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Homemade Lemon Vinaigrette. Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette. I have been into the cilantro lime combination for a long time now and I use it in many different things from marinades to sauces to soups, etc. and I also use it as a garnish on things like rice bowls, tacos, tostadas, fish, sandwiches, etc.

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

The other day I had a thought: Wouldn't it be great if I could bottle the amazing cilantro and lime flavours so that I could pour them all over everything? With that idea this vibrant, light, bright and super tasty cilantro lime vinaigrette was born! I kept the vinaigrette nice and simple using plenty of fresh cilantro along with the lime juice, some oil, garlic and some jalapeno for a touch of heat. I don't know if you can bottle magic but you can certainly bottle the magical combination of cilantro and lime! Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 5 minutes Servings: 1 A light and fresh vinaigrette with cilantro and lime. ingredients directions. Baba Ganoush Recipe. Baba Ganoush requires a grill: False Baba Ganoush requires a gas stove: False Baba Ganoush can be made by anyone anywhere with access to a broiler: True Hooray!

Baba Ganoush Recipe

Have you ever looked at a recipe and rolled your eyes, thinking “yeah right, I’m never making that it’s way too complicated.” Welcome to the story of my life and the idea behind this blog. Easy Fesenjan. When John and I went to visit family in San Diego a few months ago, John’s aunt Nadia was shocked to hear we had never had Persian food.

Easy Fesenjan

Growing up in the Middle East it was all she knew in her younger years and still loves it today. So for our remaining few hours in California before jetting back to the Midwest, Nadia treated us to a traditional Persian meal that left quite the impression on me. Watch A Preacher Succinctly Explain What Everyone Missed About The Trayvon Martin Case. An Instagram short film.

Dispatch: Bringing Afghanistan's Mineral Wealth to Market. Rachel Maddow: Afghanistans mineral wealth? Nevermind. CNN. BBC. Google. Break into film and TV today. Eminem. Rihanna - Diamonds, Manchester. Rihanna - No Love Allowed, Manchester. Rihanna. Facebookguideforeducators.pdf. 5 Ways Social Media Can Inspire Young Artists. How To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographic. Social Learning Infographics Teacher Infographics Would you like to know How to use Pinterest in the Classroom in a meaningful and relevant way?

How To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographic

At the How To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy Infographic you will find 25 ways to integrate Bloom’s Taxonomy with Pinterest. By incorporating Pinterest into your lesson plans and overall classroom culture you will give you and your students a fun way to teach and learn. TeachBytes created this awesome infographic. You are more than welcome to share it with fellow teachers and educators and of course to print it out. Social Media: Then Vs Now. How to Create a Set of Bubble Gum Buttons in Illustrator. In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a set of bubble gum inspired blog buttons by using Drop Shadows and the Appearance panel in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Create a Set of Bubble Gum Buttons in Illustrator

We'll go through each step and show you variations in the symbols and how to add text. Step 1 Open Illustrator and hit Command + N to create a new document. Enter 600 in the width box and 300 in the height box then click on the Advanced button. Select RGB, Screen (72ppi) and make sure that the "Align New Objects to Pixel Grid" box is unchecked before your click OK. Enable the Grid (View > Show Grid) and the Snap to Grid (View > Snap to Grid).

Step 2 Using the Rectangle Tool (M), create a 120 by 36px shape, fill it with the linear gradient shown below and go to Effect > Stylize > Rounded Corners. Brand History. Over the Rainbow: A Support site for survivors of any unwanted sexual contact. Over the Rainbow is a support site for survivors of rape, sexual abuse or any type of unwanted sexual contact.

Over the Rainbow: A Support site for survivors of any unwanted sexual contact

Whatever your experience - whether you were a victim of date rape, partner rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault, you deserve to heal and you are welcome here. Enter Over the Rainbow Please help survivors of rape and sexual assault by supporting Pandora'sProject. The Normalization of Intimate Partner Violence in Beauty and the Beast. Domestic Violence Programs Brace For End Of Federal Funds After Friday. By Bryce Covert "Domestic Violence Programs Brace For End Of Federal Funds After Friday" Domestic violence programs across the country say they have received letters from federal offices that dole out grant money informing them that after Friday, if the government is not reopened, they will cease operations and the programs won’t be able to draw down the funds they normally rely on.

Domestic Violence Programs Brace For End Of Federal Funds After Friday

While some may be able to weather the storm, small, rural programs and those that rely heavily on federal money are looking at layoffs and disruptions in service. On Thursday, a reader who runs a domestic violence and rape crisis center in Northern California shared a letter with Andrew Sullivan received from the Office of Justice Programs, which disburses funds from the Violence Against Women Act: Office of Justice Programs (OJP) have sufficient resources to remain operational through Friday, October 4, 2013.

