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LED lighting

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Solar Lighting System - how it works. Using Streetlights to Strengthen Cities. Industrial & Commercial Lighting Systems. Seeking Smart Streetlights: Creative Procurement in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is leveraging an effort to replace the entirety of its 40,000 city owned and operated streetlights as an opportunity to enhance city service delivery through connected technology and address neighborhood equity issues.

Seeking Smart Streetlights: Creative Procurement in Pittsburgh

The city is taking an open and iterative approach, learning from the successes of peer cities and from the constraints of its past procurement efforts. By issuing a less prescriptive and open Request for Information (RFI), Pittsburgh is making room for the rapid pace of smart city innovation. This shows that even a straightforward procurement for something concrete, like streetlights, can turn into an opportunity for creative engagement with vendors and innovators, and for internal problem-solving. Crossing Paths with the Internet of Things Many of the streetlights that illuminate Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods still use conventional lightbulbs.

The response was different than the city had anticipated. Sensors, Data Utility, and Emerging Revenue Models. Illinois announces master contracts for smart street lighting initiative. DimOnOff Wireless lighting control and monitoring system x2. Distributed Lightning Control and Automation Dimonoff. MaalotTarshishaLED. State and Municipal LED Street and Area Lighting.

World's first streetlights powered by footsteps installed in Las Vegas. הניסוי הצליח: תאורת הלד ברחובות מעלות הובילה להתייעלות אנרגטית. תאורת הלד שהותקנה ברחובות מעלות תרשיחא.

הניסוי הצליח: תאורת הלד ברחובות מעלות הובילה להתייעלות אנרגטית

LED STREET LAMP & LED PARKING LOT LIGHTS RETROFIT. Venture Lighting engineers retrofit LED street light with advanced glass optic. Venture Lighting Europe has created a brand new, advanced retrofit LED solution for street lighting with exceptional benefits for Local Authorities.

Venture Lighting engineers retrofit LED street light with advanced glass optic

The company has created the VLED Westminster LED street light module, incorporating its very latest lighting technology SUPRAX® glass optic, as a solution for retrofitting street lighting luminaires. Resulting in highly efficient lumen packages, this LED street light module offers unrivalled energy savings. The new innovation offers Local Authorities the ability to extend the life of their existing street lighting to 50,000 hours and can be retrofitted to almost any existing luminaire. LED Streetlight Fixture Converting 1. LED Streetlight Conversions in Arlington. Silver Spring Networks Demo - Smart Street Lights. Ma’alot-Tarshiha to become world’s first city to use only LEDs for public lighting - Enviro-Tech. In a NIS 12 million investment, the northern municipality of Ma’alot-Tarshiha intends to become the first city in the world to replace all of its public lighting fixtures with LED bulbs.

Ma’alot-Tarshiha to become world’s first city to use only LEDs for public lighting - Enviro-Tech

Ma’alot-Tarshiha, a mixed Jewish-Arab city located about 20 km. east of Nahariya in the Western Galilee, began its lighting overhaul this week, which will replace 13,000 light fixtures in public institutions and on streets by the end of 2013. By the time the revamp is complete, the city of some 20,000 people will save more than 80 percent of its electricity costs associated with public lighting, which will amount to approximately NIS 3.5 million annually and NIS 25m. in the next decade, the municipality predicted on Sunday. The project, called “Going to the Light,” is administered by the Israeli start-up Juganu Systems. While predominantly funded by the municipality, about NIS 5m. of the NIS 12m. cost comes from the Environmental Protection Ministry and the Economy and Trade Ministry, the city said.

Juganu. Maalot to make municipal switch to LED lights - Israel Environment, Ynetnews. Northern city adopts energy saving practices, plans to changes all city lights to LED lights; project estimated at NIS 12 million, city to save NIS 15 million within decade The northern city of Maalot, some 20km east of Nahariya, has adopted energy-saving practices and plans to change all of the city lights to LED lights.

Maalot to make municipal switch to LED lights - Israel Environment, Ynetnews

The project, which is estimated at NIS 12 million (roughly $3.2 million) will see all 13,000 city lights replaced with energy-efficient light bulbs. The project will be partially funded by the State, as part of a nationwide municipal energy-saving project. Maalot stands to save NIS 2.4 million a year ($640,000) in power expenditures and is likely to recover its investment within three years. According to calculations by the City and the Environmental Protection Ministry, Maalot will be able to save NIS 15 million ($4.03 million). תמונות התקנת תאורת לד. Gelookahead.economist. אפולו. Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights: The Heavy Power List. LED grow lights are a hot topic among hydroponic gardening enthusiasts.

Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights: The Heavy Power List

LEDs are an efficient and effective solution for hydroponic lighting, and can end up saving growers hundreds or even thousands of dollars in energy costs over the years. Juganu. Solid-State Lighting. Listen - Positivlisten. LED street light. An LED street light (also referred to as LED road lighting) is an integrated light-emitting diode (LED) light fixture that is used for street lighting.

LED street light

Design and style[edit] LED street light beam pattern An LED street light is an integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as its light source. These are considered integrated lights because, in most cases, the luminaire and the fixture are not separate parts (except LEDGine-based luminaires). New in manufacturing, the LED light cluster is sealed on a panel and then assembled to the LED panel with a heat sink to become an integrated lighting fixture. Different designs have been created that incorporate various types of LEDs into a light fixture.

Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition. מבט על לדים לילה. LED Report Full FINAL low res(2) LEDs Magazine - LED Technology, Solid State Lighting and LED Lighting Applications. Solar street light project report. Imagination at Work. Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition. LED street light. פרסום ראשון באתר TechTime: געש תאורה מפתחת פלטפורמת IOT לעמודי תאורה.

אפולו - גוף מודולרי המתאים למגוון צרכים מפעל גופי התאורה "געש תאורה" שבבעלות קיבוץ געש, נמצא בימים אלה בתהליך של הגדרה מחדש של פעילות הליבה שלו, המבוססת על ההבנה שהמפעל צריך להעתיק את הפעילות שלו מחשמל לאלקטרוניקה.

פרסום ראשון באתר TechTime: געש תאורה מפתחת פלטפורמת IOT לעמודי תאורה

במסגרת זאת, המפעל נמצא כיום בשלבי פיתוח מתקדמים של מערכת תאורת רחוב בשם אפולו (Apollo), אשר מיועדת לשמש כפלטפורמת IoT אוניברסלית. מנכ"ל המפעל, דותן בוכסוילר, גילה ל-Techtime, שמדובר בגוף תאורה מודולרי, אשר יודע להתאים את עצמו לכל סוגי הסביבה ומספק תשתית מוכנה מראש לשימוש מיידי בכל סוגי החיישנים ואמצעי ה-IoT. בוכסוילר: "עמודי התאורה נעשים כיום נכס נדל"ני חשוב בתפיסת העיר החכמה". בכוונת החברה לייצר את עמודי התאורה החכמים בישראל, כולל את המערכות האלקטרוניות, ולהוציא אותם לשוק המקומי והעולמי ברבעון הראשון או השני של שנת 2016. Gaash Lighting - Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Solutions. LED street lights. The Lighting Paradox: Cheaper, Efficient LEDs Save Energy, and People Use More. New research at Rutgers University has shown how to slash the cost of highly efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) and significantly reduce lighting’s energy requirements.

The Lighting Paradox: Cheaper, Efficient LEDs Save Energy, and People Use More

The energy savings, however, will likely be eroded as people find new uses for the inexpensive lights. It’s a classic example of how a solution to a problem may cause more problems, or at least nullify the solution. "I am doubtful that we will save any energy by going to LED lights," said Thomas Theis, director of the Institute for Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. LED lights use just 10 percent of the energy of incandescent lights and less than half the energy of today’s compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

An LED that uses 6 watts of electricity, for example, produces the same amount of light as a 14-watt CFL bulb or a 60-watt incandescent bulb. "We have made many phosphors covering the entire visible spectrum," Hu says. "We're addicted to light," Theis said. LightSavers — Canadian Urban Institute. LightSavers Canada was founded in 2008 by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund to accelerate transformation of the outdoor lighting market, nudging it towards LED and smart adaptive control technologies.

LightSavers — Canadian Urban Institute

This is achieved through supporting the development of scale-up tools, communication activities, and a national summit focused on the scale-up of LED and adaptive control technologies in outdoor applications. A Technical Advisory Panel comprising industry experts oversees the work in the Program. Funding has been provided by Natural Resources Canada, the Ontario Power Authority (now IESO), and participating private sector event sponsors. LightSavers: Energy efficient outdoor lighting and advanced controls. : LightSavers: Energy efficient outdoor lighting and advanced con. תמונות התקנת תאורת לד.