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Calming Cards. GoZenPlus 50CalmDownFlashcards (1) TCC Imagine Relaxing Pictures. TCC Think Positive Thoughts. Please Talk. Exam results: how mindfulness can help you make better life choices. One of the most important events in the British education calendar is approaching: A-level results day.

Exam results: how mindfulness can help you make better life choices

Beyond A-levels, choosing what you want to do, or what you want to study are two of the big decisions in life. And, as such, they are not easy ones to make. You weigh up alternative options, and find a good number of reasons behind each of them. Many in the Twittersphere are already reliving their own results day memories with one user saying: “Aaaah I remember #Alevelresults day. Led me to a glittering English Literature degree which is why I work in IT”. Philosopher Ruth Chang – who studied law, but then switched to philosophy – has dedicated her life to the study of hard choices. You might be scratching your head at this point, but just bear with me, because Chang’s philosophy is a good one.

This doesn’t really make the decision any easier, but at least it makes things much more interesting. Widgit Mental Health Booklet. Size of my Problem.ashx (JPEG Image, 667 × 1000 pixels) Mental Health Ireland Publications. The size of my problem thermometer. We all encounter problems routinely.

The size of my problem thermometer

Some of them are caused by our own mistakes, such as sleeping through the alarm or missing a meeting. Some are caused by others, (a stolen wallet) and some are just bad luck (getting stuck in a traffic jam)! Just about everything we do throughout the day involves solving some kind of problem; it’s just an unavoidable fact of life. What we can do, however, is learn to manage our problems. This involves, in part, managing the emotions that arise when a problem occurs. Our ability to regulate our emotions in problem situations greatly influences how effectively we are able to solve the problems we face. Defining Socially-Based Problems Einstein once said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” Defining a social problem may include: Understanding the stated or hidden social rules—what’s expected in any given situation. A Teacher's Guide to Anxiety in the Classroom.

Well Being in Post Primary Schools Guidelines. I had a black dog, his name was depression. Niteline - Confidential Listening Service for Students of DCU, NCAD, RCSI, TCD, UCD and their affiliate colleges. Smiling Mind. Optimism. Mind check. Caring for people with psychosis. This course is open to anyone with an interest in psychosis and caregiving issues.

Caring for people with psychosis

You may be interested in taking the course because: you know someone with psychosis, perhaps your child, partner, sibling, parent or friend and are providing support you are a professional working in a service or other mental healthcare organisation, with an interest in psychosis and families you have an interest in mental health problems. No previous knowledge of psychosis or experience of caring is required to take the course although some medical terminology is used.

There are optional, additional materials for those who want to explore the topics discussed beyond the core material, some of which are academic papers. The course was originally co-initiated and co-funded by H. Mindfulness for well-being. Adolescent Mental Health Services. Willow Grove Adolescent Inpatient Unit and Dean Clinic Outpatient Adolescent Mental Health Service Our Service Willow Grove Adolescent Unit is a specialist mental health service for young people aged between 14-17 years.

Adolescent Mental Health Services

We provide a multi-disciplinary assessment of adolescents where the referrer has significant reason to believe that the adolescent has (or is at risk of developing) a psychiatric disorder. We offer a comprehensive range of interventions including medical, psychiatric, psychological, social and educational interventions and support. Our inpatient unit operates a Therapeutic Milieu model which is a safe and supportive environment in which we work to enhance the young persons’ motivation to move towards recovery and developing skills to improve and maintain optimum mental health.

Our staff work towards a young person’s recovery in collaboration with them and their family. The benefits of a good night's sleep. "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The benefits of a good night's sleep

" -- Benjamin Franklin, 1758 (in Poor Richard's Almanac) A third of our life is spent sleeping. How much sleep a person needs changes as one ages. A new mother needs seven hours of sleep per night, but her newborn baby needs 12-18 hours of sleep per night. In general, the older you get, the less sleep you need. This can give us an idea of why sleep is so important during childhood for both growth and brain development. The hippocampus plays an important role in helping us to remember. Research shows that during sleep our brain's structure is being altered. Many studies show the remarkable role of sleep in memory. Have you ever wondered if you can learn while you are sleeping? The track used in this animation is called “No Squirrel Commotion” by Chad Crouch. Living Life To The Full: Free Booklets.

Listen, Speak & be Heard.