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Witchvox Article. Scorpion Energy: Not Just Black and White Author: Sage Runepaw Posted: September 21st. 2008 Times Viewed: 16,994 "The scorpion is an amazing arachnid.

Witchvox Article

It is known to be a loner and has the ability to fluoresce under ultraviolet light in order for scientists to be able to see them at night. They have six to twelve eyes, a pair at the centre and two to five smaller eyes on each side. Despite all the obvious eyeballs, scorpions do not have good eyesight. "Males and females find each other by vibration, scent and touch. "On an entirely different level, Scorpions have been revered and respected by many cultures. "Scorpion's message according to aboriginal culture is to have the wisdom to wait, to uncover what is hidden, that timing and calculation are essential.

"Scorpion medicine is all about death and rebirth, transmutation and repelling negative energies. "Scorpion aids in uncovering hidden things, along with a cunning calculation. "Are you striking at an idea with its full potential? Octubre 2012. 47.- Es gracias al sabio aprovechamiento de la simiente sexual, de su propia simiente, que desde el lodo de la tierra se levantaron grandes Hombres y Sublimes Maestros de la Rosacruz, quienes conquistaron para sí mismos el elixir de la larga vida, fuente inagotable de juventud; y la piedra filosofal, arca fabulosa de riquezas espirituales capaz de transformar el plomo en oro. 48.- Nos viene a la memoria la excelsa figura del Hombre que deslumbró a Europa, el Conde de Saint-Germain, Iniciado Caldeo que allí en la lejana tierra de Abraham (En el año 300 a.C.) recibió la Iniciación Alquímica, gracias a un sublime Maestro de la Rosa y Cruz. 49.- Saint-Germain, indiscutible Rosacruz, bebió él mismo, de la fuente inagotable de sus aguas espermáticas, el elixir de la eterna juventud, y encarnó en sí mismo la piedra de fuego de la filosofía aurea. 50.- Como él, muchos otros lograron la inmortalidad. 63.- La causa de la muerte hay que buscarla en el sexo.

octubre 2012

La castidad es vida. Temple of Alexandria. Amon Amen, Amon, Amun, Imen – Primeval Creator God mentioned already in the Pyramid Texts (5th Dynasty) as a primeval deity whose shadow protects the other gods.

Temple of Alexandria

His female counterpart is Amaunet. He is often called “The Hidden One” which shows an association with invisibility. The ancients regarded him as being behind and in all things, a deity too complex to describe in one name or even possible to depict in his true form. Therefore another name was “He who abides in all things”. Pagan Period. Chapter III The Pagan Period: Burma's Classic Age - 11th To 14th Centuries Part 4 1.

Pagan Period

General Introduction The buildings still standing at Pagan are impressive, not only in their numbers but also in their architectural techniques, size, decoration, and creative floor plans. This leads logically to an expectation that there would also be a vast number of extant images since each temple would have had at least one major cult image and no doubt several secondary images.


Security Check Required. Isis "Regina Caeli" The names of the Great Mother are so many: Inanna for the Sumerians, Ishtar for the Akkadians, Anat at Ugarit, Atargatis in Syria, Artemide-Diana at Ephesus, Baubo at Priene, Aphrodite-Venus at Cyprus, Rhea or Dictynna at Crete, Demeter at Eleusis, Orthia at Sparta, Bendis in Thrace, Cybele at Pessinus, Ma in Cappadocia, Bellona in Rome.

Isis "Regina Caeli"

In Egypt her name is Isis. Daughter of Nut, goddess of the Sky, and of Geb, god of the Earth. Bride of Osiris, killed by Seth, god of the desert, and risen from the death thanks to the same Isis. Isis is the mother of Horus, the god little boy who appears in numerous representations in the arms of Isis who suckles him. Osiris reincarnates himself in Horus, born by the union with Isis after his resurrection. Prehistoric Egypt - Ancient Man and His First Civilizations. Ancient Man and His First Civilizations Prehistoric Egypt Before beginning our history of Egypt, let us first dispel some popular White Lies and subterfuge.

