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The Egyptian Neters, Part 5. Temple of Alexandria. Amon Amen, Amon, Amun, Imen – Primeval Creator God mentioned already in the Pyramid Texts (5th Dynasty) as a primeval deity whose shadow protects the other gods.

Temple of Alexandria

His female counterpart is Amaunet. He is often called “The Hidden One” which shows an association with invisibility. The ancients regarded him as being behind and in all things, a deity too complex to describe in one name or even possible to depict in his true form. Science & Nature - Horizon. Dimming the Sun. Sacred Earth - Plantprofiles - Oak (Quercus robur)

Description: This magnificent stately tree does not require much description, as it is familiar to just about anyone.

Sacred Earth - Plantprofiles - Oak (Quercus robur)

There are many different species of oak, but Quercus robur is the most common one throughout the temperate regions of Europe. They can grow to a height of 20 - 30 meters and tend to reach their final height, within the first 100 years of their lifetime. Oaks can grow extremely ancient provided they are allowed to mature; there are some trees alive today that are said to be over 1000 years old. From a human point of view, their reproductive cycle starts late -: Oaks don't produce flowers or acorns until they reach 50 years of age. Mysterious Mount Kailash: Secrets Of The Man-Made Pyramid And Entrance To The City Of The Gods. – Mount Kailash, which means “precious jewel of eternal snow” remains a place shrouded in mystery and legend.

Mysterious Mount Kailash: Secrets Of The Man-Made Pyramid And Entrance To The City Of The Gods

According to ancient beliefs, this enigmatic Tibetan mountain represents the axis of the world or the stairway to heaven. In many eastern countries Mount Kailash is considered the holiest place on Earth. Some ancient sources say this is where we can find the mysterious city of the gods. Located around four long rivers, the Indus River, the Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River, and the Karnali River, Mount Kailash remains a very sacred place and a great repository of mystical knowledge.

Jerusalem%20Identified. Goddess of the Bible: Asherah, Queen of Heaven. Hi ya’ll!

Goddess of the Bible: Asherah, Queen of Heaven

I really love studying about the Goddess and the first Goddess I ever met was Asherah, the Holy Spirit and Queen of Heaven, as recorded in the Bible. In ancient Egypt, they identified her as the Holy and Sacred aspect of Goddess Hathor, and called her Qudushu, meaning holy. 1402619-abrams-fathers-gods-6. You're welcome!


AS for the image - I'm sorry, I don't remember where I grabbed it from. It might be from a publicly usable font used in Akkadian and cuneiform studies - I know there are several available for use on the computer. Origin of Easter from Ishtar and Ishtar from Hindu Goddess.(part-4) Sunday, March 31, 2013 Before ending, let me say a few words on serpents.

Origin of Easter from Ishtar and Ishtar from Hindu Goddess.(part-4)

Serpents are depicted as 2 main ideas in Hindu Thought. Origin of Easter from Ishtar and Ishtar from Hindu Goddess.(part-4) Origin of Easter from Ishtar and Ishtar from Hindu Goddess.(part-4) Frontiers of Anthropology: Origin of Easter from Ishtar and Ishtar from Hindu Goddess.(part-4) Goddesses and Rites. Thousands of votive offerings were deposited at Ortheia's sanctuary: ivories, bronzes, small terracotta figurines, lead figurines, and pottery.

Goddesses and Rites

There were also many hundreds of ceramic masks showing strong Phoenician influence and themes possibly going back to the Babylonian Humbaba grotesques. Jane Burr Carter, in "The Masks of Ortheia" (1987), traces these masks back to Phoenician ritual theater. She writes that this original context shows that "the deities associated with masks are a female fertility goddess and her consort. " She identifies the goddess as Tanit, or as she is called at a Lebanese shrine at Sarepta, Tanit Ashtart. This shrine contained such masks as well as female statuettes playing hand drums, carved ivories, lamps, and beads. Untitled Document. NEW DISCOVERIES: Since the time of the Old Testament, the Divine Feminine has been marginalized.

Untitled Document

Yes, hints of Her remain, such as: Gen.1.27-- "So God created man in his own image; ... male and female he created them. " Wis.9.9-- "...wisdom...was present at the making of the world by thee... " Prov.8.27-31-- "When he set the heavens in their place I (wisdom) was there. " Bar.3.37-- "...wisdom appeared on earth and lived among men. " Prov.3.18--" She (wisdom) is a staff (tree) of life to all who grasp her, and those who hold her fast are safe. " Asherah, Part I: The lost bride of Yahweh. Asherah They worshiped Her under every green tree, according to the Hebrew Bible (what Christians call the Old Testament).

Asherah, Part I: The lost bride of Yahweh

The Bible also tells us Her image was to be found for years in the temple of Solomon, where the women wove hangings for Her. In temple and forest grove, Her image was apparently made of wood, since monotheistic reformers demanded it be chopped down and burned. It appears to have been a manmade object, but one carved of a tree and perhaps the image was a stylized tree of some kind. The archaelogical record suggests that Asherah was the Mother Goddess of Israel, the Wife of God, according to William Dever, who has unearthed many clues to her identity. Attar (god) South Arabian fragment of a stela, depicts a reclining ibex and three Arabian oryx heads.

Attar (god)

The ibex was one of the most sacred animals in South Arabia, while the oryx antelope was associated with Athtar, 5th century BC; Walters Art Museum. ʿAṯtar is an ancient Semitic deity whose role, name, and even gender varied by culture. Attar was worshipped in Southern Arabia in pre-Islamic times. A god of war, he was often referred to as "He who is Bold in Battle".

