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Non-Verbal Communication - The Documentary. Hotel Reservations - > Go to Script | Idioms Quiz | Gap-fill Exercise 1.

Hotel Reservations -

Warm Up Finding cheap hotels with some nice amenities is often important to budget travelers like international students. Youth hostels, traditional inns, and pensions are also possible accommodations that would suit travelers. Listen to this conversation on the topic. 2. Pronunciation Tip: DO YOU changes to DO YA or DYA. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.

Hotel Check-in. Pre-Listening Exercise Most people look for budget or cheap hotels when they go on vacation, but no matter whether you stay in a cheap hotel or a luxurious one, you can encounter problems when making hotel reservations.

Hotel Check-in

Write a list all of the possible problems that could occur with hotel reservations (e.g., the receptionist who took your reservation misunderstood the date you were scheduled to arrive). Talk with a partner and discuss these. Idioms. Unit 4: English for Hotels. Transcript: When I travel, the process of checking into hotels is usually one of the most interesting parts of my adventure.

Unit 4: English for Hotels

This, of course, is because I am blind and travel with my Guide Dog. When I book accommodation I always inform the hotel's reservation staff that I am blind and travelling with my dog. By telephone this information is usually well received but when I walk into the hotel lobby, completely blind, using a white cane or guide dog to navigate, I sometimes find that the reception staff are not trained to serve their visually impaired guests adequately. Hotel Reservations. Pre-Listening Exercise Finding a cheap hotel is important to budget travelers, for an Hawaiian honeymoon, adventure travel in the mountains, or for business in Europe.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel facilities interactive worksheet. This Hotel Is Made Entirely of Salt. Youtube. Booking a hotel room interactive worksheet. Vacation - Hotel reservation worksheet. At the hotel - listening worksheet. Unit 10, Vocabulary: Solving hotel problems. Email (hotel booking) - Labelled diagram. At a Hotel - Group sort. Sweden's Ice Hotel - Quiz. At a Hotel - Unjumble. In hotel - Anagram. Hotel problems - Random cards. General English - Video zone. Salar de Uyuni, Uyuni, Bolivia Dario Lora, manager of Luna Salada Salt Hotel: The hotel is unique.

General English - Video zone

It is made of salt, it is like a museum. You can sleep in a bed made of salt bricks, you have the desk made of salt bricks, you have the floor made of salt, everything made of salt! It’s the biggest salt flat in the whole world having a stretch of twelve thousand kilometres. Here’s where everything begins. We select this location in the hill so we have a really nice landscape of the salt flat. Here in the hotel we are in a high altitude. [Dario Lora speaks to the chef in Spanish – At altitude around 18 to 20 minutes and 8 to 10 minutes at sea level.] All the salt that we use in the dishes came from the salt flat. One of the biggest challenges we have is the rainy season is because the weather destroys all the salt bricks. Hotel Booking. In this lesson, students will listen to someone booking a hotel.

They will predict vocabulary, listen to the conversation and role-play the dialogue to practise their speaking skills. There are also suggestions for developing the theme of hotels to practise specific areas of grammar. Aims: To practise listening skills To improve students’ vocabulary and speaking skills Age: English for Hotels and Tourism. Hotel Vocabulary. Hotels English Vocabulary. When you arrive at a hotel, you must check-in at the reception or front desk.

Hotels English Vocabulary

The check-in process can take awhile since the receptionist has to find your reservation, request payment for the room, and then inform you about the hotel's policies and procedures. You are also given a key to your room at this time. Hotels often distinguish themselves by the services they offer. Fancy hotels often have a concierge or porter to help you with a variety of tasks. They can help you get a taxi, make reservations at restaurants or plays for you, and give you advice about the city. In smaller and cheaper hotels, the job of concierge is done by the receptionist and a doorman, who opens the hotel doors and car doors for you. These are nice services, especially after you've been traveling, but they're not free. In your room, there may be a single or double bed, depending on how many people are staying there. If you're lucky, there may even be a mini-bar in your room.

Next Activities. Cultural behaviour in business. Much of today's business is conducted across international borders, and while the majority of the global business community might share the use of English as a common language, the nuances and expectations of business communication might differ greatly from culture to culture.

Cultural behaviour in business

A lack of understanding of the cultural norms and practices of our business acquaintances can result in unfair judgements, misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication. Here are three basic areas of differences in the business etiquette around the world that could help stand you in good stead when you next find yourself working with someone from a different culture. Addressing someone When discussing this topic in a training course, a German trainee and a British trainee got into a hot debate about whether it was appropriate for someone with a doctorate to use the corresponding title on their business card. Smiling Eye contact. Business English: Formal Titles Mr., Mrs., Ms. A business letter. Non-Verbal Communication - The Documentary.

Telephone English - Telephone Tips. Business English - Telephone Talk.

The Business of English

Teaching English : How to Communicate Better in Business. 8 Types of Nonverbal Communication Video. There are a number of ways to convey information to someone other than simply speaking to them.

8 Types of Nonverbal Communication Video

This video from will define eight of the most prominent types of nonverbal communication.See Transcript Hi, I'm Jacob Taxis for In this video, you will learn eight types of nonverbal communication. This is information from's Psychology site. Nonverbal Communication: Facial Expression Facial expression is one type of nonverbal communication that is nearly universal in meaning. Nonverbal Communication: Gestures Hand gestures are a vitally important type of nonverbal communication that take on various meanings as you navigate the world's cultures. Nonverbal Communication: Paralinguistics Paralinguistics simply means a type of vocal communication without the use of language. Nonverbal Communication: Body Language Though body language and posture can be quite subtle, it can have an enormous impact on communication.

Learning English - How to Address People. Learning English - How to Address People 2. Introductions & Greetings - Learn English Conversation. How to write a Business Letter. Gestures around the world.