds, ensuring that top-quality higher education is accessible to talented, motivated students. “This year, Celebration takes on additional significance, because tonight we publicly mark the successful completion of our NJIT NEXT campaign – the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the university’s entire history,” said NJIT President Joel S. Bloom. In his remarks, Bloom provided a preview of an initiative that will allow the purchase of the Mueller’s Florist property at the corner of NJIT’s campus at Central Avenue and Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. R. Daniel J. Dorothy Cheney, Pioneer in Social Cognition, Dies. Directed Evolution, Phage Display Nab Chemistry Nobel. Untitled. Untitled. Gmail. News: Two CoAD Faculty Members Win National Design Awards. No profit left behind - Stephanie Simon - POLITICO. Steven Moore, a vice chancellor at Texas A&M University, said the contract was not put out for competitive bid because administrators believed no other company could match the expertise that Pearson had gleaned working for NAU. Pearson’s NAU program at the time was barely underway; there was no way to gauge its academic impact or its appeal to students. (Just two dozen would enroll that fall.) Nonetheless, officials at Texas A&M-Commerce and South Texas College were so confident their partnership with Pearson would be a success that they agreed to pay the company for at least 40,200 student enrollments by 2018.

Pearson collects a fee for each enrollment; all told, the company stands to earn $9.4 million. Story Continued Below In the first year, the colleges got just 463 enrollments, far short of the 840 projected in the contract. And if enrollments fall short despite the marketing? The contract was signed just before Thanksgiving of 2013. Pearson also faces challenges in the K-12 realm. A Future Segregated by Science?

Let me say up front: I’m not a science guy. I have always loved science, but I have always loved the arts — drawing, painting and, yes, writing — more. My deepest foray into science came in high school when I won my way to the international science fair. (Don’t get too excited; that sounds more impressive than it was.) It was 1988, and I had produced a project about why the “Star Wars” missile defense system wouldn’t work. I won the district fair — in part, I suspect, because the judges’ pool was heavily populated by members of the military — even though I had violated one of the cardinal rules of science fairs: I hadn’t actually done an experiment.

Photo Although my science dreams were dashed, I still loved science. But their interests defy a distressing disparity: Few women and minorities are getting STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) degrees, although STEM jobs are multiplying and pay more than many other careers. Let’s start with high school. Female Digital Media Entrepreneurs ‘Crack the Code’ at Ford Foundation Event.

Journalists, entrepreneurs, “intrapreneurs,” funders, storytellers, academics and change agents gathered from locations across the globe at the Ford Foundation this past Thursday and Friday, ready to collaborate. The Women Digital News Entrepreneurs Summit, “Cracking the Code,” produced by the International Women’s Media Foundation, was not your ordinary digital news event. The women who filled this space were ignited with powerful energy that transformed conversations into action.

The panel on “Leading Digital Innovation in Established Media Organizations,” including (left to right) Amy O’Leary, Mandy Jenkins, Lakshmi Chaudhry, Youyoung Lee and Stacy-Marie Ishmael. Crack the Code. During the breakfast panel, Mariana Santos addressed a big question: “Where are the women in digital news?” Santos believes women can break stereotypes by utilizing leadership, innovation, team spirit, mentoring and female networks.

Know Your Audience. Amy Webb talks about trends to watch. Create Good Content. NJBIZ presents the Best 50 Women in Business for 2015. This year, NJBIZ is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its Best 50 Women in Business awards. For this milestone occasion, we searched far and wide for the best and most successful women in the New Jersey business community. From industry to law, higher education to high-tech, these women are “breaking glass” as NJBIZ likes to say, and setting a standard for excellence that moves and inspires all across the state’s business community. From a diverse pool of nominees, we select 50 honorees, in no particular ranking. After all, each one is a winner and truly worthy of that word, “best,” as she helps to shape the economic future of the Garden State.

This year’s honorees, along with many of the past winners, will be celebrated at a special NJBIZ event held March 23 at The Palace at Somerset Park. And to view the 2015 list of the Best 50 Women in Business, listed alphabetically, click the links below. The Best 50 Women in Business: A-H The Best 50 Women in Business: I-Z. TV’s New Girls’ Club. There is a moment in HBO’s “Doll & Em” when Em, a movie star, leaves her trailer to rehearse her lines alone. Doll, Em’s childhood best friend and now her assistant, stays behind. In an echo of “All About Eve,” Doll picks up her friend’s script and starts reading aloud. “ 'Why didn’t you call me?’ ‘I didn’t think it was my place,' ” she says, intoning both parts and knowing she’s overstepping.