Shahar (god) The name is a cognate of the Hebrew word Shachar (שָׁ֫חַר) meaning dawn. Jump up ^ Hinnells, John R. (2007). A Handbook of Ancient Religions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. 122. Jump up ^ Day, John (2002). History_2. Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies Internet Educational Activities <> Yisrael Shalem 2/12 History of Jerusalem from Its Beginning to David Over a million years ago elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes, water buffaloes and other animals now extinct here roamed the Judean Hills. In Bethlehem remains of some of these animals, thought to be 1.4-1.8 million years old, were found cut apart. These finds are the earliest signs of human existence near Jerusalem. 48 sites with stone implements have been discovered, most of them Paleolithic; as well as 23 Neolithic sites, near Jerusalem. The early dwellers around Jerusalem were hunter-gatherers living in forest-covered hills. Jericho, 35 kilometers from Jerusalem, is thought to be the oldest city in the world.

History_2. Canaanite Phoenician Jerusalem, Urushalim, The City Founded by Shalem, Phoenician God of Dusk. The original inhabitants of Jerusalem were Phoenician Canaanites. Jerusalem was originally a village built on a hill. The name "Urushalim is first found on Egyptian statues, circa 2500 B.C. "Urushalim", in fact is a word of Canaanite derivation; the prefix "uru", meaning "founded by", and the suffix "salem" or "Shalem," Phoenician Canaanite god of dusk. This evidence is reinforced by archaeology and by tablets found in Elba, Syria, dating back to 3000 B.C., on which the god Shalem being venerated in a city called Uruksalem is mentioned.

The amazing name Salem: meaning and etymology. שלם The general meaning of the graceful root-verb שלם (shalem) is that of wholeness, completeness or "unbrokenness" (and see for the opposite the verb רעע, ra'a). Our verb is used to characterize the uncut stones of the altar (Deuteronomy 27:6) and the temple (1 Kings 6:7). It tells of a "full" or perhaps "righteous" wage (Ruth 1:12), and the entirety of a population (Amos 1:6). It also tells of "full" and just weights, which are God's delight (Deuteronomy 25:15 and Proverbs 11:1), and of "whole" hearts devoted to the Lord (1 Kings 8:61).

The Works of Flavius Josephus. They came before the Moors. Number Meanings – Hidden Manah in God's Word. Number Meanings – Hidden Manah in God's Word. Enheduanna, Priestess and Poet the world’s first known writer Original tablet Reconstuction of alabaster disk,Philadephia The Enheduanna Research Pages. - ppt download. Bible Study – Abraham’s Sons by Keturah.

Full text of "Their Brothers Keepers" 9780333992623. Jewish attitudes. Google Groupes. Jewish attitudes. 1960 11 EastEurope. Edmund Wilson, Robert Graves-Red, Black, Blond and Olive-Oxford Univ Pr (Trade) (1956) Sonic interventions. The Origins Of The Races - Herbert W. Armstrong Streaming Audio. What Does the Future Hold? Asia is awakening. Asia is bursting with anti-American feeling. Riots on Formosa, resumption of European trade with China---these and other events now blacken our reputation and weaken our leadership in the Orient. The Allies fought World War II to prevent Asia from falling into the hands of the Asiatics. Now, 12 short years since, the White Man's domination is finished in Asia! One half of Africa is in ferment against European colonial rule. Our Stepmother: Keturah - Genesis. Notes on Genesis 2016 Edition. A Chapter A Day - Abraham Marries Keturah & The Death of Abraham & The Birth and Youth of Esau and Jacob & Esau Sells His Birthright - Chapter 25.

Abraham and Keturah And Abraham married another wife, named Cetura: Counting Omer Day 25: We are half way to Shabuot and Today we Honor Our Matriarch, Emah Keturah – Mount of Olives Garden of Prayer. Was Keturah Abraham's Wife? Keturah and Abraham's Other Children - Coat of Many Colors - A Geek and the Bible. Распределение ролей: novoslov. Just Genesis : Was Keturah Abraham's Wife? List of ancient legal codes.

Book of Jubilees. Abraham's Horite Mother (‘m) Just Genesis : Abraham's Horite Mother (‘m) Abraham's Early Life - Jewish History. Old Testament - Lesson 7. Israel%20regardie%20the%20tree%20of%20life%20a%20study%20in%20magic. Zorastrian khshnoom by NicJon Don. Zorastrian khshnoom by NicJon Don. TSW-1-Conspiracies - Multiverse Crisis MUSH. AVR-09149-Thivagaran – Complete Horoscope. History & Meaning of the Novena to the Immaculate Conception. The Blue Ray - Channelings, Articles and more on Spirit Library. The Blue Ray - Channelings, Articles and more on Spirit Library. Strange Science: Birds. Archangel Michael, Gustave Dore and Orthodox Icons.

Serving from a 'pierced heart' Priest Stuff: The Pelican, a Christian Symbol. Untitled Document. Occido Lumen - The Strain Wiki - Wikia. Avajani%20FINAL%20MTh%20thesis%20May2013. Avajani%20FINAL%20MTh%20thesis%20May2013. Lumen gentium. Lumen gentium. Ilumen Pronunciation - How To Pronounce Ilumen In English. iLumen. iLumen.