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MOS Legal Transcription Service

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service is a legal transcription company providing quality legal transcription services for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, law companies, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the US.

Tips to Increase Billable Time and Boost Productivity in a Law Office. For lawyers, time is money.

Tips to Increase Billable Time and Boost Productivity in a Law Office

That means it pays for lawyers to have the right tools and options to increase billable time and efficiency. Legal transcription services play an important role here, allowing lawyers to get the voice records of their digital dictation transcribed in time to meet their deadlines. Today, lawyers are using their smartphones to record their dictation, and technology has transformed these dictation devices into robust office tools. There are many ways to boost productivity in a law office: Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on practicing law: This is the new productivity mantra. With a reliable legal transcription service provider, lawyers are ensured of high quality transcripts of arbitrations, depositions, case hearings, court proceedings, briefs, legal pleadings and more.

Tips to Make Your Video Stand Out with Special Effects. Video has become a great marketing tool as YouTube and digital cameras have greatly expanded the reach of video on the web.

Tips to Make Your Video Stand Out with Special Effects

A video transcription service provider can convert the audio in videos to searchable text so that users can easily find your videos online. A really good video is one that captures the viewer’s attention until the very end and leaves them looking forward to more. Conducting Job Interviews – Key Considerations and Mistakes to Avoid. Legal Transcription Outsourcing to Maintain Technological Competence.

Technology has vastly changed the legal profession.

Legal Transcription Outsourcing to Maintain Technological Competence

Today, lawyers need to know how to apply technology in their practice which includes use of tools such as case and document management software, billing software, email, MS Word, and more. Legal transcription outsourcing helps to a great extent as it enables lawyers to get audio and video recordings of various events, activities, and proceedings accurately documented in the required electronic format. In the past, attorneys were considered competent if they had extensive knowledge in their specialized area and the ability to successfully represent their client in a particular case.

However, technological advancement has brought in a new definition of competency. Technologically proficiency is not just desirable but also necessary for lawyers. Tips for Delivering Great Presentations and Engaging Your Audience. Top Tips for Ensuring Success with the Dissertation Writing. A good dissertation is one that demonstrates a student’s capacity to carry out original, independent research.

Top Tips for Ensuring Success with the Dissertation Writing

However, no matter how many essays or papers you have written, completing a dissertation can seem daunting. While dissertation transcription services are available to support you in preparing the project, initiating it and writing the final paper requires proper planning. Here are some top tips for success with dissertation writing.

Choose a good topic that is delimited: There’s no room for vagueness here. So select an interesting topic with a clear research question. Security Still a Concern around Confidential Documents, Study Reports. The departments within an enterprise generate a wide range of confidential documents including financial data, employee records, legal documents, business contracts and agreements, trade secrets and intellectual property, business, marketing and sales plans.

Security Still a Concern around Confidential Documents, Study Reports

Similarly, companies offering outsourcing solutions like legal transcription services may have to deal with diverse sensitive legal documents such as briefs, court proceedings, insurance documents and more. Even with advanced documentation solutions, reports say that document security is still a concern in organizations. A recent report from Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network points out that it is critical for most organizations today to improve security practices surrounding confidential documents. Data Management Challenges in the Insurance Industry - Can Outsourcing Transcription Help? Know How to Prepare Well for Your Telephone Interview. Telephone interviews are often conducted by employers during the hiring process.

Know How to Prepare Well for Your Telephone Interview

These are usually transcribed for more detailed review and later reference with the help of interview transcription providers. The telephone interview allows both interviewee and interviewer to be more relaxed. With the increase in the number of call centers and other telephone-based businesses, a larger number of companies use telephone interviews to evaluate the telephone manners and other skills of potential staff. Telephone interviews are a quick and easy method to identify good candidates and are often conducted by employers including large banks and accounting firms that typically have large intakes of staff. When there is a long list of candidates, a telephone interview is a quick process of elimination of unsuitable candidates. Enhance Your Social Video with Captions using SRT Files.

Videos on social media platforms allow people to receive news, entertainment and information that specifically cater to their interests.

Enhance Your Social Video with Captions using SRT Files

Moreover, videos are a key marketing tool for all types of businesses. Video transcription service providers create a text version of the words spoken in videos, a process that involves viewing and listening to the video and converting the audio content into text along with suitable captions. Advanced Technology and Automation in Business Offices and Its Social Impact. Reid Technique of Police Interrogation May Be on its Way Out. Police interrogations involve direct questioning of subjects to elicit a confession in a criminal investigation.

Reid Technique of Police Interrogation May Be on its Way Out

Experienced interview transcription providers deliver error-free verbatim documentation of police interrogations. Police interrogations transcription involves conversion of the audio and video recordings of the interview, which helps investigators and law officials make informed decisions based on what the suspect said. A recent report in the Washington Times has put the spotlight on these interrogations. According to the report, the widely used Reid technique of police interrogations may be on its way out. The main aim of the police interrogation is to wear suspects down. The big question is: are interrogations successful? First, the suspect is taken into custody and brought to the interrogation room. However, experts have questioned the efficacy of the Reid technique and the confessions that are elicited. Finding Success with Depositions - Expert Tips for Lawyers. Why Fraud Insurance Is Indispensable in This Digital Age.

