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Asiatique / asiatic food

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De Paris à Hanoï, 20 recettes de rouleaux de printemps. Vous aussi, la simple évocation de l'Asie et ses recettes exotiques vous font saliver ?

De Paris à Hanoï, 20 recettes de rouleaux de printemps

Des makis comme au japonais, mais pas que ! Noodle Bowl Recipes - Summer Noodle Dishes - Delish. Edamame Mushroom Miso Noodle Soup. Healthy and light Edamame Mushroom Miso Noodle Soup is fast and food that is filled to the brim with goodness in just fifteen minutes.

Edamame Mushroom Miso Noodle Soup

Miso is unusually rich in nutrients, due to the fermentation process of soy beans and salt along with rice or barley. Korean food photo: Jajangmyeon (Noodles with black sauce) Ramen Noodle Recipes - Best Recipes with Ramen Noodles. America's Best Chinese Food - Chinese Food Restaurants - Delish. From a ‘pie house’ specializing in Frisbee-sized xian bing meat pies in California to a Peking duck stall in Flushing, Queens, the U.S. is chock full of life-changing Chinese restaurants, and the vast majority of them will let you take your food to go.

America's Best Chinese Food - Chinese Food Restaurants - Delish

So cancel your dinner plans, because we’re rounding up the 15 best Chinese take-out spots in America. America’s Best Chinese Takeout (Slideshow) Travel to just about any city in America and odds are there’ll be a Chinese restaurant nearby. Convenient, inexpensive, and full of flavor, Chinese food is one of the country’s great adopted cuisines. But for many, trying to replicate the flavors of Chinese cuisine in your own kitchen can present a challenge — even to the more skilled gastronomes among us.

From Sichuan and Canton to Shandong and Beijing, we’re a fortunate nation to have so many provincial Chinese cuisines represented not just in the larger metropolises but throughout the lower 48 and beyond. Cuisine Japonaise. Maki fleur au chou rouge et pignons de pin Oui, on y est presque !

Cuisine Japonaise

Si comme moi tu refuses obstinément à partir de mars d’enfiler ton manteau – et que forcément tu attrapes un rhume, petit(e) malin(e). Si tu guettes les bourgeons dans les arbres et les tiges de jonquilles dans le sol. Les recettes à emporter de Mathilda. DIY de jolis makis ! Fish cakes (Eomuk. Hi everybody!

Fish cakes (Eomuk

Today I’m very happy to show you my recipe for homemade fish cake, called eomuk in Korean. I had never made eomuk before I started working on this recipe. All my life I was satisfied to buy it premade or from a street cart in Korea. I always chose the most expensive kind I could find, figuring it would be the highest quality. But many of my readers asked me how to make it at home because they didn’t live near Korean grocery store and couldn’t find it.

So many of my readers tell me I’m their inspiration, but in reality they are the ones inspiring me to develop better recipes and always try my best. I went through many variations of this recipe. And as you see in the video, I shape the fish cakes into a roll before frying them: this is the shape preferred by Korean street vendors, but it takes some skill to do. Ingredients: Korean dessert recipes from Cooking Korean food with Maangchi. Korean pancake recipes from Cooking Korean food with Maangchi. Korean food photo: Delicious ginger cookies! Noodle Soups Recipe Slideshow - Photos. Gimbap recipe. Hi everybody!

Gimbap recipe

Spring has come! It’s time for us to make something delicious, pack a lunch box, and go on a picnic. I can’t fully enjoy any activity or event unless delicious food is on hand. Most Koreans are like this. I may spend one afternoon in Central Park here in New York, but before I do, I need to make gimbap. If you do this, think about me when you unwrap your gimbap and sit down to eat!

Basically, gimbap is a seaweed rice roll made of gim (a sheet of dried seaweed) and bap (rice). For fillings, you can use chopped kimchi if you’re in a hurry, or make a classic gimbap like I do in this video. This recipe is a very authentic, classic style gimbap that I used to eat and make all the time. You may be wondering: “Maangchi, how come you didn’t post this classic gimbap sooner?” Yes, years ago, I posted my tuna gimbap recipe with a tuna and avocado based filling. So when I wanted to shoot a gimbap video, I chose it because I thought you guys would love it. How to do a Ramen Cleanse. Forget the trendy juice cleanses that leave you wanting more to bite off and chew, this cleanse is designed for the true foodie who is looking to reconnect to their palate.

