Light and Magick

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Greetings in Light… Thank you for your response and interest. Our Fraternity is dedicated to a powerful system of Spiritual & Magical development and Self Mastery. We call it the Great Work. The ancient Teachings of the true and historic Golden Dawn are designed to lead you to a state of higher development of Spiritual awareness through the Magical/Mystical Way of Life. You will learn the secrets of the Mysteries of Light. Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ® - Our Order Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn ® - Our Order
Guardians of the True Golden Dawn Tradition
The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn
Hermetic Sanctuary of Maat - Golden Dawn System of Ritual Magic
Self Initiation and Golden Dawn Magic
Temple of Thelema • Index page
Transmutation, Fire, Alchemy, The Sun

Servants of the Light School of Occult Science, a fully contacte

Occult references

Swimming the Sacred River
Physicists Prove Teleportation of Energy Is Possible
Religion And The Esoteric...