Prehistoric Egypt - Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

Concerning Literature Why do ancient statues and paintings of Black people, often NOT look like Black people? By Prof. The widespread damage to the temple images has allowed Egyptologists to argue from such sources as the temple evidence that ancient Egypt was a multi-racial society and therefore belongs to the world’s heritage and not necessarily to African history. Descent into the Underworld. Inanna’s most important myth begins with the great goddess opening “her ear to the Great Below”.

Descent into the Underworld

She abandons her temples in the seven cities of her worship, abandons, in fact, all of the glories of heaven and earth, and prepares to make the journey “from which no traveler returns”. She gathers together seven attributes of civilization, which she transforms into such feminine allure as her crown, gold jewelry, and royal robe to serve as her protection. She also instructs her faithful servant, Ninshubur, what to do in case of her return -- to seek out her fathers, urging them not to let their daughter die. MtDNA : The Eve Gene. Sex, Desire, Intimacy Library. In the Sex, Desire, Intimacy Library Developing a Sexual Practice How to Wake Up to Your Erotic EnergyVideo with Amy Jo Goddard Girl Sex 101: Buckle Your SeatBelt and Get Ready to Ride!

Sex, Desire, Intimacy Library

eBook Exerpt by Allison Moon Tantra, Kink & Consciousness 6 Techiques for More Ecstatic ConnectionWebinar with Barbara Carrellas How to Use a Vibrator An instructional guide from the "Mother of Masturbation"Podcast with Betty Dodson Overcoming Shame. Axis Shift & Epic Global Changes. THE YOD AND THE YONI WORSHIP. The Yod and the Yoni January 2007 The Unhived Mind Notice the Tie and Collar in the Formal dress of Males.


This is the suit of the modern times. Woman Thou Art God: Goddess Symbolism Within Freemasonry by William Bond. A few years ago I came across a illustrated Freemasonry book in my local library and glanced through it, out of idle curiosity, I was surprised to find I was able to pick out Goddess symbolism within Mason images.

Woman Thou Art God: Goddess Symbolism Within Freemasonry by William Bond

Which was a surprise, because Freemasonry is suppose to be a male dominated secret society. So why would a organization that has steadfastly refused to allow female members within its ranks for hundreds of years, use Goddess symbolism? It didn't make sense. I began to read more about Freemasonry and found enough information about the connection between Freemasonry and Goddess worship to fill a book. This article is a taste of what I have discovered so far. I am myself am not a Freemason so any knowledge and understanding from this article, only comes only from my interpretation of Mason symbols. The Nine Tests of Scorpio: Becoming a Spiritual Warrior Daykeeper Journal - Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation Daykeeper Journal.

The Solar Eclipse on November 3, 2013 in Scorpio occurs right at the midpoint of Saturn’s Journey through Scorpio which began on October 5, 2012 and will complete on December 24, 2014. The North Node of Fate entered the eighth sign on August 2012, and together the Lord of Time and Karma and the Node of Fate have been excavating Pluto’s underworld kingdom for over a year. On September 25, 2013, the conjunction between them brought a karmic turning point which re-set your inner compass for at least 14 years wherever early degrees of Scorpio fall in your chart.

Sounds True. Untitled. Venus Comes to Earth: The Magic of The Beltane. The magic month of May, is a magic I never really knew until this May, when I came to truly understand what union meant in an entirely new way –because this May, I lived it, and I continue to live it now, as my fingers tap out the words to express the boundless love that flows from my heart onto the page. Beltane - The Wheel Of The Year. The Spirituality of Oz: The Meaning of the Movie - Theosophical Society in America. By Andrew Johnson What is the meaning of "true home"? . . . We talked about a wave. Does a wave have a home? Film Explorer - Kenya Brook Reed. Untitled. The film “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” provides a prime example of the hero’s journey of each of the four survival archetypes: the Child, the Victim, the Prostitute, and the Saboteur. This film is an archetypal treasure trove, but for brevity’s sake I will concentrate mainly on these four.

