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MOS Medical Record Reviews - a service by Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is specialized in providing value-added medical record review services for the medico-legal industries.

With years of experience in the field, we have designed our services to deliver value and specifically suit the requirements of the legal community, insurance companies, physicians and private corporations among others. Top Ten Violations at the Workplace Compiled by OSHA. Safety violations in the workplace lead to accidents and injuries and increases the number of workers’ compensation claims.

Top Ten Violations at the Workplace Compiled by OSHA

Workers’ compensation benefits are paid to injured employees on the basis of a medical record review among other proceedings. A safety violation is defined as the violation of a particular workplace safety standard, regulation, policy, or rule. These may include both the violation of safety policies implemented by individual workplaces as well as that of the regulatory standards that are enforced within a specific jurisdiction. Workplaces that violate safety policies could be held liable for potential legal as well as administrative penalties. Apart from providing a safe work environment, employers are also responsible for ensuring that their employees remain compliant with legally required safety standards. What Are the “Liens” Applicable to Workers’ Compensation?

As an employee benefit program, workers’ compensation reimburses injured employees for the medical expenses they incur and for lost wages during their injury and recovery period.

What Are the “Liens” Applicable to Workers’ Compensation?

When determining eligibility for workers’ compensation, medical chart reviews are an important consideration. Before a workers’ compensation claim can be finalized, any existing liens must be identified and attended to. A lien is the legal right an entity has against the property of another. The Role of AI in Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being widely used in all industries including medical, legal and educational sectors.

The Role of AI in Managing Workers’ Compensation Claims

This innovative technology is helping those in the legal profession to get rid of tedious, arduous tasks and it allows lawyers to save the time for their core tasks. Along with the services provided by medical record review companies, AI is also supporting law firms to complete their cases in an efficient way. How AI Helps in Detecting Workers’ Compensation Fraud Detecting fraud manually is no doubt a time-consuming task.An article in Business Insurance discusses AI as an effective tool to detect workers’ compensation fraud.

Hope you have read our blog on identifying and preventing fraudulent claims. This is how AI tools help in detecting such fraudulent claims – Workers who are injured can talk with insurance companies over voice instead of filling out forms. How Artificial Intelligence Is Advantageous for Litigators. How Artificial Intelligence Is Advantageous for Litigators AI offers many possibilities to litigators.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Advantageous for Litigators

A major area that can benefit from AI is medical records review that is so vital in personal injury lawsuits. MOS Medical Record Reviews 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 918-221-7791 Artificial intelligence (AI) has immense potential and the number of businesses implementing this advanced technology is growing phenomenally.

AI signifies cognitive computing whereby a machine learns how to perform tasks typically done by humans. AI systems can recognize speech, translate languages, and make decisions based on data and patterns. The benefits AI can offer to the healthcare and legal sectors are endless. 6 Prior-authorization Terms for Physicians to Know. Prior authorization is a cost-control process that health plans use to restrict patient access to medical treatments, drugs and services.

6 Prior-authorization Terms for Physicians to Know

Under this, it is mandatory for physicians to obtain approval from the health plan before providing the prescribed treatment, medical service or test in order to be qualified for payment. Workers Compensation Fraud Prevention Measures. How Prior Medical History Impacts a Workers' Compensation Claim. As a beneficial program for employees, workers’ compensation focuses on granting the benefits to workers who really deserve financial support, utilizing processes such as medical record review.

How Prior Medical History Impacts a Workers' Compensation Claim

Given the importance of medical records in determining workers’ compensation eligibility, injured workers must disclose their entire medical history including prior injuries or illnesses to the workers’ compensation doctor. This will help the doctor determine the best treatment for the worker. The records would also show whether the injured employee has earlier injuries to the body part injured in the current work accident or any pre-existing conditions such as hypertension or diabetes. Prior injuries have to be investigated because the insurer or employer may not be liable for payment of medical treatment for an injury that occurred before the accident at issue and/or did not occur in the course and scope of the worker’s employment. Find out the mechanism of injury. 7 Legal Issues Associated with Telemedicine Services.

