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Reading Promotional Programming

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Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program - Read Your Heart Out. 30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month. Jump to navigation Order a free National Poetry Month poster and display it at work or school.Sign up for Poem-a-Day and read a poem each morning.Deepen your daily experience by reading Edward Hirsch’s essay “How to Read a Poem.”Memorize a poem.Create an anthology of your favorite poems on a young person to participate in the Dear Poet project.Buy a book of poetry from your local bookstore.Review these concrete examples of how poetry matters in the United States today.Learn more about poets and poetry events in your state.Ask your governor or mayor for a proclamation in support of National Poetry Month.Attend a poetry reading at a local university, bookstore, cafe, or library.Read a poem at an open mic.

30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month

Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun! Celebrities Reading Children's Stories - Speakaboos. Read to me - Las Vegas. Suggested_Book_Club_Activities. Games to break the ice at book discussion groups and other occasions. At your first book club meeting, or whenever new people join your reading group, it's good to spend a bit of time getting to know each other.

Games to break the ice at book discussion groups and other occasions

This can be as simple as going around the group taking it in turns to introduce yourself and saying what you like to read and what you're looking forward to about the book club (if you're new) or what you like about the club (if you're an established member). Or, if this sounds a bit intimidating, or you just like the idea of getting to know people in a different way, an alternative is to play a game! The purpose of all the activities is to give people a chance to meet each other and to share information about themselves. Emphasize that (whatever activity you choose) it's meant to be a fun game, not a test, and that nobody will be keeping score! Pass The Hat This game is best in groups of about 10 people or less. Example Questions: What was the first book you remember reading/being read? Pair Share Wordplay Quiz This works best for groups of 8 or more. Reading Games and Activities. Tips to Help Promote A Love Of Reading - Qubo.

Activity Guides. Reach Out and Read. 25 Ideas to Motivate Young Readers. The folks at the BOOK-IT!

25 Ideas to Motivate Young Readers

Program have given permission for Education World to reprint 25 great ideas from teachers -- ideas that are sure to get kids across the grades excited about reading. The BOOK IT! Reading Incentive Program, sponsored by Pizza Hut, has motivated millions of young readers over the years. Note: The following teacher ideas were originally published by the BOOK IT! National Reading Incentive Program. Musical Books. Scavenger Hunt. Name That Book! Readers for Tomorrow. Mystery Reader. Where in the World? Story Webs. Two Characters Meet. Youth Services Librarianship - Programming and Reading Promotion for Boys.

This collaborative Wiki, created by a group of students from a section of LIS 506 in the Fall semester of 2011 and 2012, aims to address the many issues that libraries face in creating programs that will appeal to boys.

Youth Services Librarianship - Programming and Reading Promotion for Boys

In so doing, it is hoped that their interest in reading and their ability to read will also grow exponentially. Photo by Frank Serritelli Programming and reading promotion for boys is not necessarily the easiest task which any library can accomplish. The task may become a hurdle in the library field for many reasons. Most people blame competing leisure activities like sports or after school programs, for taking over reading time because boys enjoy being active, whereas reading is not. Important Terms Literacy-Literacy is the ability to read, write, and interpret printed information. Susan Ujka Larson Collection Have you ever heard of a reading promotion program for girls? Librarians may wonder why boys are not reading and utilizing the library.

25 Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy And Independent Reading. 25 Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy Independent Reading by Kimberly Tyson, Ph.D., In the age of the Common Core and its emphasis upon having students take on more challenging text, independent reading and student choice can easily take a back seat to the demands of increased rigor.

25 Ways Schools Can Promote Literacy And Independent Reading

However, in a balanced literacy program, they remain important. Motivation and choice play key roles in reading. And, strong and capable readers are those who read widely and diversely in a wide variety of genres and text types. In the quest to build capable readers, promoting independent, self-selected reading remains key. Publicity, programming & promotion - What works: good ideas from ALSC members. Helping Parents Help Their Kids | Helping Homeschoolers | Enriching After School Time | Promoting Books & Reading | Making Time for Families | Making Learning Fun | More Ideas The “Kids!

Publicity, programming & promotion - What works: good ideas from ALSC members

@ your library®” campaign spotlights the many ways that libraries help children to read, learn and have fun. The following are just a few examples. Our thanks to all who shared their programs and ideas. Helping Parents Help Their Kids The Helmerick Library in Tulsa, Okla., offers a monthly program titled “Catalog Searching for Moms and Dads.” I have found that a "Read Aloud Workshop" for parents works best to get children to attend programs at the library. Helping Homeschoolers The Pigeon Forge (Tenn.)