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MOS Legal Transcription Service

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service is a legal transcription company providing quality legal transcription services for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, law companies, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the US.

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LTS PDF & Articles. LTS Image. Legal Transcription Company. Legal Transcription Services. What IT Employers Look for in Prospective Employees. Learn How to Improve Business Productivity by Delegating. Delegating work effectively is the key to saving precious time and increasing business productivity.

Learn How to Improve Business Productivity by Delegating

Knowing how to delegate work is an important management skill. Delegation means building teams to share the workload so that you can focus on what you can personally manage. For instance, business transcription services are a typical example of successful delegation of the task of producing standard documentation from audio recordings of various activities to a skilled virtual team. Within the workplace, proper delegation provides for team development, builds motivation, and gets work done in less time.

What does delegation mean? Managers who do not understand the importance of delegation shy away from assigning tasks to employees because they believe that others cannot do the work as well as they can. Success with delegation depends on assigning the right work to the right people. Classroom Lectures - To Record or Not to Record? Lecture capture along with audio transcription services are a useful tool for students as it allows them to revisit the material for study at their convenience.

Classroom Lectures - To Record or Not to Record?

Having access to a video helps them revert to complex materials and understand challenging concepts. Both professors and students can record lectures. However, a new Swinburne-based study has found that though students widely support this strategy, academics are skeptical about the practice of recording lectures in classrooms. According to another report, Grand Valley State University (GVSH), a public liberal arts university located in Michigan, has announced that students do not have a right to record lectures in the classroom without permission from their professors. How to Plan and Write an Impressive, Winning Dissertation. 9 Interview Questions that Hiring Managers Should Avoid. There is a strong emphasis on the hiring process in great organizations and hiring managers face the daunting task of conducting job interviews to hire the right candidate.

9 Interview Questions that Hiring Managers Should Avoid

Interview transcription services allow them to convert the recorded session into text format and reference it later to make the right decision. According to a recent Forbes article, the best interviews are conversations. The interrogatory style with a structured script is no longer the best way to conduct a job interview. Trite, pointless and insulting interview questions can only put off candidates and kill your company’s employer brand. Moreover, interview formats have changed drastically over time and managers need to be well aware of the questions they should NOT ask. Race, ethnicity, color, country of origin, or birthplace: Avoid questions relating to birthplace, race, ethnicity or religious affiliation. Audio transcription services can ensure a word-for-word report of the interview, so that nothing is missed. How to Optimize the Interview Process and Find Good Candidates. Linguistic Research of Earnings Calls Transcripts Provides Important Clues. Fix Poor Quality Conference Calls - Ensure a Successful Audio Conference.

Conference calls are of great use for any business.

Fix Poor Quality Conference Calls - Ensure a Successful Audio Conference

It is a flexible way to get in touch with your team. Conference calls help to build engagement and trust among people across the globe and bring people together for a specific task from different locations. By having a recording of the meeting you can capture the moment and later transcribe it for future use and reference. Most businesses communicate with their partners, associates and staffs at different locations using conference calls. Tips to Write an Impressive Dissertation. Tips to Promote Effective Communication in the Workplace. Communicating effectively can make a huge difference in your relationships at work, improve teamwork and productivity, and enhance your social and emotional health.

Tips to Promote Effective Communication in the Workplace

There are many strategies to improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills. One effective way is to record yourself and improve upon the way you talk. You can also study good speakers or communicators by watching them live, and listening to recordings of their talks. Going through the audio transcription files of lectures or meetings will also help you understand how the speakers got their message across. A Bustle article on communication tips from experts cites motivational speaker and coach Jill Haseltine as saying, “Listen to the types of language they use, the way they move their body, and the tone in which they speak.

Tips to Conduct Effective Conference Calls. Copying/Cutting and Pasting Errors are a Bane for Lawyers. Dictation and legal transcription services are widely accepted as solution to ensuring high quality, timely legal documentation.

Copying/Cutting and Pasting Errors are a Bane for Lawyers

They help lawyers avoid many errors including those caused by the practice of ‘copy and paste’. Recent reports show how copying and pasting from earlier works and other documents can be a bane for lawyers. In fact, a Nigerian lawyer told that one of the mistakes he made in his early days in practice that he would never repeat was the habit of ‘copy and paste’. “I have had to withdraw court processes after filling them in court because of this kind of mistake,” he said. Copy and paste is one of the most widely used functions of a computer and a useful one when combined with other shortcut tools. How to Efficiently Conduct Business Meetings at Home. There are many home-based businesses that are run by enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and these enterprises also require business meetings with clients and partners on a regular basis.