7 Legal Issues Associated with Telemedicine Services Like traditional medicine, telehealth also involves medical chart reviews and other investigations.

7 Legal Issues Associated with Telemedicine Services

There are certain legal issues related to telemedicine. MOS Medical Record Reviews 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 918-221-7791 Telemedicine is a unique way to provide patient care, and as such it comes with distinctive legal challenges for telemedicine doctors. Like traditional medicine, telehealth care also involves medical chart reviews and other investigations to have a clear understanding of the patient’s medical history and specific health problems.

Its major advantage is that it offers a number of opportunities for efficient patient care. U.S. states have their own regulations regarding telehealth practices. 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page. Prescription Opioid Deaths a Major Concern in America. The United States is facing the serious issue of opioid overdose that continues to impact more individuals and families each year.

Prescription Opioid Deaths a Major Concern in America

Opioids constitute a class of drugs that include prescription drugs such as oxycodone, fentanyl, hydrocodone, codeine and morphine, as well as the illegal drug heroin. Though opioid deaths occur in addicts, the present concern is that of prescription painkillers being widely implicated in such deaths.

Doctors who prescribe opioids as pain medications without the proper indications or in inappropriate amounts and fail to follow up with the patients also contribute to opioid deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics show that by the year 2017, at least 47,600 deaths involving prescription or illicit opioids have been registered. In other words, opioid related deaths are much more than those caused by motor-vehicle injuries, infant mortality, alcohol, and firearms.

Ensure Accurate Anesthesia Records to Avoid Malpractice Risk. The anesthetic record is primarily a medical record and it is significant from the point of view of patient safety.

Ensure Accurate Anesthesia Records to Avoid Malpractice Risk

It is an important medico-legal document and also valuable for research and as a quality assurance tool. Just as other medical records, these documents prepared by anesthesiologists are also requested for medical records analysis during proceedings such as billing reviews by insurers, investigative proceedings in a personal injury case and so on. Ideally, the anesthetic record should contain accurate documentation of the anesthetic procedures, and allow a medico-legal expert to determine whether a clinician adhered to the accepted standard of care. It should help in the preparation of a proper defense in case a lawsuit arises.

If the anesthetic record is incomplete or unclear, it can have a negative impact. As a medical record, the documentation made by the anesthesiologist reflects the quality of care provided to the patient. Anesthesia Documentation Best Practices. Major Safety Concerns in the Workplace and How to Address Them. Workplace safety is among the most important considerations for any business, especially for the construction, manufacturing, transportation and waste management industries.

Major Safety Concerns in the Workplace and How to Address Them

Accidents to workers in these sectors could lead to serious injuries and could even turn fatal. Injuries/illnesses incurred in the workplace are compensable via the workers’ compensation program. The Prior Authorization Process – Important Facts to Understand. The Prior Authorization Process – Important Facts to Understand The prior authorization process requires a detailed medical charts review. There are some crucial facts to understand about this process. MOS Medical Record Reviews 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 918-221-7791 Pre-authorization, also termed pre-approval or prior authorization signifies a restriction imposed on certain health services, tests or medications by the health insurance company.

It requires the treating doctor to first check and be given permission before the health plan will cover the service or medication. Prior authorization helps both the physician and the insurer understand that the healthcare service is medically necessary for the patient. Warning Signs of Workers’ Compensation Fraud. Best Practices to Adopt When Hiring & Retaining Remote Workers.

Technological advancements and digitization have contributed to the increasing trend of remote workers, and many organizations now hire people working from remote locations. Remote work or telecommuting has distinctive advantages such as flexibility and vitality in operations. Employers recruiting remote workers may have questions regarding compliance with employment laws such as record keeping, notice requirements, break periods, and workers’ compensation among others. Remote workers also are prone to injuries when carrying out their jobs and this makes it necessary to have a remote worker compensation plan in keeping with the law. If an employee is injured while on the job, workers’ compensation kicks in with all due preliminary formalities such as medical records review and insurance peer review. Remote Worker Statistics A 2010 report published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics shows that around 24% of American workers perform some or all of their work from home.

