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Download Sandia’s Microgrid Design Toolkit (MDT) Sandia National Laboratories developed the Microgrid Design Toolkit (MDT), decision support software for microgrid designers, is now publicly available for download.

Download Sandia’s Microgrid Design Toolkit (MDT)

Intended for use in the early stages of the design process, MDT uses powerful search algorithms to identify and characterize alternative microgrid design decisions in terms of user-defined objectives such as cost, performance, and reliability. Using the MDT, a designer can: Search effectively through large design spaces for efficient alternativesInvestigate the simultaneous impacts of several design decisionsDerive defensible, quantitative evidence for decisionsGain a quantitative understanding of the relationships between design objectives and the tradeoffs associated with alternate technological design decisions.

Smart Cities tools for better public services across Europe. LOCAL GOVERNMENT CITIZEN INSIGHT Understand the types of people that live across the EU, their preferences and their likely demand for public services.

Smart Cities tools for better public services across Europe

See how your area compares with others. (Made by ESD - Porism (UK) ) See STANDARDS LISTS Find common definitions of what local government does across EU countries. Get information referenced against standard service headings. Use standard lists yourself. Sentilo. The Most Digital Companies Are Leaving All the Rest Behind. The United States takes pride in being on the cutting edge of all things digital, and rightly so: American innovations and innovators have led the way.

The Most Digital Companies Are Leaving All the Rest Behind

Yet according to recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the U.S. economy operates at only 18% of its digital potential, and the sort of productivity gains that digital technologies should be enabling are not showing up in the broader economy. Why is that? The answer is that a new digital divide has opened up in America. Just about every individual, company and sector of the economy now has access to digital technologies — there are hardly any “have nots” anymore. But a widening gap exists between the “haves” and a group we call the “have-mores”: companies and sectors that are using their digital capabilities far more than the rest to innovate and transform how they operate.

A Chart That Shows Which Industries Are the Most Digital (and Why) When business leaders talk about going digital, many are uncertain about what that means beyond buying the latest IT system.

A Chart That Shows Which Industries Are the Most Digital (and Why)

Companies do need assets like computers, servers, networks, and software, but those purchases are just the start. Digital leaders stand out from their competitors in two ways: how they put digital to work, especially in engaging with clients and suppliers, and how intensively their employees use digital tools in every aspect of their daily activities.

Recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) looked at the state of digitization in sectors across the U.S. economy and found a large and growing gap between sectors, and between companies within those sectors. The most digital companies see outsized growth in productivity and profit margins. But what are the key attributes of a digital leader? Digital assets across the entire economy doubled over the past 15 years, as firms invested not just in IT but in digitizing their physical assets. Index. 2016 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems. 2,000+ businesses use Capterra each week to find the right software. eMaint has been helping organizations around the globe implement world-class maintenance operations with its cloud-based CMMS solutions for nearly 30 years. eMaint saves companies valuable time and money by better organizing, planning and managing maintenance activities. eMaint can be tailored to meet the exact specifications of any maintenance department, and can be accessed across multiple locations in multiple languages from any browser-based device.

2016 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

View Profile FacilityDude's GIS Work Management Solutions bring location into the equation and provides powerful asset management capabilities. Our powerful web map interface ensures information is available wherever you go. Save fuel and time by streamlining communication so crews can drive point to point. IBM Watson Analytics Getting Started. IBM Watson: How it Works. Using Watson Analytics and Twitter data to explore energy consumption. Research Membership. Lux Research members get on-demand access to Lux's analysts, publications, and data, across a set of emerging technology domains customized to their needs.

Research Membership

Lux Research. Enhanced EnergyPoints SaaS lets users set goals for energy, emissions, cost on normalized basis - FMLink. By Brianna Crandall— December 20, 2013—Energy Points Inc., a Boston-based source-to-site energy resource analytics company, recently announced significant enhancements to its EnergyPoints Analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, including the ability to enable users to set and track energy-, emissions- and cost-reduction goals on a user-defined, normalized basis.

Enhanced EnergyPoints SaaS lets users set goals for energy, emissions, cost on normalized basis - FMLink

According to Energy Points, it is the only company that offers this capability. Offered to corporations and government agencies as either an on-premise or cloud-based application, the EnergyPoints Analytics platform Version 2.5.1 combines patented big data analytics (two billion data points) with local efficiency and scarcity data to convert energy resources (electricity, water, transportation, materials and waste) into either the company’s own EnergyPoint metric (EP), or any other common energy metrics like BTU, joule, or kWh.

EnergyPoints Analytics™ Offers Powerful New Features to Enable Organizations to Reduce Energy Costs and Use. Technology Scouting and Market Research in Emerging Technologies. Interview: Ory Zik, Founder, Energy Points.