The script is terrible. This isn’t to say that shows like “The Sopranos,” “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” didn’t elevate the medium’s aspirations. TV’s New Girls’ Club. Room Selection 2015-16 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!! - steffen - NJ Institute of Technology Mail. Tvs-new-girls-club. Belief in "raw brilliance" may decrease academic diversity. Press Release 15-004 Belief in "raw brilliance" may decrease academic diversity Messages about hard work rather than innate skill could level out gender representation in academia January 15, 2015 When academic communities send the message that raw brilliance, or a high level of innate intellectual aptitude, is required for success, these messages combine with cultural stereotypes to decrease that community's diversity.

That's what Sarah-Jane Leslie, a professor of philosophy at Princeton University, and Andrei Cimpian, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, want faculty to know from their newly published research on gender imbalance in STEM subjects--science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Women are not underrepresented in all STEM disciplines; and the problem is not unique to STEM fields. They derived a "field-specific ability beliefs hypothesis" and tested whether it could predict gender differences in academic disciplines.

Disciplines That Expect ‘Brilliance’ Tend to Punish Women, Study Finds - Research. By Madeline Will Here’s a downside to our cultural obsession with genius: It might be a reason for the gender gap in certain academic fields. New research has found that women tend to be underrepresented in disciplines whose practitioners think innate talent or "brilliance" is required to succeed. According to the findings, that’s true across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, the STEM fields; humanities; and the social sciences.

The research—led by Sarah-Jane Leslie, a philosophy professor at Princeton University, and Andrei Cimpian, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—was published on Thursday in the journal Science. Ms. In many fields with a relatively small proportion of female Ph.D. students, survey respondents placed greater emphasis on brilliance as a prerequisite to success. One prominent example was philosophy, in which only 31 percent of Ph.D. students are female. Sherlock Holmes vs. EDF Climate Corps Home | EDF Climate Corps. Centennial Contest | AAUP Foundation. The AAUP Foundation’s Centennial Committee is holding a student contest to raise awareness about academic freedom and the AAUP. Rev. Frank Haig, SJ, a member of the Centennial Committee, announced the contest in the following letter: What is the significance of one hundred years?

For a snow-covered, majestic mountain range, not much. And for the crashing waves of a tumultuous sea? Again, a mere moment, like all the others in the grand scheme of nature, for there is so much time ahead. —Rev. The centennial contest is open to all students enrolled at accredited institutions of higher education in the United States. All submissions must address the theme “Academic Freedom: Its Concept, Its History, Its Successes, and Its Failures.” In addition, the following specific rules apply: Essay Contest Essays should be five pages in length and double-spaced, with pages numbered. Art Contest One or more photographs of the artwork are to be submitted by e-mail in JPEG format. MIT Professor’s Blog Comment Sets Off Debate Over Nerds and Male Privilege.

A deeply personal posting by an MIT professor and self-described “nerdy male” wrestling with the idea of male privilege has set off a debate about feminism, nerds, and privilege across the Internet. The posting, by Scott Aaronson, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, appeared as a comment on his blog in December. It was part of the discussion on a post Mr. Aaronson wrote earlier about how MIT had reacted after determining that Walter Lewin, a former professor, had sexually harassed women on the Internet. In the original blog post, Mr. Aaronson wrote that sexual harassment “must never be tolerated,” but he took issue with MIT’s decision to remove Mr.

Lewin’s online lectures. Mr. His reflections, which have come to be known as “Comment 171,” struck a nerve. Mr. What do you make of the debate? Return to Top. In STEM Courses, a Gender Gap in Online Class Discussions. Women and men behave differently in online class discussions, at least in science, engineering, and computer-science courses, according to a new study conducted by Piazza Technologies, a company that makes a digital class-participation tool. The company found that women use its program, called Piazza, to ask more questions than do their male peers, but that they answer fewer questions. When women do answer, they are more likely to answer anonymously. The findings come in the midst of an online debate about male privilege in the sciences. Part of Piazza’s mission is to level the playing field for men and women in academic environments. Piazza is an online discussion platform that professors at more than 1,000 colleges use to encourage students to ask questions of and answer questions for their classmates.

Participation is usually optional, although some professors track students’ use for grading purposes. The Piazza study also looked at data for other subjects. Return to Top. Phyllis Schlafly: Campus sex assault is on the rise because too many women go to college. Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly is worried that college campuses are populated by too many women, a phenomenon she insinuated has contributed to increased sexual assault on campus. In a Monday column for the far-right website World Net Daily, the longtime anti-feminist crusader lamented the declining portion of university enrollments accounted for by men.

