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Inspirationfeed - get inspired! How to Promote Your Work on Behance As many of you already know, Behance is a world leader in helping creatives around the world promote their work. On Behance you can showcase your best works, connect with others, and build your reputation among fellow designers and artists. One could even argue that Behance has become a hotspot... continue reading Want to Learn a New Language?

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Creating an impressive web design for a social-driven cause is a huge responsibility. If done right, the website will bring contributions which will enrich the lives of many. A successful charity website will need to provide its users information about what charity they will be donating to. It will have to get donors involved in the process and thus ensure that they do donate money for the right cause. Thus a non-profit site must make it easy for visitors to learn more about the organization, how to donate money while getting involved with the cause. The site must achieve this in an appealing manner to their targeted donors. InstantShift | Web Designers and Developers Daily Resource.
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Colorburned | Graphic design resources, tutorials, and more! I have always been an advocate of WordPress especially for newer webmasters. The system is easy to use and there are countless tutorials found all over the Internet. But one area that is not covered so well is the management of post ideas in the WP backend. Writers who want to take down notes or brief headlines will need to create a new post and save this as a draft.

Colorburned | Graphic design resources, tutorials, and more!

Programming code icon (PSD) Computer software and programming editor symbol. Programming code icon, update text in PSD if necessary. Read post & download Hanging text template (PSD) Cool and simple looking white paper letters on a blue background. Photoshop backgrounds at PSD Graphics

Photoshop backgrounds at PSD Graphics

Welcome to Digitalthread Digitalthread selects only the best web design firms, top freelance portfolios and graphic design resources from online submissions and discovered web sites. Together, we are building a historic digital resource for professional web designers throughout the international design community. Hellllo Monday! Welcome to a new week, and a new start with this pure creative agency with a strong line of professional digital and analogue work. Designing for some of the top clients in the industry, and based in New York, Copenhagen and Aarhus (first time we heard of that city too), Hello Monday is an awarded agency that focuses on web design, demos, print and identity design. Digitalthread : Web design company, best web design companies, t Digitalthread : Web design company, best web design companies, t
50% Off Everything! Everything in the Designfruit shop is 50% OFF through the end of February 2011. Discounts will be taken from the prices marked. High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes, Vectors, Illustrator Swatch P High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes, Vectors, Illustrator Swatch P
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DinPattern – Free seamless patterns, brushes and themes January 3rd 2014 - News, Tutorials A quick how-to video regarding the patterns here at Along with a quick tutorial on how to fill areas with a pattern using Adobe Photoshop. Continue reading »

DinPattern – Free seamless patterns, brushes and themes

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Free Photos - Free Images - Royalty Free Photos - Free Stock Pho Download free and premium stock photos and illustrations for websites, advertising materials, newspapers, magazines, ebooks, book covers and pages, music artwork, software applications and much more. All our free images are of high quality, produced by our community of professional stock photographers and digital illustrators. Royalty free photos for business and personal use Our free photos and illustrations are ideal for business, personal and educational use. Every image is free, with an option to buy larger images at reasonable prices.
BittBox Freebie Friday: 4 Snowburst Brushes Read More… Free Texture Tuesday: Icy Textures Read More… 20 Websites With Unique Interactive Scrolling With the introduction of HTML 5, long scrolling websites have become quite a trend, in the world of web design.


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trending topics expert opinion advertising other news stories Schwartz plays a flavour-packed symphony in a stop-motion ad The Schwartz brand of condiments has released an awesome surreal ad that sees exotically-coloured herbs and spices bursting out of their bags to the piano score. Greenpeace revives Detox campaign against hazardous chemicals found in children's clothing The initiative calls for immediate actions against famous apparel brands which cause environmental danger, such as GAP, Burberry, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie&Fitch, and more. POPSOP.COM. Brand news. Brand communications. Brand design. Pack
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I would imagine that nobody hates the expression don’t judge a book by its cover more than an actual book cover designer. Obviously, the metaphor isn’t really about books – but still, that’s gotta sting a little. Let’s face it, if people didn’t actually “judge books by their covers”, there would be a lot of graphic designers out of a job. The need for company branding, attractive packaging or promotional material of any kind would be non-existent; thus leaving the lowly graphic designer nothing short of obsolete. So in the spirit of judging books by their covers, I’ve compiled a list of 45 beautifully designed book covers that I find inspiring. Did I miss any that inspire you?

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50's Costumes - Online shopping cart featuring a great selection of Adults, Kids, Grease And Elvis Costumes. - Online shopping cart featuring authentic retro advertising artwork from the '40s & '50s in vector EPS format. - Commercial breaks from the last century. UK & Ireland TV Ads from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Vintage Retro Tin Signs - Vintage Signs has the Vintage and Retro Sign Reproductions you need to make your home or garage the coolest place on the block! Retro Ad Art - Authentic Advertising Clipart from the '30s, '40s
Altered Bits: Free Vintage Photos, Free Medical and Anatomy Phot
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