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Teaching Students To Use Textual Evidence. Text Evidence, Citing Text Evidence and Common Cores. Text Evidence, Evidence Anchor Chart and Constructed Response. Text Evidence Worksheets - Printable Worksheets. Publishes Literacy Resources and Children's Books for Kids of All Ages. Popular Middle Grade Books. Top 100 Middle School Must-Reads (1125 books) Popular Middle School Books. 10 Books Every Middle Schooler Should Read. I recall a few books that I begrudgingly read for middle​ school assignments and then found myself swept up in the story, invested in the characters, entranced by both happy and heartbreaking endings.

10 Books Every Middle Schooler Should Read

And even more, many of these books went far beyond great literature, teaching me about history, science, math, anthropology, cultures and more. "My sister told me that I have a special spell that makes kids love books," teacher Patti Heckman of Wisconsin wrote when Real Simple asked readers to share the greatest compliment they've ever received. And don't the luckiest of us relate? Isn't it the hope of most teachers to find their students bending back the binding on a great chapter book and spending the following days caught up in a story that captivates as much as it teaches?

And when that moment of magic-wand curiosity, inspiration and deep thinking envelops a student, something important shifts in the room … and in the student's mind. EnhancED Using Annotations for Close Reading Exercises. A common student assignment is to summarize a text or other course material.

EnhancED Using Annotations for Close Reading Exercises

The general approach to this type of assignment is to skim the material, look for indicators that might convey the author's intentions, and quote passages in a summarizing paper. However, we see faculty wanting students to move past reading-to-summarize. They want students to study course materials more actively, more analytically, believing that a more nuanced engagement with the content will lead to better learning outcomes. We sometimes describe this form of study as "close reading", and in some courses it constitutes a core learning activity. Why close readings? Close%20reading%20and%20annotating. How to Annotate and Highlight Text (Close Reading Strategies- Concept 1) Tutorial. 21 Cool Anchor Charts To Teach Close-Reading Skills. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events. ReadWorks.