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8 Simple Tips to Record and Document Family History. Family is the basic unit of society and writing your family’s history can help you preserve memories of people and events and pass them on to future generations.

8 Simple Tips to Record and Document Family History

With today’s multimedia tools, you can record digital interviews with family members and get the audio and video documented for archiving with the help of an audio transcription service provider. So how do you go about documenting family history? Here are 8 simple steps to help you manage your family history project: Know your Goals: To ensure that your project is manageable, define your goals. There are many reasons that prompt people to write their family history such as sharing their family legacy, passing down stories and experiences narrated by their grandparents, or documenting the history of a relative or a family, to name a few. Interviews are one of the most significant elements when it comes to writing family history. Growing Move to Virtual/Hybrid Annual General Meetings. Held yearly, the annual general meeting (AGM) provides shareholders the chance to raise issues and concerns with the directors of the company.

Growing Move to Virtual/Hybrid Annual General Meetings

The directors present a report on the company’s financial performance at the AGM and shareholders vote on matters at hand. Annual general meetings transcription ensures that the proceedings are accurately documented for sharing, reference, and reporting. Physical shareholder meetings are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a report from, the total number of meetings postponed or cancelled globally as of March 31, 2020 due to COVID-19 was about 557. The number of meetings that would be virtual-only or proxy-only stood at 560 in 2020, while this number stood at 286 for the entire 2019 calendar. Emergency legislation is bringing about major changes regarding the type of AGM companies can hold and when it can be held. 7 Reliable Tools to Record and Transcribe Meetings.

5 Top Legal Transcription Software Tools for Lawyers. Fully-searchable transcripts of detailed witness statements, depositions, investigations and pleadings, police reports, interrogations, and telephone recordings are important for lawyers handling personal injury, medical malpractice, worker’s compensation and other cases.

5 Top Legal Transcription Software Tools for Lawyers

Along with the use of audio transcription services provided by professional firms, legal firms are also relying on software programs and artificial intelligence (AI) to get clear transcripts. According to Future Market Insights, the global market for legal transcription is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 6% during 2019-2029. The report has highlighted that the adoption of legal transcription software is expected to increase to a new extent in the coming years. AI enables transcription software to achieve the fastest turnaround with the highest accuracy. Advanced Technologies Lawyers Can Use in Depositions and Trials. Along with handling the cases and preparing for trials, law firms have to deal with huge volumes of recorded data that needs to be transcribed.

Advanced Technologies Lawyers Can Use in Depositions and Trials

Professional legal transcription services are available to convert these audio and video recordings into accurate text files. With modern technology, litigation process can become more efficient and easier. Let us take a look at the top technological changes that have become an integral part of practicing law. Major Trends Law Firms Can Expect in 2021. As a company that provides legal transcription services, we keep a watch on the trends impacting the legal sector.

Major Trends Law Firms Can Expect in 2021

Like all other industries, legal practices have had their fair share of challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the situation remains uncertain, understanding the trends expected to shape the landscape can help law firms take steps to become more productive and efficient in 2021 and beyond. Increased Focus on Technology: Law firms are already using advanced technologies to work remotely, serve clients better and manage data and documents. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have changed the face of the law practice by replacing manual tasks such as documentation, legal research and more.

Check out Our Top 10 Blog Posts for the Year 2020. As an experienced legal transcription service provider, we assist legal as well as business entities including solicitors, attorneys, insurance firms, court recording companies, financial companies, media entities and management consultants with their transcription requirements.

Check out Our Top 10 Blog Posts for the Year 2020

We also focus on publishing blogs that are of interest to our valued clients, including those on the relevance of transcription for their specific businesses. Here’s a review of our top 10 informative blog posts for 2020. Best Video Conferencing Options for BusinessesMany popular free as well as paid video conferencing options are available for businesses and other work groups to collaborate, even during COVID-19. This post discusses some video conferencing tools such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, Webex and Slack.How to Improve Online TeachingWe did a post that shares six key ways for teachers to improve their online teaching methods and skills.

How Switching to Electronic Documentation can Benefit Law Firms. Law firms handle large volumes of data and documents, which underlines the significance of good document management practices.

How Switching to Electronic Documentation can Benefit Law Firms

From pleadings, case files, contracts, to other client and legal records, attorneys and their staff need to be able instant access to required information. It’s high time law firms said goodbye to paper files and switched to electronic documentation, say industry experts. According to a recent report, the COVID-19 pandemic could be a catalyst for a paperless law office. Legal transcription services can play a key role in the transition process. Document management is law firms can made simpler and more efficient by following basic organizational procedures. 6 Tips to Bring the Festive Cheer into Your Drab Workplace. Law firms are among the busiest organizations out there.

6 Tips to Bring the Festive Cheer into Your Drab Workplace

Making the functioning of law firms and attorneys easier is what legal transcription services by MOS offer. With important documents transcribed efficiently, law firms can streamline their performance and save costs. One of the most important aspects of efficiency is motivation, which can get low during the festive season when the desire for holidaying is high. How Digital Tools are Reshaping Business Reporting Processes. Business reports are critical tools for enterprises of all sizes and across multiple industries.

