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Entrevista con Mero Aymà, 'marketing manager' de @Cetemmsa. Lunes, 1 de diciembre del 2014 - 18.43 h Mero Aymà, responsable de márketing de Cetemmsa - ¿Que desarrolláis principalmente?

Entrevista con Mero Aymà, 'marketing manager' de @Cetemmsa

- Somos un centro tecnológico que hace investigación en lo que llamaríamos 'Printed Intelligence'. Trabajamos transfiriendo el conocimiento generado en nuestros laboratorios a las empresas que buscan innovar con productos para conseguir más valor añadido. Es la misma misión por la que fuimos creados hace 22 años. . - Estáis especializados en electrónica impresa, flexible y plana, alternativa a la electrónica tradicional, que permite añadir nuevas funcionalidades a diferentes tipos de superficies ¿Ponme ejemplos de productos que ayudáis a fabricar? - Técnicamente, se trata de adaptar los actuales procesos de impresión como la serigrafía, la impresión inkjet o la flexografía, para que puedan imprimirse tintas conductoras e interactivas, además de las convencionales.

. - ¿Qué me destacarías, en el caso, del campo de la salud y el bienestar? Diary of a Mad Crafter. I’m in the process of making a flower girl dress for the daughter of my cousin who’s getting married this April (can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

Diary of a Mad Crafter

OpenHAB - empowering the smart home. MicroFlight episode 5 - More Install Magnetic Actuators. Make Conductive Ink. Conductive Ink from Jordan Bunker There are so many cool projects out there that use conductive ink, but where to get the ink?

Make Conductive Ink

Now you can DIY that part, too! Search results for: 'iteaduino' Open Source Automation - Automation software for the home and more. Product Problem Support, Troubleshooting Help & Repair Solutions – Fixya.


Orlando's Community Lab / Hackerspace. Solar Charging Handbag. Welcome to the summer of solar!

Solar Charging Handbag

Why not soak up some free power from the sun? Charge your gadgets on the go by making your own solar battery charger, then affix it to your favorite handbag or backpack. ArduPi Webcam Tankbot. This is my first robot project though I have been working with Microcontrollers and Embedded Linux for a little while. As of writing (3/1/13) this is still very much a work in progress, but most of the hardware construction has been completed. This robot will provide a remotely controlled, mobile platform for a pan/tilt webcam. It is based on the excellent Tamiya Tracked Chassis Kit with the Dual DC Motors connected to the Arduino Motor Shield R3 via the Screw Terminal.

The Pan/Tilt function is provided by two Tinkerkit Servos which also allows them to be connected to the Motor Shield without taking up additional pins. The webcam is connected via USB to the Raspberry Pi and streamed to an online server using MJPG-Streamer and an Edimax wifi dongle. Carriots.


Aplique hiedra espiral. Raspberry Pi + Arduino - niltoid.niltoid. The Raspberry Pi kind of looks like an Arduino replacement as far as it’s physical appearance.

Raspberry Pi + Arduino - niltoid.niltoid.

At first glance, it’s specs are much more impressive for the same price point as an Arduino. However, it is by no means an “Arduino killer”. You could certainly swap out one for the other in some simple use cases. However the two devices have very different capabilities, and I find that they actually complement each other quite well when combined. Pictured here left to right: Raspberry Pi, Arduino Mega, Arduino NG, Arduino Pro Mini. WiringPi.

Raspberry Pi Face Recognition Using OpenCV. About a year ago, I created a Wall-E robot that does object and face recognition.

Raspberry Pi Face Recognition Using OpenCV

It uses Arduino as the controller and need to communicate with a computer that runs the face detection program to track the target. The Raspberry Pi - Arduino Connection. The Pi is a fine little computer board, though not nearly as good as the Arduino when it comes to I/O capabilities.

The Raspberry Pi - Arduino Connection

The beautifully-engineeredGertboard is a plug-in add-on that neatly overcomes this deficiency by giving the Pi access to an ATMega328, but it's a very complex and expensive solution. An alternative would be to interface an Arduino running at 3.3 volts to the Pi, though this is easier said than done. But, we won't let that stop us, will we? You can buy a prebuilt commercial version of something similar to this project. Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. I got a PI!

Arduino and the Raspberry Pi

So I got a raspberry pi. It took almost 10 weeks to arrive, but it was definitely worth the wait. For those who don’t know, the Raspberry Pi is a cheap $35 computer that includes processor, memory, and a sd card slot for the hard drive. It also has a few hardware pins that can be used to drive external devices. Embedded Pi. Why do we launch Embedded Pi?

Embedded Pi

It was a year ago when Raspberry Pi was launched in UK, received huge coverage worldwide. However, it has its own limitation to interact with outside environment. Raspberry Pi to Arduino shields connection bridge. Article Index Go to Index1.

Raspberry Pi to Arduino shields connection bridge

The Shield. 8 Digital pins.Socket for wireless modules.RX/TX pins.i2C pins (SDA, SCL).SPI pins (SCK, MISO, MOSI, CS). UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer by UDOO. UDOO is a mini PC that could run either Android or Linux, with an Arduino-compatible board embedded. UDOO is a powerful prototyping board for software development and design, it’s easy to use and with a few steps you can start using it and creating your projects with minimum knowledge. UDOO merges different computing worlds in one; each world has its strengths and weaknesses, and all of them are useful today in education as well as Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and rapid prototyping endeavours. UDOO is an open hardware, low-cost computer equipped with an ARM i.MX6 Freescale processor for Android and Linux, alongside Arduino DUE’s ARM SAM3X, both CPU integrated on the same board!

