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NoahSD's Awesome Poker Blog Poker Bot WarBot - software for online poker Club Poker Gaëlle Baumann : Incognito en NL50 - 2/2 life with face cards when a player moves all in and the dealer says “all you can eat” for the 14th time… @MicrostakesHero suggestion -Joeingram1 Winamax Live Stream - Davidi Kitai (27/04/2015) Life as an Online MTT Pro (After you read this post, you might want to check out my follow-up to it here.) I tell a lot of people not to play large-field online MTTs for a living. I’ve always thought that the variance is just way too high for most professionals to trust their livelihood (and sanity) to large-field MTTs instead of cash, smaller-field MTTs, or STTs. But, admittedly, I’ve given this advice without any direct evidence to back it up. Ideally, what I’d like to do is do a nice controlled study where I pick a few representative players based on past results and use their results over the next few months as my data. I used Shaun’s results from January 2009 to present on Stars and FTP. Say you are Shaun Deeb, you really do have an ROI of 81%, and you’re going to play 1,000 of these tourneys. In particular, Shaun loses over a 1,000 tournaments sample about 13% of the time, and he makes less than $50k about 35% of the time (with an EV of about $100k). But, say you’re not Shaun Deeb.

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