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Le Devoir des écrivains sur le Web. Depuis ce matin, une trentaine d’écrivains québécois ont pris le contrôle du Devoir!

Le Devoir des écrivains sur le Web

Car le journal prépare pour demain une édition exceptionnelle: Le Devoir des écrivains. Articles d’information, éditoriaux, chroniques: toutes les signatures habituelles seront remplacées par des écrivains invités, qui devront couvrir les informations du jour. Une initiative qui s’inscrit dans les célébrations du centenaire du Devoir, et qui veut marquer, demain, l’ouverture du Salon du livre de Montréal. Aujourd’hui, la journaliste Isabelle Paré rendra compte, sur notre site Web, du déroulement de la journée. 15h30 Une mouche vole dans la salle de rédaction. 14h30 Avis aux lecteurs compulsifs, Wajdi Mouawad se livrera demain, dans nos pages, à une psychanalyse approfondie des différents types de lecteurs, à commencer par le lecteur resté au stade anal (oui, vous avez bien lu, a-nal), qui pourrait vous laisser pantois. 14h15 Bon, cette fois, c’est Fred. 12h15 Enfin, le chat sort du sac!

Le journal "En marche" en images. En direct du monde.

Journos vs rp

Études relations de presse. Communiqué de presse. REP2300. Vocabulaire des relations publiques - Certificat de relations publiques. 20 quotes to inspire PR professionals. Editor's note: This story first appeared on PR Daily in April.

20 quotes to inspire PR professionals

Public Relations, History. As a student of public relations, you should understand that the profession has a history and a heritage.

Public Relations, History

It has been shaped by men and women whose actions and ideas have made the difference. Following are notes about some of these figures important to an understanding of the contemporary development of public relations. Am. QQOQCCP. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Le français et le baseball. List of Canadians by net worth. The following is a list of Canadians by net worth: Richest Canadians (2013 statistics)[edit] Updated November 23, 2013.[1] Richest Canadians (2012 statistics)[edit] Updated November 22, 2012.[2] Richest Canadians (2011 statistics)[edit] Updated October 6, 2011.[3]

List of Canadians by net worth

Infographics as press releases: 3 beautiful examples. SG_guide_planif_activites_comm.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Lesson 23: Selecting the Right Spokesperson. By Gerard Braud Picking the right spokesperson really depends upon the situation.

Lesson 23: Selecting the Right Spokesperson

Many organizations tend to have two extremes in selecting spokespeople. 10 ways to build strong relationships with reporters and bloggers. Last week, I wrote a story detailing common habits among public relations professionals that make journalists’ eyes roll.

10 ways to build strong relationships with reporters and bloggers

Now that you know what not to do, I want to point out what you should be doing. Good PR delivers real news and develops real relationships. Pour les consommateurs, l'avis des médias compte avant tout. Why don't we see happy stories in the news? Masterfile A few nights a week my children and I head out around 7:30 p.m. to pick my husband up from work.

Why don't we see happy stories in the news?

7 things PR pros should know about the shifting media landscape. Can we please stop asking, 'What is PR?' I started my career as a public relations professional 30 years ago.

Can we please stop asking, 'What is PR?'

Since then my career has morphed into new areas like sales, marketing, business development, consulting and teaching, but there is a piece of my heart that will always belong to PR. I'm disheartened that people today still ask the same tired question that swirled around the profession when I started three decades ago: "What is PR? " BEST OF 2011: Perfect PR pitches: NYT tech columnist picks his favorites. BEST OF 2011: 8 social media trends for 2012. Getting on the Radar: Tried & True Media Relations Best Practices. Over the course of my career, I have belonged to the two sides in the media world that have always had the most conflict – - that of a journalist and a media/public relations professional.