UDOO’s size is 4.33 inch x 3.35 inch (11 cm x 8.5 cm) and it has low power consumption. » Tutorial para conectar un Arduino con Raspberry PI por puerto serie. Raspberry para torpes. Adafruit Learning System. DIY Drones. Airfoil. Examples of airfoils in nature and within various vehicles. Though not strictly an airfoil, the dolphin fin obeys the same principles in a different fluid medium. Introduction[edit] Streamlines around a NACA 0012 airfoil at moderate angle of attack Lift and Drag curves for a typical airfoil Supersonic airfoils are much more angular in shape and can have a very sharp leading edge, which is very sensitive to angle of attack.

Engranaje. How to Build a Robot Tutorial - Society of Robots. Learning Resources. When integrating Single Board Computers (SBCs) into industrial, military, and aerospace systems, engineers typically specify an extended temperature range SBC for their embedded computing requirements. The “extended temperature” designation theoretically assures that the SBC will perform reliably in extreme temperature environments.

How to Build a Robot Tutorial - Society of Robots. Introduction to Gears No good robot can ever be built without gears. As such, a good understanding of how gears affect parameters such as torque and velocity are very important. In this tutorial I will first talk about the basics of gears, how to use them properly along with simple equations, and then I will go into specific types of gears. Mechanical Advantage, Torque vs.


Automaton. Yesterday, Melonee Wise (co-founder and CEO of Unbounded Robotics) gave a talk at Xconomy's Robo Madness event. We were expecting to hear about how things were going with the UBR-1, and maybe some hints as to when it'll be available, but she surprised us by instead talking about PlatformBot, a prototype service robot that was apparently developed at Willow Garage in early 2012 but never released. This was a surprise mostly because we only had a vague idea that anything like this even existed: it was certainly never public, but Wise's presentation made it clear that a huge amount of time and effort had gone in to deciding what PlatformBot was going to be, and then making it a reality. We have no idea what happened to these robots, except that UBR-1 looks a lot like some of the concepts, which is probably not a coincidence, because the entire Unbounded Team seems to have been closely involved in the PlatformBot project before they spun out of Willow.

Maxwell's wheel pendulum. Maxwell's wheel is the classic way of showing the interplay between potential energy and kinetic energy, along with the effects of nearly-elastic collisions. Freetz. AVM - Home Network with FRITZ! - DSL, LTE, Cable, WLAN, DECT and Powerline. RHex robot uses leaping ability to do 'Parkour' (video) Raspberry Pi - Order Pad. Linux Embedded Devices Comparison: Yun, BeagleBoard, Rascal, Raspi, Cubieboard & pcDuino. Awaiting for the new release, Arduino Yun, I think it's very interesting to know more about the new linux devices in the market. Index_es. How-To Geek - For Geeks, By Geeks. How to do anything. No Puedo Creer » Gadgets, noticias, inventos y regalos para frikis y geeks.

¿Y si nos fabricásemos el jabón en casa? Para votar este post conéctate con Facebook ¿Qué hacer con el aceite usado de las comidas? Tras esa pregunta, una estudiante de la Universidad CEU-Cardenal Herrera de Valencia llamada Analía Blanco tuvo una idea clara: fabricar jabón como se había hecho tradicionalmente, pero con una máquina que ayudara a los interesados en ahorrar reciclando. Y se puso manos a la obra, claro. Tras dos años de trabajo, pudo presentar un prototipo de pequeño electrodoméstico que facilita la fabricación del jabón.

¿El nombre del curioso aparato? Considerando la responsabilidad medioambiental que nos corresponde como ciudadanos, tenemos que cada litro de aceite que se vierte por un sumidero contamina unos 1.000 litros de agua. Demystifying PID Control with a look at the new Arduino PID library. OpenWrt. XBee Buying Guide. Wireless Sensor Networks Research Group. Pickles - Pickles. Free Educational Software. Product - Hackberry A10 Developer Board. Nace Gooseberry, el primer competidor directo de Raspberry Pi. About. DesignSpark - Home. Steve On Java - JavaFX » JavaFX on Raspberry Pi – 3 Easy Steps. JDK 8 (with JavaFX) Developer Preview for ARM —

Notifications in the cloud. Con la Raspberry Pi el límite lo pones tú: aprende qué puedes hacer (II) Register interest for your @Raspberry_Pi. . Ingeniería del Software - Puigros. Cubieboard. APC. Hardkernel. FrontPage - Raspbian. Radios caseras de Dave. How to Make a Crystal Radio in 10 Minutes. Radios de Galena. Main Page/es - Qi-Hardware. OpenPICUS. Storage For Open Source. Qué es Obsoletos. Brief. An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!

Podcast - JavaHispano Podcast - 132 - Introducción a Arduino (Entrevista a BricoGeek) Willow Garage. Decoration.


Tricks. Make A 3D Paper City! Arduino.