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A list of top 50 Canada blogs by Blog Rank.


TRAACKR: Find the influencers who matter most to you. Meilleures pratiques. Blogger Outreach: 5 Tips for Connecting With Top Influencers. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Blogger Outreach: 5 Tips for Connecting With Top Influencers

Some of the most respected influencers on the Internet today were viewed as illegitimate sources just a few years ago. You know them as "bloggers. " In a recent Technorati poll, more than 40% of those surveyed stated that their views closely align with those of bloggers, while their trust in mainstream media continues to wane. For those who seek to market a product or service online, this is the perfect moment — many of the top industry influencers are also the most accessible.

A single relationship with the right blogger could lead to thousands of instant relationships with targeted readers who fully trust that particular source; not to mention the back links. 1. Simply scouring the web in search of the right blog can result in an overabundance of bloggers ill-matched to your business.

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L’intérêt d’un blog d’entreprise. JIMMY AKIN.ORG: Podcast Help. I'm starting a podcast, and to that end I've been making preparations for it.

JIMMY AKIN.ORG: Podcast Help

I've got things set up on the podcast-creation end of things, but I have yet to decide which service I'm going to use to host the podcast, by which I mean: Where the files will be stored online, how they will be uploaded, and what service will send out the RSS feed. I have researched some podcast services on my own, but I thought I'd ask if anyone with podcasting experience had suggestions of good services to use OR bad ones to stay away from. Here are a few of things I'm looking for in particular: 1) I want the service to produce an embedable player with start/pause functionality as well as scrubbing (that's where it's got a slider bar so you can drag the little doo-dad to the point in the podcast you want to listen to, like on videos for YouTube).

Tumblr ou la revanche des blogues. La page d'accueil du site internet Tumblr.

Tumblr ou la revanche des blogues

Irish Blog Directory: Irish Blogs and Bloggers.


Influence. Influenceurs web QC. Voyeuristic Blogger Portraits Put Faces to URLs. Soraya Darabi, Foodspotting.Imran Khan, Letters to Romeo.Drew Grant, Crushable.Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Art Most Fierce.Julia Rappaport, Fork Lift.Sarah Dohrmann, Und You Vill Like It.Mike Hudack, Blip TV.Robin Yang, Candystand.Rex Sorgatz, Fimoculous.Lilit Marcus, The Gloss.Richard Blakeley, Gawker.Daryl Lang, History Eraser Button.Manjari Sharma, Ishaara.Nick McGlynn, Random Night Out.Sheena Sood, Sheena Sood.Jennifer Wright, The Gloss.Caroline McCarthy, The Social.Charlie Fish, Wink.Rachel Hulin, A Photography Blog.

Voyeuristic Blogger Portraits Put Faces to URLs

“Solitude vivifies; isolation kills.” —Abbé Joseph Roux, 19th-century priest and poet. On paper, it sounds like one of the worst ideas for a photo project: Portraits of bloggers? At their computers? But Gabriela Herman’s photos of exactly that are surprisingly thoughtful, deep and compelling. Herman’s Bloggers sheds light –- usually the glow of the laptop screen -– to the previously invisible rise of dormitory pundits. WordPress alone has more than 25 million accounts.

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Blogger protests. iTunes - Podcasts - Making a Podcast. Style » StyleCollective Sites. ChickAdvisor is the leading social recommendation platform, providing scaled sampling, coupon-redemption, offline trial programs and unique retail activations for women in Canada. 90,000+ reviews by 37,000 members16 million aggregate social reach across facebook & twitter by our ChickAdvisors500,000+ individual consumer sampling experiences trackedLicensed ChickAdvisor product reviews have appeared in TV, Print, and digital by Tier 1 brands We’re very proud of the types of fully integrated programs we’ve delivered for Tier 1 marketers across; P&G, Unilever, Kimberly Clark, Church & Dwight, L’Oreal, Nestle, and Kellogg’s Our one of a kind Product Review Club sampling program helps you develop authentic, trusted reviews from influential community members.

Style » StyleCollective Sites

How we target Social influence90,000+ reviewsPurchase habitsDemographicsCustom surveys We use our unique voice to start a conversation that connects and strengthen the relationship between consumers and your brand. Load More. No more excuses: top customer service podcasts - Spoken Communications. Don't have time to read blogs?

No more excuses: top customer service podcasts - Spoken Communications

Twitter to fire-hosey for you? You want to keep up with customer service methods and customer experience management but don't have time. This is the no-more-excuses list: the best podcasts on CEM and customer service. It's audio, so you you can listen while walking the dog (I listen on the exercise bike). And it's podcasting, so you can stock up and listen the next time you have a long car ride or flight.

So here you go: no more excuses NOT to be informed about customer experience: Duct Tape Marketing Podcast Our favorite small biz marketer, John Jantsch, has a podcast chock-full of the same marketing gold as in his blog. Customer Management IQ podcasts focus on customer management and call center-related topics.


Vivre. Michelle Sullivan Communications.