How Digital Tools are Reshaping Business Reporting Processes

The goal of business reporting is to provide an accurate picture of how a company’s overall health and how it is performing in different areas. Tracking progress and developments over time can identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. There are different types of business reports such as annual reports, marketing reports, inventory reports and more. What are the Key Challenges faced when doing Global Market Research?

According to a First Research Inc. report, the global market research industry earns $45 billion in revenue each year.

What are the Key Challenges faced when doing Global Market Research?

Investopedia defines market research as the “process of determining the viability of a new service or product through research conducted directly with potential customers”. Market research companies design and execute qualitative and quantitative studies using focus groups, questionnaires, individual interviews and surveys to gather information on specific markets, interpret it, and help companies make good decisions that give them a competitive edge. Business transcription services play a significant role in the process by ensuring that the audio recordings of these interactions are converted into accurate data for analysis and interpretation by market research analysts.

A recent article discusses the critical role of the market research industry in 2021. “Companies will have to get ever closer to the consumer in 2021. How Lawyers Can Leverage Social Media to Build Connections and Trust. Social media plays a vital role in helping businesses build a positive web presence, improve relationships with customers and stay competitive in the digital world. Supported by general business transcription service providers, companies are using social media for marketing, advertising, employee recruitment and overall communications with employees, clients, and partners.

In fact, today, there is hardly any business that doesn’t use and benefit from social media. 8 Top Unified Communications Features That Support Remote Collaboration. What are The Key Factors affecting Audio Transcription Time? Transcription of audio recordings should accurate, complete and provide an objective representation of the original spoken words. If you are considering hiring an audio transcription service, you should know that there are many factors that can affect the quality of the work and the time taken to complete it. In fact, planning the recording of interviews, meetings, and other events is crucial to ensure successful and timely transcription. 5 Top Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home. More than seven months have passed since companies switched to work-from-home policies to keep going as the pandemic changed our lives.

Fortunately, strategies like video meetings supported by digital transcription services are helping organizations to communicate with their employees seamlessly and get work done. However, for many people, working from the bed or kitchen counter that’s too high or too low has led to back, neck and shoulder pain and other musculoskeletal problems. Making some simple modifications to your working arrangements at home can help you stay productive, injury free and healthy.

The common reasons for neck and back pain or sore wrists and fingers is poor ergonomics when you’re seated in front of your computer or laptop. 6 Best Practices for Successful Digital Court Reporting. How Video Boosts Real Estate Marketing. In the new normal, all industries are exploring creative strategies to ensure that growth is not disrupted.

Digital solutions, including digital transcription services, are helping businesses meet the rising demand for virtual options by customers. The real estate industry is facing unique challenges with an uncertain property market, offices forced to close and in-person property viewings banned real estate agents, according to a recent report from In this context, video marketing is growing in importance as an effective digital marketing strategy for real estate professionals to get their message across and close more sales. Document Management Tips on how to Efficiency of Law Firms. As remote hearings increase during the new normal, efficient electronic document management is critical for the legal industry.

Lawyers deal with volumes of information and the challenge is to manage legal documents efficiently and securely. With a legal transcription service, lawyers can ensure that audio recordings of briefs, correspondence, court proceedings, depositions, and other legal events are accurately transcribed while saving substantial amounts of time on documentation. However, along with preparing persuasive arguments, success with remote hearings depends on presenting excellent electronic documents. The key data and document management concerns that lawyers face, according to enterprise software developer Aimprosoft, are: 4 Strategies for Writing Effective Meeting Notes. Is it Safe to Depend on Online Transcription Services? Transcription was a manual tedious process earlier, which has considerably evolved and become more efficient with the availability of transcription software tools. However, for top-quality output, human intervention is vital in transcription. Affordable transcription services are available for business, legal, academic, media, and other such fields that will help improve the efficiency and accuracy of documentation.

How to Create a Professional Podcast and Build Engagement. How Digital Transcription Supports Social Media Marketing. Social media is proving one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses during the pandemic. Courts Rely on AI-enabled Transcription during COVID 19. As a legal transcription company assisting attorneys, we are aware how the legal sector is struggling to adjust during this pandemic. Lawyers handle a number of legal materials that include briefs, letters, summons, sworn statements, interviews, jury instructions, administrative hearings, deposition and so on. Many legal proceedings are in recorded form, which need to be transcribed in a timely manner so that the documentation part is streamlined.

The impact of COVID 19 has been severe in all aspects of the economy. Microsoft Word’s New Built-in Transcription Feature. Businesses use digital transcription services to convert bulk audio recordings of interviews, meetings, or calls into well-formatted text documents. There are several innovative tools that transcribe audio into text. The latest is Microsoft Word’s built-in transcription feature, Transcribe in Word. Available exclusively for Microsoft 365 subscribers, this new option can automatically capture an entire conversation or meeting with multiple speakers into text, ready for inclusion in a document. Best Strategies To Conduct Meetings And Write Effective Meeting Notes. How Academic Transcripts Are Beneficial for Students and Academics. The process of converting an academic audio or video file into text is called academic transcription. Three Different Ways to Transcribe Your Podcast Efficiently.

