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4 Tips for Pre-Visualizing - Look Before You Shoot. For a limited time only at Snapndeals, May 10-24th only get 33% OFF Timeless Portraits & Natural Light Black & White Portraiture, a 2-eBook Bundle by Wayne Radford.

4 Tips for Pre-Visualizing - Look Before You Shoot

Pre-visualizing is an art form, that I believe, is not taught enough these days. It is the foundation for an artist or photographer to establish lighting, background, foreground elements, composition, and harmony. You need to establish all this before lifting a camera to your eye. Let’s look at some techniques and tips for pre-visualizing. Are there any distracting elements behind the subject that draw your eye away, e.g., bright hotspots such as sun coming through trees, strong geometric shapes, or bright colours.

Can you use any foreground elements to help create framing – examples would be rocks or foliage. Look around for shapes and perspectives that create more interest and lead your viewer around the scene. This one is the most overlooked aspects of composition. Brooklyn Teenagers Capture a Photographer’s Eye. In Memoriam: Malick Sidibé (1936 – 2016) Away from the formalities of conventional portrait photography, away from the clichés of colonialism imagery, Malick Sidibé’s pictures of Mali’s youth conveyed the high-spirited feeling of a country that has just gained its independence.

In Memoriam: Malick Sidibé (1936 – 2016)

Over the years, his black-and-white pictures have influenced many of his contemporaries in Africa and beyond. Now, almost 60 years after he first opened a photography studio in Bamako, Sidibé has died of complications of diabetes, the Associated Press reports. He was 80. “It’s a great loss for Mali. He was part of our cultural heritage,” said Mali’s culture minister N’Diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo, according to The Guardian. “ The whole of Mali is in mourning.” “A witness of his country’s effervescent independence, and among the young folk besotted with music, Malick Sidibé photographed the parties and joys of Bamako,” French culture minister Audrey Azoulay added in a statement. “We were entering a new era, and people wanted to dance,” Sidibé once said. 13 tips for better pictures of babies, toddlers and teenagers. All images copyright Brett Harkness Babies, toddlers and teenagers (oh my!).

13 tips for better pictures of babies, toddlers and teenagers

They might just be one of the most challenging portrait photography subjects you will shoot. Below we’ve spoken to leading lifestyle and portrait photographer, Brett Harkness, who does this day in and day out. These are 13 of his best portrait photography tips for getting more creative pictures of babies, toddlers and teenagers. Tip 1: Shoot when baby’s happy Babies make few demands, but those they do are important: food and sleep. Tip 2: Be patient Babies are best shot once they can support their own body weight. Tip 3: Let teens choose their wardrobe When you photograph a teenager, you should pay careful attention to what they’re wearing. people at this age are very self-conscious, so to make them comfortable, treat it like a mini fashion shoot. encourage them to bring as much of their wardrobe as they’d like.

Tip 7: Make a game of it Kids have too much energy. Two Simple Steps to Improve Portrait Photography. Here is a photography article outlining two VERY simply steps to improving your portrait photography.

Two Simple Steps to Improve Portrait Photography

Have you ever seen a portrait where the subject is lost in the background because everything is in focus? There are times when having a focused background is what one is looking for, of course. Last year I did a shoot with models against graffiti-filled walls and kept the background in focus as it offered an added dimension to the shoot. You may also want to consider this when capturing a subject at work—a teacher in front of an ink-covered whiteboard or a fireman in front of a fire truck may help to add to your portrait.

However, if you want to draw more attention to your subject and the background is not an added dimension, it can be helpful to blur the background some. Subject against background. A blurred background comes about by creating a shallow depth of field. If you are using a DSRL, set your camera to Apeture priority mode and select a low f-stop, say f/2.8 or less. Good Crop Bad Crop - How to Crop Portraits. All images © Gina Milicia 2015 “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ?

Good Crop Bad Crop - How to Crop Portraits

Pablo Picasso When it comes to knowing what is right for me there are a few things I know for sure: First, garlic and ice cream are never meant to be mixed together. Secondly, even if I colour my hair blonde I’m never going to look like madonna, and finally when my mechanic warns me that the timing chain in my car should be fixed as soon as possible, I need to listen up and act. If who have read my other articles or ebooks, you will know that I’ve also learned many lessons in my photography career from stupid mistakes, or lapses in judgement.

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