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Instructional Design

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Automate instructional design & scale corporate training. #1 Instructional Design Community | Instructional Design Central (IDC) PaperIDEA 64. Home | Sakai. Critical Instructional Design and Acts of Resistance — Sean Michael Morris. Post once, reply twice: the epitaph for online learning. Post once, reply twice: the fundamental flaw of instructional design. Critical Instructional Design is new, and as such is grounded in the work of a very few people. I coined the term in January 2016 in an article on Hybrid Pedagogy, but the article -- and the MOOC that it supported -- simply put words to work I’d been moving toward since 1999, when I took my first job as an instructional designer.

At the core, that work was to develop a method for questioning our assumptions about learning and learning environments. It assumes that learning is a liberatory, discursive act of resistance, and that it exists within the context of a world mired in issues of social justice. If there is any best practice in Critical Instructional Design, it’s questioning. Because teaching is fundamentally a matter of instinct. If a classroom is “open”, does it actively seek to decolonize the space? How does Bloom’s Taxonomy delimit student agency? 8. Anyone Can Teach Anything — Everyone Can Study Any Topic — Content Curation Official Guide. 8. Anyone Can Teach Anything - Everyone Can Study Any Topic 10 Disruptive Factors Transforming the World of Education and Learning — Consequences, Opportunities, Tools Today, if you want to learn about something, you don’t need to go back to school or to a university.

Unless you are looking for an official degree from that very institution. But in all other cases, if your main goal is actually to learn something specific, independently of certifications and pieces of paper that prove it, there are a growing number of private, for-profit and not-for-profit online schools and academies that offer you the opportunity to learn just about anything you can think of. Not only. You can even teach, or start your own school, even if you do not have a PhD. I myself, have been making the bulk of my professional revenue in the last 7 years, by running a small online learning campus for independent information entrepreneurs. But you don’t need to follow the same road. Sal Khan starts the Khan Academy. Connect With Students and Parents in Your Paperless Classroom. Online Penalty: The Impact of Online Instruction on the Latino-White Achievement Gap, Journal of Applied Research in the Community College, 2012.

Despite a substantial body of research on the effectiveness of distance education at the post-secondary level, little is known about the impact of online course delivery on the achievement gap. In California, the gap between white and Latino post-secondary student outcomes is significant and persistent, with Latino students overrepresented in community colleges and underrepresented in transfers to four-year institutions. There is a broad consensus in the literature that online courses produce outcomes at least as good as face-to-face courses. However, in California community colleges, students enrolled in online classes do not do as well, in the aggregate, as their peers in face-to-face classes, experiencing lower completion rates and lower success rates. New Forums Press, Inc. P.O. Box 876, Stillwater, OK 74076.

Action mapping: Design lively elearning and training.