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Photoshop Tutorial Old Postmark Stamp. Hmm, I haven’t really done any Photoshop tutorials.

Photoshop Tutorial Old Postmark Stamp

Strange thing considering I use it very often : ). So here’s one on how to add a vintage custom made postmark to the old postcards and airmail envelopes from my previous posts. It’s a cool way of personalizing them. To begin I’ll be using this envelope image as background for the postmark. You can download it by clicking on it. For this particular image you could just add the city name to the existing stamp mark and be finished, but in the tutorial I’ll cover doing the whole postmark. 1. Grab the Elliptical Marquee Tool from the tools menu and drag out a circle similar in size to the original postmark on the envelope.

Give the selection a stroke – top menu Edit > Stroke and in the Stroke Options set Width: 10px, Color: black and Location: inside. After clicking ok, press Ctrl+D to deselect the selection and you should be left with a circle just like below. 2. Tutorials. 17 personas que se tomaron la decoración de Halloween demasiado en serio. Halloween es mucho más que disfraces, dulces y calabazas.

17 personas que se tomaron la decoración de Halloween demasiado en serio

En Estados Unidos es toda una tradición decorar las casas —tanto por dentro como por fuera— y en España cada vez son más los que se animan a dar un toque aterrador a sus hogares. Sin embargo, hay personas a las que la pasión por Halloween les desborda y le dedican todo su ingenio y su tiempo para llevar a cabo las ideas más terroríficas (en todos los sentidos). Aquí tienes 17 ejemplos de Hallofans para quienes los fantasmas de papel y la tela de araña de algodón no fueron suficientes: Una buena idea para no manchar platos ¿Dónde poner los muslitos? Cuando decides tener un detalle con tu mujer Este hombre ha imprimido fotos de su cara y las ha puesto en tarros con agua verde para asustar a su mujer en Halloween O con tu novio Ya se sabe, no hay que pasarse calentando Precioso, de verdad. How To Make DIY Drawer Pulls from Just About Anything — Apartment Therapy Tutorials.

For the times that you just can't find that perfect drawer pull (or the times that you can, but don't feel like dishing out the $$), knowing how to make your own is a great skill to have.

How To Make DIY Drawer Pulls from Just About Anything — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

So round up the troops, (seriously, how cool would army people drawer pulls be!?) , gather your supplies and get to work! Plastic toys from the dollar store or thrift shop are great pieces to start with. The plastic is softer and very forgiving if you end up needing to take a few tries to get the hole drilled out. They are somewhat large for your basic door knob or drawer pull, but could work on the right piece. To prove you can make door/drawer knobs out of anything, check out the Salt & Pepper shakers above. What You Need Materials Plastic object (toy, button, jewelry, etc) Gorilla glue Hanger bolts, washers, and nuts Spray paint Tools Drill Instructions. Fabrication livre couverture cartonnc3a9e.

12 façons très originales d’offrir de l’argent – Astuces de filles.

Idées cadeaux

Déguisements. A little project life. Warning: this is a very long, wordy, and detailed post.

a little project life

And if you have no interest in Project Life, you will be bored to tears. Feel free to skip right on through to the next post {or go make yourself a nice cup of tea}. So it's no surprise that I'm hopelessly behind in Project Life. I think this is an inherent problem with this type, or any type for that matter, of scrapbooking. Time passes, most of the time faster than we can keep up, faster than we want (except when we were kids and counting the days until Christmas, summer vacation, or the day we could get our driver's license.) But the whole point of Project Life is to document the everyday, the fleeting, time-is-passing-too-quickly moments so that we can attempt to hold onto them forever, attempt to stop time, so to speak. It's a trade-off I'm willing to make. And along the way, I've learned a few things: *I've learned to jump around with my weeks. *I've learned to document, document, document.

My favorite alpha stamps Collect. Rangements boites. Magical thinking. A how to send a message egg. Simple Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 52 Pics. Source.

Simple Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 52 Pics


Pixar22RulesAnalyzed_Bugaj.pdf. Aprende a dibujar usando números y letras y enséñale a los mas pequeños. Dibujar es una de las actividades mas creativas y divertidas que se pueden hacer cuando uno esta aburrido.

Aprende a dibujar usando números y letras y enséñale a los mas pequeños

Hay gente, como los famosos pintores Leonardo DaVinci y Michelangelo que nacieron con un don increible para la pintura, pero no todos tenemos esa habilidad. Por suerte, el dibujo también se puede aprender sea uno chico o adulto. Esta actividad que están a punto de ver esta muy buena no solo para chicos sino que para gente de todas las edades. Intentenlo y dejenos comentarios en facebook con sus fotos. ¡Buena suerte! Dibujar un 69 no es gran hazaña y pronto veras una mono sobre una rama. Dibuja una S y un burro aparece. Escribe una M que el gato ya viene.