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English is Frabjous - SIO 1. BTS ENGLISH TOPICS AND GENERAL HELP!: Vocabulary. All Technology is Assistive — Backchannel. Six design rules on “disability” In 1941, the US Navy commissioned the husband-and-wife design team of Charles and Ray Eames to design a lightweight splint for wounded soldiers to get them out of the field more safely.

All Technology is Assistive — Backchannel

Metal splints of that period weren’t secure enough to hold the leg still, causing unnecessary death from gangrene or shock, blood loss, and so on. The Eameses had been working on techniques to mold and bend plywood, and they were able to come up with this splint design — conforming to the body without a lot of extra joints and parts. The wood design became a secure, lightweight, nest-able solution, and they produced more than 150,000 such splints for the Navy. Over the next decade, the Eameses would go on to refine their wood-molding process to create both sculpture and functional design pieces, most notably, this celebrated chair: More than that, I think this story demonstrates why everyone should pay more attention to matters of disability. Invisibility is overrated. Business vocabulary exercise: describing trends (rise, raise, lower, fall, grow) ex. 2. Professional Letter Format Examples. To begin with, letters are basic modes of communication.

Professional Letter Format Examples

They existed before distance oral communication and existed even during the time of Internet. So, it's clear, letters are here to stay. Hence, I believe that it is important for everyone to know professional letter writing. Nonetheless, in this lightning fast age of ours, you can learn about professional letter writing by observing keenly the examples outlined below. How to Write a Professional Letter Alright then! Return address of the letter writerDate of the letter (the date when the letter is written)The complete name, surname and address of the recipientSalutation (e.g., Dear Mr. Business Communication,Business Communication Articles,Business Communication Studies. COMPUTER BASICS VOCABULARY. COMPUTER BASICS VOCABULARY. Page. LEO.


BTS Anglais. Sites et liens utiles. Videos and documents. Student Self-Access. IT News. Présentation du BTS Services Informatiques aux Organisations. Enseignement supérieur/Liste des spécialités du BTS. BTS, DTS et DMA: Liste des spécialités et des référentiels disponibles Tous les référentiels BTS ne sont pas disponibles en téléchargement.

Enseignement supérieur/Liste des spécialités du BTS

Pour obtenir les référentiels manquants, contactez le centre national de documentation pédagogique (C.N.D.P.) > Arrêté du 28 octobre 2010, modifiant les arrêtés portant définition et fixant les conditions de délivrance de certaines spécialités de brevet de technicien supérieur > Programme de mathématiques de certaines spécialités de brevet de technicien supérieur Liste des spécialités de BTS Agencement de l'environnement architectural, spécialité abrogée, dernière session d'examen en 2017 (référentiel disponible) et ("Programme et définition d'épreuve de langue vivante étrangère disponible") Aéronautique (référentiel disponible) Agro-équipement, spécialité abrogée, dernière session d'examen en 2014 (référentiel disponible) et ("Programme et définition d'épreuve de langue vivante étrangère disponible") Assurance (référentiel disponible)

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Garnet Education - Garnet Education's Online Inspection Copy Service. Our new inspection copy service allows you to try out online versions of Garnet Education titles for free.

Garnet Education - Garnet Education's Online Inspection Copy Service

Here is a quick guide to get you started: To view an inspection copy, you are required to first register on the website. To register you will need to: Visit the series page you are interested in, e.g. the Progressive Skills series pageClick on “view inspection copy” for the title you want to viewLog in if you are already registered with the Garnet Education site, or click on “I want to register a new account”. Once you have registered, you will be logged into your own user dashboard. During your access period you can view your inspection copies but logging in and clicking on the ‘My Inspection Copies’ link in the top right-hand corner. If you have any questions regarding the inspection copies service, you can email us at BASE NATIONALE DES SUJETS D'EXAMENS DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT PROFESSIONNEL - Recherche guidée.

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