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MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons. MIT researchers have shown, for the first time ever, that memories are stored in specific brain cells.

MIT discovers the location of memories: Individual neurons

By triggering a small cluster of neurons, the researchers were able to force the subject to recall a specific memory. By removing these neurons, the subject would lose that memory. As you can imagine, the trick here is activating individual neurons, which are incredibly small and not really the kind of thing you can attach electrodes to. To do this, the researchers used optogenetics, a bleeding edge sphere of science that involves the genetic manipulation of cells so that they’re sensitive to light. Genes to Cognition Online. Simple Mapper We developed Simple Mapper to power this web site on the brain.

Genes to Cognition Online

Now, you can use it to organize what comes out of yours! With Simple Mapper create and save concept maps, network diagrams, or flowcharts for personal use or to share with others. Японцы испытали глушитель для болтунов. Видеолекции. Теорема Гёделя о неполноте.