How to do a Ramen Cleanse

By Annelise McAuliffe While liquid cleansing does have its health benefits and increases the stream of vitamins into our bodies, it is simply no fun. Rather than starving your food-obsessed self from vibrant flavors, revive your palate and remove toxins with these refreshing ramen bowls. Extremely versatile, we’ve created a cleanse based on ramen noodles that will get you through your day from breakfast to dinner. While this may not be true to the traditional ramen formula, these variations will keep you satisfied and invigorated. Bacon and Egg Ramen Ramen noodles that are slightly more chewy and served without broth are called mazemen. Green Tea This tea is a healthy way to begin your cleanse. Easy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe from Mamma. Chicken Pad Thai Recipe from Mamma. Easy Chicken Chow Mein Recipe from Mamma. Saucy Asian Meatballs Recipe from Mamma's Recipes. Fried Noodles With Garlic Shrimp Recipe from Mamma's Recipes.

Chinese Orange Chicken Recipe from Mamma's Recipes. GADO-GADO, légumes croquants sauce cacahuète. Pour 4 personnes Temps de préparation : 25 minutes Temps de cuisson : 10 minutes Ingrédients : 1 concombre 2 tomates 2 œufs 150 g de tofu ferme 50 g d’asperges vertes 50 g de haricots verts 50 g de haricots mange-tout 1 boîte de mini-maïs ½ bouquet de coriandre fraîche 50 g de germes de soja, pour servir Quelques chips de crevettes, pour servir 10 cl d’huile de friture SAUCE SATAY 150 g de cacahuètes grillées non salées, décortiquées 4 gousses d’ail 2 petits piments rouges 1 piment long 8 cl d’huile d’arachide 1 petite tomate 1 c. à s. de kecap manis (sauce soja sucrée) 1 verre d’eau chaude 2 feuilles de kéfir (ou lime) 1 c. à s. de sucre de palme ou roux 2 c. à s. de jus de citron vert 3 pincées de sel de mer (fleur de sel) Préparation : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

GADO-GADO, légumes croquants sauce cacahuète

Kung Pao Veggies Recipe. Recette rapide de Ramens aux légumes : noodles japonaises. Parce que je ne me nourris pas uniquement de cupcake et de brownie, aujourd’hui je vous embarque pour un voyage culinaire salé direction le Japon !

Recette rapide de Ramens aux légumes : noodles japonaises

En passant, vous m’excuserez pour le titre, je me suis connue plus inspirée… Asian Chicken Salad with Fresh Citrus (GAPS friendly, grain free) Gambas grillées a la chinoise. Emincé de poulet au gingembre. DIY Delicious Chinese Dumplings DIY Projects. ELLE - Photos du journal. Nems au porc. Mettez les champignons noirs à tremper dans un bol d'eau chaude.

Nems au porc

Portez une casserole d'eau salée à ébullition et lorsqu'elle bout, jetez-y les pousses de soja. Laissez cuire 1 min après la reprise de l'ébullition. Égouttez, rafraîchissez-les sous le robinet et épongez-les. Bo bun au canard. Raw Coconut Bok Choy Spicy Soup. It started raining late last night. Liquid silver falling from the sky. Some would say, liquid gold when you take into account the drought we have been having in California. It has been unseasonably warm, and horribly dry. Hills that are normally emerald green this time of year are a dusty brown. People who make their living from the land are in dire straights while every day we look at azure blue skies without a cloud in sight. . .until last night.

The rain finally started to fall. With the rest of the country still seeing frigid temperatures and snow, while we have damp, cold weather in the Bay area, a batch of soup is just the thing to chase away the chill. Bok choy is the heart of this savory soup. For this recipe I used baby bok choy. Coconut Soup with Bok Choy 1.