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Sketch 50: Join the movement! EDUsketchers and Doodlers Join the #Sketch50 Movement!

Sketch 50: Join the movement!

Lindsey Blass & Cate Tolnai SAN JOSE, April 4, 2017 -- Across the world, educators and students are uniting with one simple goal: to complete and share one drawing a day. The #Sketch50 movement, while amazingly simple in it’s foundational goal, strikes on something much deeper: sketching as a means of unleashing creativity, building artistic confidence, and tapping into growth mindset. It all started with an email titled, “I have an idea :).” Cate Tolnai, an Academic Technology Specialist for Santa Clara County Office of Education, was still buzzing on the EDUhigh of the 2017 National CUE conference when she reached out to members of her sketchnoting network and asked them if they wanted to take part in a social experiment with her. It didn’t take long for this movement to attract thousands of hungry educators and creators. Lindsey Blass Educator Google Innovator #MTV16 MA EdTech CUE LeadLrnr #CUEBOLD Director KCI Adjunct Faculty.

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Color schemes

Paper flower tutorial. I thought some of you would enjoy a quick tutorial on how to make those little paper flowers I used as part of my table setting a couple weeks ago.

Paper flower tutorial

The credit for these go to Martha Stewart (I saw this idea nearly 10 years ago in her magazine, but haven't been able to find it on her website). So here I go.. Step 1: Draw a spiral on a 4x4" square sheet of paper Step 2: Cut out spiral along lines you have drawn Step 3: Begin rolling up the spiral from the outside Step 4: Keep on rolling until there's no more left to roll Step 5: You're done! I used a slightly heavier weight paper for this one, but you can use normal paper as well. Note: You may use a bit of glue or double-stick tape to keep the flower from unrolling and loosening up with time. 6 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive - Real Estate News and Advice. ByJamie Wiebe Want your place to look like those home design website images you drool over?

6 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive - Real Estate News and Advice

Of course you do! Problem is, your budget may not match your design aspirations. Fear not! Making your home look high-end isn’t always about spending tons of cash. It’s a matter of taking the time and care to arrange things in an eye-pleasing way—and making small, inexpensive updates that have a big impact. Here are a few tricks to pull if you want to add the illusion of luxury. 1. Nothing says “this home ain’t worth much” like tons of disjointed knickknacks, piles of books, and other miscellaneous items that should be tossed or stored. No, you don’t need to go full Marie Kondo, but going through your rooms and getting rid of anything that doesn’t mesh with your personal style is a great first step toward transforming your home from average to exceptional.

Walk through each room of your home and edit items. 2. Get sparkly new floors–minus the refinishing. 3. 4. 5. 6. Please, Mr. Color Trends + Palettes.

Beach Cottage

Verandas. Foyers. Living and Dining Rooms. Kitchens and Baths. Holiday Decorations. Storage Ideas. 22+ Stunning Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level. Given how much time most of us spend at home, it's a shame most of us live in small, boring homes or apartments.

22+ Stunning Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level

If home is where the heart is, these interior design ideas will ensure that your heart stays happy! Some of these interior design ideas are grand, sweeping, expensive installations, but for those of us without the money to spare, there are smaller ideas too that are still doable and will give your home a unique and personal touch. And for those of us who live in city apartments, there are also plenty of ideas that will help you save space! If you have a cool picture of a brilliant piece of interior design that you think should be on this list, then be sure to add it! Upvote your favorite ideas as well. Show 23 more Add Image Recent submissions to this list Window Seat Rippling Liquid Illusion Wall Under The Apple Tree Canopy Bed Wooo Wood Log Table Yellow Submarine Bathroom Drag Image Select File Rules: 1) no ugly watermarks 2) no borders 3) no low quality images.