Businesses may need to file insurance claims for loss or damage of property, and the entire claims processing could be a complex and long-drawn out one.

Why Fraud Insurance Is Indispensable in This Digital Age

Insurance transcription involves transcription of recorded conversations regarding insurance claims that is needed for claims processing, legal purposes, and future reference. A common form of insurance claim made by businesses is that related to employee fraud. Organizations use professional transcription services to transcribe their claims related recordings into comprehensive transcripts that help adjusters and fraud investigators evaluate insurance claims. Employee Fraud – a Major Issue According to the US Chamber of Commerce, American companies lose between $20 billion and $40 billion each year due to employee theft.

The Sedgwick County Example A typical example of employee fraud, misappropriation of funds, is that which occurred in Sedgwick County recently. Unfortunately, a large percent of employee fraud goes undetected. Learn Few Tips to Develop and Write an Impressive Essay. Academic transcription companies are a big support for students, helping them transcribe audio and video recordings of interviews for their research projects and essay writing assignments.

Learn Few Tips to Develop and Write an Impressive Essay

One major challenge that many students face is how to organize their ideas and thoughts and put them down to produce a good essay. Here are some tips to write a good essay: Be a passionate writer: The first rule is to be a passionate writer. Take Fan Yusu, for example. When this poor 44-year-old migrant worker wrote a revealing essay about her hardships and posted it on a social media literary site, little did she know that it would attract 100.000 shares and more than 20,000 comments. Remember that honesty is the best policy even when you’re writing. Improved Connectivity a Major Requirement for Efficient Insurance Data Management. Given that data and accurate data exchange is crucial in the insurance industry, stakeholders in this sector including insurers, brokers, and general transcription companies providing insurance transcription are evaluating innovative ways in which information can be communicated, managed, used and shared. This becomes especially important with the immense potential being offered by evolving technology, and the changing expectations of insurance buyers regarding the way in which insurance processes are done.

Looking at the changes technology is bringing to the insurance sector, we find that major transformations are being made within the core systems in many insurance companies. At present, what is needed is software that is flexible and ensures lean analytics. This calls for the use of agile, modular installations using innovative project management ideas. The issue is more pronounced with regard to existing policies that may need to incorporate the endorsements and changes introduced. Tips to Transcribe Documentary Interviews. Stanford's Electronic Research Submission touches Milestone of 5,000. With the developments in digital publication platforms, many universities require students to submit their dissertation in electronic format.

Dissertation transcription services go a long way in supporting students’ efforts to produce an electronic thesis or dissertation by ensuring error-free transcripts of dissertation interviews. Such efforts pay off when their work is recognized as meeting the level of quality that their institution expects. Stanford recently announced that its valuable collection of electronic theses and dissertations has topped the 5,000 mark.

A digital dissertation can range from a fully interactive website online to a conventional book-length text along with a searchable catalog of images. Stanford students submit theses and dissertations electronically under a free program offered by Stanford University Libraries and the Office of the University Registrar. Each year, about 700 electronic theses and dissertations enter Stanford University’s online collection. Innovative Speech-to-Text Dictation Tools for Lawyers. Today, lawyers are no longer tied down to their desks. Advanced technology and legal transcription service providers ensure that even lawyers in small firms get accurate and timely digital records of their dictated files which they can access anytime, from any location.

Innovative speech-to-text dictation tools transform speech into text quickly, helping legal professionals improve productivity and efficiency. Here is a brief review of the recommendations from Above the Law along with some tips for success with voice dictation: Apple dictation: Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant lets you take notes from across the room or in the car. How Voice Recognition Software Can Help Businesses Boost Productivity. (800) 670 2809 Many organizations rely on general transcripti on services for transcribing their business event re cordings such as those of seminars, conferences or meetings into error-free transcripts. Creating Multipurpose Content from Video - Creative Tips. Video has become a key component of online marketing. To make videos work for you, you need to maximize the value of the content. While an expert video transcription service provider can provide quality transcripts to support your videos, creating high quality content that can serve multiple purposes is necessary. In today’s competitive scenario, video production involves creating content in various formats – from short videos to clippings that can be modified for social media posts, podcasts, mobile devices, and other mediums.