How Are Maritime Workers Compensated for Injuries on the Job? Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical expenses and lost wages for workers injured on the job and those who have developed a job-related illness. Medical chart review is an important requirement in this regard. Typically, workers’ compensation benefits are paid by the employer or insurer. For maritime workers injured on the job, there is a difference. There are certain federal and state laws under general maritime law and the Jones Act that were formulated particularly for seamen, deckhands, crew workers, longshoremen, commercial fishermen and others in the maritime industry. Vessels have to maintain the expected safety standards so that people working on them are safe. Workers’ Compensation Facts to Know When Buying Coverage. Workers’ Compensation Facts to Know When Buying Coverage Workers’ compensation is paid based on medical chart reviews of injured workers.

Employers must know certain facts when buying coverage. MOS Medical Record Reviews 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 918-221-7791 Workers’ compensation insurance is necessary for all businesses to provide coverage to employees injured or taken ill while on the job. The benefits are given only after the genuineness of the injury is established by reviewing the relevant medical records preferably with the support of a medical chart review company. Legislation related to workers’ compensation benefits have changed considerably over the years and vary from one state to another.

Key Factors Impacting Personal Injury Settlement Amount. Medical Transcription Companies. Medical Malpractice Concerns Associated with Telemedicine. Medical malpractice is a major concern for physicians and typically they may not like to think about malpractice and the need to take malpractice insurance as a safety measure. If a malpractice case is filed against a physician, many medical-legal processes follow suit, including medical record retrieval and review. In this blog, we are looking at telemedicine and its associated medical malpractice risks. An emerging technology, telemedicine allows patients to use technology to obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan. According to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), telemedicine is a healthcare provider’s provision of services to a patient using telecommunications technology, where the patient and provider are in different locations.

Audio and video resources are used to enable patients to communicate with their healthcare providers in real time. American Telemedicine Association Guidelines. What Are the Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Claims? Workers Compensation Insurance Market to Witness Better Growth. Advantages of Using Telemedicine in the Workers’ Comp Industry. How to Identify Workers’ Comp Fraud & Prevent False Claims. Major Health Laws That Can Affect Physicians and Caregivers. The healthcare industry spans a vast field and providers are challenged by a number of legal issues, whether these are related to insurance and reimbursement, employment contracts, business structure and so on. The SSA’s Continuing Disability Review (CDR) – a Primer. Proposed Changes to Federal Substance Use Disorder Privacy Rules. Medical records of patients are highly sensitive documents, which have to be kept confidential.

Entities handling medical records including physicians, hospitals, other healthcare organizations, insurers and medical chart review companies are bound by the HIPAA and other regulations that protect the confidentiality of patients. However, severe restrictions related to sharing patient healthcare information could hamper the timely provision of medical care to patients who need it. It is in this context that the proposed rule issued by the U.S. Applying for Social Security - Here’s What to Know? 9 Categories of Workers Who May Not Get Social Security Benefits. 918-221-7791 9 Categories of Workers Who May Not Get Social Security Benefits MOS Legal Transcription Company 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 The SSA grants retirement and disability benefits, the latter involving a medical chart review. Learn about the 9 types of workers who may not qualify. MOS Medical Record Reviews 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 9 Categories of Workers Who May Not Get Social Security Benefits The SSA grants retirement and disability benefits, the latter involving a medical chart review.

Learn about the 9 types of workers who may not qualify. 918-221-7791 A federal government program, Social Security provides a source of income for you or your legal dependents such as spouse, children, or parents. Medical Chart Review. Some Legal Mistakes Physicians & Healthcare Providers Must Avoid. Physicians are often unaware of federal regulations that may apply to their practices as well as the healthcare organizations in which they participate. 7 Changes Coming to the Social Security Program in 2020. Legal Mistakes Businesses Make. How to Reduce Risk and Workers' Comp Claims in a Dental Practice.

