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Building Your Optimal Grind Station - Gripsed Poker Training. Have your poker spot well organized and well lit, physical clutter can cause mental clutter.

Building Your Optimal Grind Station - Gripsed Poker Training

Also make sure that your space is comfortable and ergonomic as you’ll be spending a good chunk of time there, and don’t want to cause any pain or unnecessary wear and tear on your body. Prepare before playing by having water and healthy light snacks nearby. Telling Your Family and Friends about your Passion - Poker Strategy, Tips + Tricks. Mind Game Introduction. Raising for Effective Giving – Effective Giving. When we think of ethical careers, the professions that come to mind are doctors, teachers or charity workers, i.e. professions where people are helped directly.

Raising for Effective Giving – Effective Giving

However, an argument can be made that the actual impact – how the world is different depending on what you do – of these careers is smaller than we might initially think. Take the example of someone working for a charity: If this person hadn’t taken this particular job, chances are that someone else would have. Having been accepted for the job in the first place is evidence that the person doing it might be somewhat better at it than their counterfactual replacement, but this difference likely isn’t huge. Therefore, a substantial part of the helpful work is “replaceable” in the sense that the same thing would happen even if said person chose a different career.

Of course, there are also counterbalancing considerations that somewhat diminish the extent to which replaceability applies. Charity evaluators. How to use poker to reduce cognitive biases and improve your rationality. Jennifear's MTT Push/Fold Charts. The Poker Thought Process: Critical Review of REM. This article comes from Joe “TheDefiniteArticle” Towse.

The Poker Thought Process: Critical Review of REM

Joe is an instructor at the Poker Training site which focuses on providing affordable training targeted at small stakes and microstakes games. Joe has strong background in NLHE Cash Games, with a focus on the quick thought processes required to dominate at 6-max Rush Poker. Throughout the history of poker, various suggestions have been made for what is an appropriate thought process during a hand. Since the level of poker (and no limit hold’em in particular) knowledge has accelerated recently, the quality of thought process has perhaps developed more in the past ten years than in the entirety of poker history before it.

The general premise of REM is that in any given hand, you should formulate a hand range for each opponent, calculate your equity against their ranges, and then maximize your expectation. Phil Ivey - Studying Away from the Table. Top 3 Benefits To Becoming A Poker Player. Chris Moorman Answers Poker Strategy Questions. Randy “nanonoko” Lew's Top 5 Tips for Multi-Tabling Online Poker - Randy Lew regularly plays 24 tables of online poker simultaneously under the screen-name nanonoko on PokerStars and today he's here to teach you the top five things you need to know to successfully multi-table.

Randy “nanonoko” Lew's Top 5 Tips for Multi-Tabling Online Poker -

Video Transcript: #5 – Tiling Tables is Better than Stacking Tiling is better because you can follow all the action. When you're stack the tables you really can't follow on a street by street basis. Like when you get an action while stacking a table just pops up and you're already on the river. Raising for Effective Giving (REG): Launching dinner presentation by Adriano Mannino.

Meet A Professional Poker Player Living His Dream Lifestyle. Art of War. 1 month from now will be full year since i made a profit from playing poker, my bad decisions and my ego led me to big downswing and no i don’t want to blame variance for it cos i wasn’t acting like a professional , playing games that even some of the best players in the world have such a small ROI and are even break even.

Art of War

One of the reasons was def me wanting to prove something to people that i dont rly care about and i allowed some comments to affect me so i decided to play games that are tougher to beat im not saying im not good enough to play those im just saying there is no need to play a game where u have 7 regs minimal at ur table. I am not saying these games are not fun cos u get to battle some of the best regs online but if your in this line of work to make money than this will not be smartest decision. “To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Articles. The Art of Bluffing: 10 Keys to Success - Gripsed Poker Training. Besides, bluffing in poker is the best kind: guiltless.

The Art of Bluffing: 10 Keys to Success - Gripsed Poker Training

Everyone expects you to do it, so you can’t feel bad about it. In fact, you could get richer for it. In the end, bluffing in poker means taking, playing on, and owning a psychological advantage. It’s about getting people to believe a little fib. Above all, it’s about being so convincing that you believe it yourself. It all comes down to unshakeable, indomitable confidence – and with years of bluffing under our belts, we consider ourselves masters of the practice. Analyzing Your Hands. Now that a couple of weeks have passed since the end of SCOOP, I have started doing consultations with my students again.

Analyzing Your Hands

Many of them are bringing their SCOOP hand histories to me, wondering what they can learn from them. The opportunity has been great for me, as I've been blessed to receive pay for watching and analyzing many SCOOP final tables. It's something so fun to do that I almost feel guilty charging for. Lecture 7 (Part 1 of 2) The Joy of Making Good Decisions. MITpokerclass 2013 Lecture 3 feat. Bill Chen (Part 2) How to choose pre flop re raising hands to dominate your opponent. How to choose pre flop re raising hands to dominate your opponent. Using the Right SharkScope Data - Even When Players Opt Out. Disclaimer: Using SharkScope during sessions and/or disclosing SharkScope data about other players in chat may be against some sites’ Terms of Service (ToS).

Using the Right SharkScope Data - Even When Players Opt Out

Be aware of the ToS for each site that you play on in order to protect your account integrity. Information is king at a poker table, and the more free information you can get, the better. You don’t watch showdowns in other players’ pots for your health, right? SharkScope information, when interpreted and used correctly, can be an effective tool in determining an opponent’s overall strength.

Although some rooms- namely PokerStars – have restricted the use of its players’ data, the information presented by the site can help you determine your opponents’ profitability while potentially boosting your own. When They Opt-In When you have a subscription, and your opponents are opted-in, any data under the sun is at your fingertips. Obviously, another important piece of information will be the profit history graph (seen above).

Dusty Schmidt: This Is My Brain, This Is My Brain On Poker - Poker News. Card Player columnist and blogger Dusty Schmidt posted a blog on Feb 19.

Dusty Schmidt: This Is My Brain, This Is My Brain On Poker - Poker News

The contents of the blog, a discussion of “his brain on poker” and the results of a battery of medical tests he underwent in trying to understand “subtle changes in my brain,” is important for the poker community. As such, Card Player has re-posted the entire contents of the blog below. “After not blogging for quite some time, I figured now is as good a time as any.


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