Schlafly — BA and JD, Washington University in St. Louis; MA, Radcliffe College — argued that it may even be time to implement quotas to ensure that men constitute at least half of a college’s enrollment. “Long ago when I went to college, campuses were about 70 percent male, and until 1970 it was still nearly 60 percent,” Schlafly wrote. “Today, however, the male percentage has fallen to the low 40s on most campuses.” Never one to shirk victim-blaming, Schlafly proceeded to link the problem of campus sexual assault to the increased enrollment of women in postsecondary institutions. “So, what’s the solution?” (h/t Right Wing Watch) REU | Virtual Reality Applications Center. REU 2015 Program Website – Program Dates: May 26 – July 31, 2015Application Deadline: February 15, 2015 – Applications are now open.

After completion of the online application please send the following items to Amy Carver, Program Coordinator, at acarver@iastate.eduResume/CVCopy of official transcriptsLetters of recommendation should be sent directly from your references.Notifications of acceptance begins March 3, 2015Declined applicants notified by April 17, 2015Eligibility: Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the United States.Be and remain an undergraduate student in good standing.Plan to complete an undergraduate degree program on or after December 2015.Students selected to participate in the program will receive housing, a meal plan and a stipend of $5000 for the summer. The program will also contribute towards their travel. Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education. Iris Van Herpen and 'a Different Way of Thinking' Adviser Guides Obama Into the Google Age. Photo WASHINGTON — ’s top technology adviser cringes when she hears highly educated adults say how bad they are at science and math, particularly when they do so in front of children.

“That has to change,” the adviser, Megan J. Smith, firmly told a group of teachers at the White House not long ago. “We would never say that about reading.” Ms. Not only does she now carry a BlackBerry, she uses a 2013 Dell laptop: new by government standards, but clunky enough compared with the cutting-edge devices of her former life that her young son asked what it was. So far, she has adopted a cheery tone. “We’re on it,” she said of trying to solve the administration’s technology problems a year after the disastrous rollout of the federal health insurance website, Ms. She has also briefed the president on ways to recruit top technologists, particularly women, into the government to build state-of-the-art digital and mobile services. Ms. And while Mr. Ms. Ms. How much Ms. Aneesh Chopra, Mr. Gender bias in student evaluations: Professors of online courses who present as male get better marks.

Many in academia have long known about how the practice of student evaluations of professors is inherently biased against female professors. Students, after all, are just as likely as the public in general to have the same ugly, if unconscious, biases about women in authority. Just as polling data continues to show that a majority of Americans think being a man automatically makes you better in the boss department, many professors worry that students just automatically rate male professors as smarter, more authoritative, and more awesome overall just because they are men.

Now, a new study out North Carolina State University shows that there is good reason for that concern. One of the problems with simply assuming that sexism drives the tendency of students to giving higher ratings to men than women is that students are evaluating professors as a whole, making it hard to separate the impact of gender from other factors, like teaching style and coursework.

The results were astonishing. Learning to Love Criticism. Ellevate – a global professional women's network. News: Humanities Professor Elected to IEEE Administrative Committee. News: NJIT's Daphne Soares Receives Women of Discovery Award. Alumni-Achievement-Nomination-form-2015.pdf. In Search of an Academic Wife. International Programs | Amelia Earhart Fellowship.

We should not view women’s issues in isolation: Thoraya Obaid | Front Page. ‘The Innovators’ by Walter Isaacson: How Women Shaped Technology. Ginni Rometty - Most Powerful Women 2014. Graduate Research Internship Program. Exploring Computer Science. Edge Conference 2014 | Berkeley Science Network. A Surge in Learning the Language of the Internet. Office of the Provost: Undergraduate Summer Research. Innovating for the future: second annual International Women’s Hackathon - Microsoft Research Connections Blog. Innovating for the future: second annual International Women’s Hackathon - Microsoft Research Connections Blog. News: NJIT Committee on Women's Leadership Recognizes Interim Dean of NCE. News: NJIT Professor Speaks at International Gender Summit. David Thielen: Bringing More Women Into Computer Science. Tools for Change | Boosting the Retention of Women in the STEM PipelineTools for Change. Top 10 Reasons Diversity Is Good For The Boardroom.

Empowering Girls to Build the Future - Video. A Viral Video Encourages Girls to Become Engineers. WSKC Homepage - Women in STEM Knowledge Center - WSKC. Women can have it all – but they’ll likely pay a mommy penalty for it - NBCNews. WSKC Homepage - Women in STEM Knowledge Center - WSKC. Girls' school tells students: 'You're not a princess' 2013 Student Leadership Empowerment Conference Call For Programs. Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? Facebook’s Sandberg calls on women to be aggressive leaders. GHC13: Sheryl Sandberg, in conversation with Maria Klawe and Telle Whitney | Karla's Random Thoughts. New Faces of Engineering College Edition. Internships. Interior design in theatre is destiny for JC teen at NJIT.

Special Report - Science Nation. Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Radio Stories - Her-Story: Then & Now - HER-STORY: NOW. Study: Reading novels makes us better thinkers. Where NJIT Students Come From.