Workers’ compensation claims can arise in dental offices just as in other job environments. Nursing Malpractice Elements and How to Avoid Them. How to Determine If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Was Wrongly Denied. Workers’ Comp & Other Insurance Are Vital for Solar Contractors. Medical Malpractice Cases - Important Legal Terms to Know. EHR related Medical Malpractice Risk. Workers’ Compensation for Farm/ Agricultural Workers. Why Do Medical Claims Get Denied? What Should You Do When They Are? Types of Evidences Required for a Product Liability Case. Medicare/Medicaid Coverage While Receiving Disability Benefits. Social Security Disability - Most Frequently Asked Questions. Employee Burnout Could Lead to Increased Workers’ Comp Claims. Medical Record Retrieval for Attorneys – Best Practices. Tips to Organize Paperwork Related to an Injury Claim. Can Your Social Security Disability Benefits Be Discontinued? Defending a Medical Malpractice Claim – Here’s What to Know. 5 Possible Changes to Social Security Benefits in 2020.

Major Stumbling Blocks that Impede Accurate Medical Chart Review. Insurance Peer Review - Reasons for Denial & the Appeals Process. Workers' Compensation for Employees in the Educational Sector. Medical Records Review – A Crucial Step in Preparing Auto Accident Cases. What Convenient Services Does the SSA Website Offer? How Crucial is Medical Records for Your Medical Malpractice Case? Best Practices for Preparing a Medical Case Chronology. Can I Work While Collecting Social Security Retirement Benefits? 10 Important Facts about CDR or Continuing Disability Review. Disability Insurance Awareness – Some Important Facts to Know. How long should I wait for Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits to be approved?

Maximizing the Compensation Amount for Personal Injury Claims. Workers' Compensation in a Gig Economy and What It Means for Workers. The Electronic Health Record – Challenges and Solutions. Product Liability vs. Medical Malpractice - What Is the Difference? 7 Tips to Maximize Your Personal Injury Compensation Amount. 5 Instances When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer's Support. Mass Tort Lawsuit - Here are the Most Frequently Asked Questions. How to Address Electronic Health Record Concerns Effectively. Key Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney. How Personal Injury Litigation Could Reduce Truck Accidents. Know These Key Points before You Apply for Social Security. Important Facts to Know about Workers’ Compensation Survivor Benefits. Important Facts to Know about the Workers' Compensation Program. What Does the Discovery Phase in a Personal Injury Case Involve? Workers’ Compensation vs. Federal Disability Retirement – Choosing between the Two.

How can someone get approved for social security disability. Top Signs that Help Employers Detect Workers' Compensation Fraud. EHRs Could Help Improve Preventive Care and Patient Outcomes. What You Can Do Online at the Social Security Administration Website. Frequently Asked Questions on Social Security Disability Claims. 4 Major Hurdles in the Way of Workers’ Comp Claim Processing. Can You Withdraw Your Social Security Benefits Application? Social Security Retirement Benefits vs Medicare Benefits. What Aspects to Consider If a Personal Injury Case Goes to Court. How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer - Consider These Factors [2019] Employers’ Rights Over Injured Workers’ Medical Records. Common Radiology Errors and How to Address Them Effectively. How do you apply for Social Security disability benefits? - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text.

Social Security Retirement Benefits - Myths and Facts. What Undocumented Workers Mean for Social Security. Healthcare Workers Prone to Increased Workplace Risk and Injury. What Are the Consequences of Misclassifying Your Employees? What Are Legacy Claims and How Can These Be Settled? Why the Electronic Health Record Continues to Have Pain Points for Physicians. What Factors to Consider when Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer. Are Medicare Set-asides required in Liability Cases? - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. How can a lawyer help to win Social Security Disability benefits? Social Media Monitoring May Be Utilized to Minimize SSDI Fraud.