Treaty of Versailles

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Versailles Overview Versailles Overview Why was the Treaty of Versailles so significant? The Treaty of Versailles was put together at the Paris Peace Conference starting in January 1919. The main signatories of the treaty were Britain (Prime Minister David Lloyd George), the USA (President Woodrow Wilson), France (Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau) and Italy (Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando). These leaders were known as the 'Big Four' and met to decide the fate of Germany after the First World War.
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T of V Overview Video Learn About the Treaty of Versailles Signed in June of 1919, the Treaty of Versailles ended the state of war between Germany and the allied powers. Hi, I'm Rebecca Brayton and welcome to T of V Overview Video
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T of V Key Details Personalities of the Big Three:Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George Woodrow Wilson, as described in the introductory section of the text, was the leader of the immediate post-war period and was the architect of an internationalist vision for a new world order. Yet, as discussed in the paragraphs below, he was not able to persuade the other Allied leaders at the peace settlement negotiations in Paris to embrace his vision. But it was not just the opposition of Clemenceau and Lloyd George to some of his ideas that moved the conference away from Wilson's vision. T of V Key Details
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