Tripura Sundari. Children = Genesh, Kartikye Tripurāsundarī (त्रिपुरा सुंदरी - "Beautiful (Goddess) of the Three Cities") or Mahā-Tripurasundarī ("Great Beautiful (Goddess) of the Three Cities"), also called Ṣhoḍaśhi ("Sixteen"), Lalitā ("She Who Plays"[1]) and Rājarājeśvarī ("Queen of Queens, Supreme Ruler"), is one of the group of ten goddesses of Hindu belief, collectively called Mahavidyas or Dasha-Mahavidyas. She is the highest aspect of Goddess Adi Shakti Parvati / Durga. 19th-century painting of Tripura Sundari, the goddess of the three cities As Shodashi, Tripurasundari is represented as a sixteen-year-old girl, and is believed to embody sixteen types of desire. Shodashi also refers to the sixteen syllable mantra, which consists of the fifteen syllable (panchadasakshari) mantra plus a final seed syllable.

Etymology[edit] 'Tripura' means 'the three cities,' and 'sundarī' means 'beautiful,' specifically a beautiful female. Brooks further notes: References in Hindu literature[edit] Our Lady of Guadalupe. VENUS DECLASSIFIED. Decoding Illuminati Symbolism: Triangles, Pyramids and the Sun - IlluminatiWatcher. Check out the video about this post from the IlluminatiWatcher YouTube channel: Psychiatrist Carl Jung once said about symbols that their purpose was to “give a meaning to the life of man.” Indra's net. Spiritual Retreat. RELIGIONS AND CULTURES OF MOON WORSHIP. The Fountain of Life » The Fountain of Life. Menses. Indigenous peoples understood the power inherent in blood.

Egypt of Lion Archives - Eden Saga - english. The Sampradaya Sun - Independent Vaisnava News - Feature Stories - June 2006. Maize in Ancient India BY: J.H. McCULLOCH Jun 18, PORTLAND, OREGON (SUN) Maize Ears Sculptured in 12th and 13th Century A.D. India as Indicators of Pre-Columbian Diffusion. Ethnobotonists and other Indologists and researchers have debated in published articles and research whether or not various plants believed to have originated in the New World actually had their genesis in India. WILDNESS OF THE FEMALE SPIRIT by Sophia Breillat. Africa - Province of the Roman Empire. Untitled Document.

The Meaning of the "Strength" Tarot Card - Free Tarot Readings. Advanced tarot interpretation (Applies to the upright position) Inanna and the Sacred Marriage by Johanna Stuckey. Genesis of Eden Diversity 1. Inanna prepares for her wedding. HIEROS GAMOS « Critical Trilogy. THE BOOK OF SYMBOLS: HIEROS GAMOS. The Count - Triangle Book of St. Germain, by Iona Miller, 2015. Hieros Gamos - Energetic Synthesis. [Regents Prep Global History] World Belief Systems: Introduction. The Tradition of Saint Valentine's Day. The Lotus. Origin and History of the Name Susanna. MYSTICMAMMA.COM : consciousness, spirituality, astrology, wisdom, inspiration new. Land of Goddesses. American Buddha Online Library. Hekate: Moving Through Darkness. Willow. The power of the willow tree. Thousands of NAMES OF GODS, GODDESSES, DEMIGODS, MONSTERS, SPIRITS, DEMONS   & DEITIES for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child - from Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia.

Gods And Goddesses. TANTRA ART OF ODISHA. Translation of the Phrygian language. Tlazolteotl: The Goddess of Filth by Anne Key. Tlazolteotl: The Goddess of Filth by Anne Key. Ancient Egypt Online: Cats in Ancient Egypt. Anuket Anukis Elephantine Island Khnum gazelle goddess water goddess Nubia Nubian Goddess Egyptian Goddess Kemet kemetic goddess witch wicca Thalia Took obscure goddess online directory. Egyptian goddess Anuket *** Kali Ma. The Triple Moon Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone. Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess Cover. Temple of Panthea - Home. Owls - Mythology and Folklore.


Hera – The Pre-Hellenic Great Mother Goddess of the Minoans and Mycenaean Greeks. Goddess Names & Cross-Cultural Correspondence Chart.