Oral History Transcription – Some Important Guidelines. (800) 670 2809. Interview Transcription - How It Benefits Researchers. Useful Tips to Conduct a Productive Business Meeting. Court Reporters – Aren’t They the Unsung Players in a Court? (800) 670 2809. Body-Cam Transcription – A New Legal Transcription Requirement? A new legal transcription service opportunity is in the news – body camera transcription. Minnesota Lawyer recently reported on the demand for this service, which is the result of the widespread and expanding use of police body cameras. According to the report, the Minnesota Judicial Branch conveyed that five of the nine Minnesota judicial districts have administrative orders or policies in place requiring transcripts of all video or audio evidence before it can be introduced in trial. The perceived benefits of using body-worn cameras by law enforcement include better evidence documentation and increased accountability and transparency.

Video recording systems worn by the police record their interactions with the public and collect visual evidence at crime scenes. Other benefits include: Academic Transcription Services and other Key Strategies for Success with Your PhD Thesis. Tips to Improve Conference Calls and Participant Engagement. By connecting three or more people in different geographic locations, conference calls have improved business communications. Conference call transcription services ensure documentation of conference call recordings, allowing the content to be archived, accessed, and shared. Today, it’s not only businesses that are using this communication tool.

The Christian Science Monitor recently reported that several Republican lawmakers are avoiding town hall meetings and using “tele-town halls” to communicate with their constituents, citing concerns about protests that interrupt live events. Useful as it is, there are many factors that can distort conference calls, make them ineffective, and affect meeting transcription quality.

Why You Should Choose YouTube over Conference Calls. Business transcription agencies provide documentation solutions for various corporate activities and events, including conference calls and meetings. How Verbatim Transcription Is Useful. (800) 670 2809. Proposal to Replace Court Reporters with Digital Recorders. Court reporters capture legal proceedings such as depositions, hearings and other events and get them transcribed verbatim. Seven Essential Tips to Keep in Mind for Effective Business Writing. Why Is Interview Transcription Important? Proper Witness Preparation Crucial for an Effective Deposition. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Tips for Conducting a Productive Corporate Meeting. Digital Transcription Service A Key Tool for Quality Bulk Content. Tips to Effectively Present Your Business Proposal to Your Clients. What to Look for When Hiring an Academic Transcription Service.

Quadriplegic Turns Brother's Transcripts into an Autobiography. 4 Rules of Verbatim Transcription and Its Importance in Qualitative Research. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Why Videos with Transcripts and Captions are Great Educational Tools. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Tips to Create Winning Content for Your Business Podcast. Why Students Opt for Dissertation Writing Services. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Law Firms get Faster Case Review through Legal Transcription Services. General Transcription Providers. 5 Quick Tips for Holding a Successful Online Business Meeting. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text.

Benefits of Insurance Transcription Services. Transcription Error Cost Man a Year in Jail and $300,000 as Legal Fees. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Expanding Non-voice Components like Transcription Key for BPO Success. 5 Essential Transcription Tools and Apps for Journalists. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Essential Tips to Conduct a Productive Business Meeting. How Can General Transcription Service Help Businesses? - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Ensure Quality Interview Transcription with the Right Audio Recording Strategy. Conducting, Recording and Transcribing Job Interviews. Importance of Transcribing Business Meetings and Events. Common Issues to Avoid While Managing Quality Business Transcription Services. How to Improve Quality and TAT of Your Transcription Service. Interview Transcription and Its Relevance in Research. UN Introduces New Media Transcription Tool. Significance of Transcribing Your Audio Recordings. Legal Transcription Outsourcing.

MOS Legal Transcription Services - Get a Free Trial Today. 3 Useful Tips for Effective Recording of Research Interviews. Speech Recognition Technology for Academic Transcripts. Digital Courtroom and Legal Transcription Issues - Report. Verbatim Vs Non Verbatim Transcription – What is the Difference. Breakthrough Advancements take Court Reporting to a New Level. Innovative Portals taking Litigation Management to a Secure Cloud. Role of Deposition Recordings Transcription in Winning Lawsuits. How Legal Firms Use Modern Technology for Competitive Advantage.

Importance of Recording and Transcription of Social Care Meetings. Importance of Post-Production Transcription in Video Production. How Audio Transcripts Enhance Accessibility to eLearning Content. Where Can You Find Transcriptions Of Earnings Calls? Best Practices To Speed Up Your Transcription Turnaround Time.

Common Grammatical and Vocabulary Errors in Transcription. 3 Ways Audio Transcription Services Can Help the Insurance Industry. 5 Major Advantages of Insurance Transcription. How to Record a Classroom Lecture Effectively. Importance of Conference Transcription Service. Important Measures to Ensure Good Quality Audio Transcription. How Legal Transcription Services Ensure High Quality Transcription.

Legal Transcription Service by MOS

Create Effective Meeting Notes with Business Transcription Services. Legal Transcription Service for Law Firms. Useful Tips for Effective Oral History Interview Transcription. Qualitative Research Transcription – Important Considerations. Medicaid Fraud Revealed After Attorney General Investigation. Video Depositions with Transcript Syncing. Court Proceedings: Presenting Audio and Video Evidence. Legal Transcription for Product Liability Attorneys.

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