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(some of the) world's most iconic logo designers Otl Aicher Otl Aicher, also known as Otto Aicher (May 13, 1922 - September 1, 1991) was one of the leading German graphic designers of the 20th century.

iconic logo designers

iconic logo designers
The stuff of urban legends, whispered between the likes of football fanatics and obsessive compulsive coaches. 4 on the attack, 4 holding up the defense with your midfielders on the benches sipping on a warm cup of Earl Grey, leaving the middle ground completely up to chance. With 2 players short on the field, it can seem un-advantageous to most, but the trick to this formation is to lead your opponent into a false sense of foolish confidence. Let them make the mistakes to cover up the fact that you probably shouldn’t have under-manned your team in the first place. Blog – The Umbro Diamond Blog – The Umbro Diamond
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