Kristin's Story. Counselling rape victims in Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rape, the Most Intimate of Crimes. By Mary Dickson© 1996 It's a story so common, it never even made it into the newspapers.

Rape, the Most Intimate of Crimes

A 49-year-old woman who lives in a middle class neighborhood on one of Salt Lake City's busiest streets let her dog out one warm fall night as she always did. When he began barking furiously in the driveway, she ran outside to see what was wrong. As cars sped by, a masked man grabbed her and put a knife at her throat. Without saying a word, he pulled her by the arm, pushed her into her house and threw her on the bed. Facing Trauma- A Rape Victim's Scars. A rape victim tells the horrors of the rape and it aftermath By Lucretia Stewart. The Weeknd - The Zone ft. Drake. Showa 1926 – 1939: A History Of Japan. BOOK REVIEW: "Showa: A History of Japan 1926-1939" In his intriguing and ambitious manga Showa: A History of Japan 1926-1939 (Drawn & Quartered: $24.95) Shigeru Mizuki skillfully interweaves autobiography with national and international events; The only graphic novel in English of comparable depth and scope is Art Spiegelman's Maus.

BOOK REVIEW: "Showa: A History of Japan 1926-1939"

Originally published in 1988-89, Showa is the first installment in a 4-volume set that will be issued in the US over the next year. The Ignorant Schoolmaster. Jacques Rancière. Jacques Rancière (born 1940) is a French philosopher, Professor of Philosophy at European Graduate School in Saas-Fee and Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Paris (St.

Jacques Rancière

Denis) who came to prominence when he co-authored Reading Capital (1968), with the structural Marxist philosopher Louis Althusser.[1] Life and work[edit] Rancière contributed to the influential volume Reading Capital (though his contribution is not contained in the partial English translation) before publicly breaking with Althusser over his attitude toward the May 1968 student uprising in Paris; Rancière felt Althusser's theoretical stance didn't leave enough room for spontaneous popular uprising.[2] The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation by Jacques Rancière.

Art in the streets of Kabul. Inside the blackened ruin of Kabul's cultural centre, a spray-painting of a woman in a burqa sits at the foot of a staircase to nowhere, beside a line of poetry mourning everything that has been lost to Afghanistan in three decades of violence. The painting is the work of Shamsia Hassani, 24, probably her country's first serious graffiti artist. "The water can come back to a dried-up river, but what about the fish that died? " Kabul - a city at work. Afghanistan. “Given the images people see on TV, many conclude Afghanistan never made it out of the Middle Ages. Portraits of Afghan Villagers with Instant Pictures of Themselves.

After reading about the Wakhan Corridor in the New York Times, French photographers Fabrice Nadjari and Cedric Houin decided to visit the remote region in Afghanistan in the summer of 2011, walking for 24 days through a 140 mile stretch. Suicide bombings cause torment for Pakistani children - Feature. Struggle to help Gaza's traumatise. Hala, 7, has stopped speaking since her brother's death, and covers her head when he is mentioned Omsyat, 12, has become nervous and aggressive, Hala, 7, has completely stopped speaking and Sobhy, 11, burned the toys he was brought with a candle, says their mother, Wafa Awersha.

Psychiatric nurse Rowiya Hamam nods as she sits on a thin mattress on floor of the tent in al-Atatra in northern Gaza. In what is now their home, Mrs Awersha updates her on how the five children are coping with their brother's death in the recent conflict. Ibrahim, 9, was hit by Israeli bullets on 4 January and died before his siblings' eyes, with their injured parents barely conscious nearby, the family say. His body lay for four days outside their house before the fighting waned enough for neighbours to take it away on a donkey cart. Several hundred of the 1,300 Palestinian deaths were children and some accounts of civilian deaths have raised concerns of war crimes. Masked Israeli settlers chase schoolchildren, give directions to Border Police [With Video] « Occupied Palestine. Women, War & Peace Series Trailer.

Lens: Photographs From a Decade in Afghanistan. Rape motivations and classifications: part one - Washington DC True Crime. Public-order crime. Domestic violence. Domestic violence, also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, dating abuse, and intimate partner violence (IPV), is a pattern of behavior which involves the abuse by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabitation, dating or within the family.

It is experienced by women and men in heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Law. "Legal concept" redirects here. Lady Justice, a symbol of justice. Watch Free Documentaries Online.