Getting on the Radar: Tried & True Media Relations Best Practices

Having successfully experienced these two professions, I have learned many lessons in developing a positive and mutually advantageous relationship between what can be humorously described as a relationship similar to “Tom & Jerry.” Tom chases Jerry and Jerry hides. Tom usually gets the short end of the stick and Jerry walks away without a scratch. But when these two become friends, it’s a perfect match with both helping each other as much as possible. Galerie de presse > Médiathèque. Les relations de presse ciblées : un art qui paie! Les clients de H+K Stratégies, comme ceux des autres agences d’ailleurs, souhaitent faire parler d’eux, de leurs pratiques, de leurs bons coups ou de leurs produits dans les médias. Comment mettre en place des relations presse. 5 leçons à méditer pour réussir des relations publiques 2.0…

Narcisse était tellement habitué à parler seul de sa magnificence qu'il en oubliait de donner la chance aux autres de porter cette belle nouvelle et de lui donner ainsi de la crédibilité....Waterhouse, Écho et Narcisse, 1903. Faire sa propre liste de presse. ConnectYard Connects Students and Profs Via Text, Social Media. The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark.

If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: ConnectYard Quick Pitch: A social media platform that connects students and professors through their preferred form of communication. Genius Idea: A professor emails a student and it’s delivered in whatever form the student prefers, such as a text message or Twitter and Facebook post. More students these days prefer interacting on mobile devices and social media sites over traditional forms of communication such as email. Newsroom layoffs rose by 30 percent in 2011. It used to be that the power of the press meant never crossing an industry that buys ink by the 55-gallon drum. But the newspaper's ink-stained wretches are fewer and farther between these days, as the predicted recovery for the battle-hardened industry has yet to materialize.

Rather, the contrary has happened. One trick to help you survive a tough press conference. Let’s say you’re giving a press conference about a controversial subject. You know the reporters will ask aggressive questions. As reporters often do when they’re around their peers, they’re going to try to outperform the journalist who asked the previous question by asking an even tougher one. You want to appear in front of the journalistic pack for only as long as you have to, but you also know that taking a few questions will help you appear open and transparent instead of defensive and evasive.

Here’s a technique that will allow you to look open while limiting your exposure to the press. PR Daily readers’ choice: The top 10 PR blunders of 2011. Most companies are ill equipped for a social media crisis, according to a study from this year. That’s bad news for brands, given not only the prevalence of social media but also because roughly half of this year’s biggest PR blunders were committed on Twitter. To determine these public relations gaffes, PR Daily turned to its readers, asking them on several platforms—most prominently our Google+ page—to name the year’s biggest screw-ups.

6 skills every PR pro needs. If you missed it a few weeks ago, The New York Times wrote a piece about redefining public relations. You see, the last time PR was defined was in 1982. Yes, 30 years ago. And, in the last five years, our industry has completely been turned on its head. Conférence de Presse // Press conference - Patrice Bernier. 19 Biggest Social Media Moments of 2011. These days, it seems we can't go a week without encountering a viral video, a meme sensation or a new digital movement.

33 things the media wish PR people knew. PRCM 4020 Style & Design Fall 2011 - The Loveliest Village. Video Library / City of Carlsbad. Mediations: ethics. Les Éditions Transcontinental - Résultats de recherche. BERNARD MOTULSKY - RENE VEZINA - Comment parler aux médias - Communication - BOOKS - Renaud-Bray. 12 outrageous job losses due to mishandling social media. How to media train your executives like a reporter. McDonald’s media relations chief explains the best and worst things to do in a crisis. Powerful mathematical model greatly improves predictions for species facing climate change.

Journalists on Twitter - Breaking News, Politics, Opinion and more - Muck Rack. How to cultivate reporter relationships on Twitter. 9 ways to build a media list—for free. Why a press release is like a 60-second commercial. Think you’re a public relations wizard? Prove it! Take the PR 3.0 quiz. Journalism skills that translate into the PR world. 'My staff over-reacted to this tweet ... I apologize' Journalists, PR executives explain the traits of talented PR pros. Les relations publiques, une ... - Michel Dumas. Les Relations Publiques Autrement ... - Mathieu Sauvé. Des Campagnes de Communication ... - Marianne Kugler.

Les relations publiques dans une ... - Danielle Maisonneuve. L'art des relations presse de Jeanne Bordeau. Médias et milieux francophones.