Podcasts are digital audio files that the users can listen to whenever they want. Six Strategies to Boost Collaboration in Remote Work. Tips to Improve Online Teaching Methods. Is Social Distancing Fuelling Tech Adoption for Court Reporting? Top Tips for Improving Online Teaching Methods. How to Effectively Evaluate Candidates in a Virtual Interview. Businesses have entered a new era of virtual workplaces and remote hiring.

With globalization, many organizations already had teams spread across the world and managing remote workers became the norm. Today, in addition to working remotely, recruitment and interviewing have gone virtual. Interviews are conducted on Zoom, WebEx, and Teams, recorded, and documented with the help of a digital transcription service provider. Employers reference and review that transcripts to make the hiring decision. Online Research Interviews - Advantages and Top Tools. The ongoing pandemic has impacted all activities. The academic world is also facing specific changes and challenges. 8 Tips for Using Podcasts as a Marketing Tool. Transcribe Zoom Meetings with Business Transcription Services.

8 Best Audio to Text Transcription Apps to Make Your Work Easier. Tips for Successful Video Interviews During Times of Social Distancing. Best Practices for the Success of Digital Court Reporting. Technology Options Lawyers Can Use in Depositions and Trials. Is Artificial Intelligence Important in Courtroom Transcription? 7 Call Transcription Tools to Record and Transcribe Meetings. Relevancy of Closed Captioning and How to Do it Right. Video Conferencing from Home: 9 Mistakes to Avoid. Follow these Expert Tips for Video Conferencing Security. How to Use Visuals Effectively in Virtual Meetings -5 Strategies. Role of Speech Recognition Technology in Expanding Learning Opportunities. Transcribe Your Podcasts and Reach out to More Listeners. Tips to Improve the Quality and Speed of Transcription.

Six Tips for Conducting Real-time Online Focus Groups. Best Practices to Conduct Effective Marketing Meetings. Webinars - The Ideal Way to Get Complex Messages Across Effectively. Accurate Deposition Transcription Services. Follow these Expert Tips to Ace a Virtual Presentation. 8 Elements of Unified Communications that Support Remote Collaboration. Ways to Avoid Common Presentation Mistakes. Role of Speech Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement. Tips to Motivate Your Team Members during Meetings. How to Create Accessible Videos for Educational Purposes. Best Practices to Conduct a Meeting and Write Effective Notes. Top Tips for MBA Entrance Essay writing. Why and How to Transcribe Podcasts Accurately. How Timestamps Improve The Quality And Value Of Transcription. Get Quality Conference Call Transcription. Best Practices to Write Minutes for Business Meetings. Six Best Tools to Conduct Virtual Business Meetings.

Significance of Accurate Transcription For Personal Injury Lawyers. 8 At-Home Video Conferencing Mistakes - How to Avoid? 6 Best Practices for Running Effective Virtual Meetings. How to Conduct Effective Arbitrations. 8 Virtual Communication Tools to Keep Your Business on Track. Keeping Data in Cloud Storage Safe as Cloud Computing Grows. How to Repurpose Video Content with Transcription and Other Strategies. Video Conference Recording and Storage May have Legal Implications.

How Small Businesses Prepare for and Implement Digital Transformation. Strategies to Prepare for the Post COVID-19 Business Scenario. What Makes Our Service Special? How Lawyers Can Use Video conferencing to Communicate During COVID 19. Manual Transcription Vs Automatic Transcription: Which Is the Better? Google Aims at Enhancing Live Translation of Virtual Meetings.

How Speech Recognition Technology Can Expand Learning Opportunities. Key Tips to Make Your Business Stand Apart from the Crowd. Remote Hearings and Depositions - How to Manage them Effectively. New Technologies That Lawyers Should Use in Depositions and Trials. Global Legal Transcription Market Analysis and Forecast, 2020-2025. Top Strategies to Improve Online Teaching Methods. Will Virtual Meetings Become the Norm Even After COVID-19? Audio Transcription Services. Choosing a Legal Document Management System Top Considerations. Recording Business Meetings on Different Video Conferencing Platforms. Online Classes’ Transcription for a Better Learning Experience (1) Remote Court Proceedings increase with Social Distancing Measures. Our Audio Transcription Process. Getting COVID-19 Pandemic News to the Deaf Community. How Business Transcription Services can Support Market Research. Why it is Important to Add Closed Captions to Videos.

How AI and Machine Learning are raising the Bar in the Legal Industry. Some of the Best Video Conferencing Options for Businesses. Why Human Intervention May Be Needed in Automated Transcription. How to Conduct Effective Arbitrations [INFOGRAPHIC] Some Of The Free Transcription Software For Business in 2020.