How to Efficiently Conduct Business Meetings at Home

It is during such meetings that many critical decisions are made that propel the growth of the company. The agenda of the meeting could be project execution, financial planning or discussion of important strategies and new ideas. Home-based businesses just as other businesses utilize meeting transcription services provided by a general transcription company to maintain a record of the proceedings for reference and later use. Today, many companies are promoting work from home. Employers have been increasingly offering their employees the opportunity to work from home or telecommute on either a full-time or part-time basis. Google's Project Aristotle Reveals Traits of a Successful Team. Studies have found that teams are more productive than individuals working by themselves and that good teamwork can lead to product innovation, better results, and higher job satisfaction.

Google's Project Aristotle Reveals Traits of a Successful Team

Team meetings are an important tool for managing collaborative tasks and productivity, and team meeting transcription allows managers review the interactions and understand how meetings can be used more effectively to exchange ideas and solve problems. Working efficiently as a team is necessary to ensure that your business achieves its goals and objectives. But what goes into making a successful team? The aim of Google’s Project Aristotle launched in 2012 was to discover this.

Google spent two years studying its teams and identified five traits that successful teams shared – dependability, structure and clarity, meaning, impact, and psychological safety. Tips to Conduct Effective Conference Calls. Digital Transcription Service – A Key Tool to Create High Quality Bulk Content. Tips for Creating and Hosting a Productive Webinar. Webinars have emerged as an effective tool for experts in a specific field to share information.

Tips for Creating and Hosting a Productive Webinar

Digital transcription agencies convert the content of the presentation into text, making it accessible to a wider audience. Businesses host webinars in the form of events, presentations, and training for far-flung customers or a remote workforce. A well-recorded video/audio training session with the right visuals and graphics along with methods for real-time interaction can be a truly cost-efficient tool.

There are small business management webinars, Facebook and Instagram free marketing webinars for business, and social media webinars. The exciting Know your Sun webseries hosted by the National Solar Observatory (NSO) provided information about cutting-edge research in the field of solar science and what happens during the eclipse, and even gave kids and adults fun ideas to engage in the eclipse. Many organizations have used interactive videos effectively. How to Plan and Write an Impressive, Winning Dissertation.

Writing a dissertation requires a deep sense of dedication.

How to Plan and Write an Impressive, Winning Dissertation

Students need to overcome various challenges such as time pressures, learning new skills/techniques, collecting data, researching the topic, and handling dissertation transcription. Your dissertation should contribute to knowledge in the field, demonstrate your research abilities, and show your proficiency in your area of specialization. Here are some tips that can help you succeed in your dissertation project: Choose a topic you are passionate about: It’s important that your research is focused on something you are seriously interested in and have personal knowledge about. Tips for Scholars Writing for the General Public. How can Focus Groups be Used as Marketing Strategy for Business. Focus groups have emerged as an effective and affordable marketing tool for businesses. It allows organizations to collect qualitative information about a product or service from a large number of respondents.

How to Improve the Productivity of Business Conference Calls. Conference calls and conference call transcription are being increasingly adopted by businesses looking to cut down on travel while keeping productivity levels high. This working strategy is also an environment-friendly one because it contributes to reduced carbon emission. Conference calls and remote meetings have become a crucial part of everyday business activities. They become useful when decisions need to be made quickly or when a matter needs immediate attention. In fact, conference calls can be made at affordable rates, and this adds to their practical appeal. Globalization, flexible working, and productivity improvement are all forces that have led to growth in the sector. Strategies to write a good conclusion for your University Dissertation. Demand for Human Skills revives Live Court Reporting. Live court reporting requires specialized skills.

Court reporters are trained in shorthand and are constantly striving to improve their ability to type at higher speeds and rates of accuracy. Present in court, these professionals focus on producing accurate, impartial, and timely transcripts of trials and other proceedings. Only expert transcriptionists in legal transcription companies have comparable skills. Budget cuts in the 1990s prompted courts to switch to electronic recorders. However, WCBI recently reported that the state of Mississippi is experiencing a shortage of court reporters and that judges are ruing this shortage as they are having a hard time in court.

Audio Recorders vs. Tape recorders and court stenographers coexisted without much friction until the 1990s when Supreme Court judges began considering replacing humans with technology in the courtroom. Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce Effectively. Working with remote teams is commonplace in today’s global economy and business transcription agencies help companies maintain accurate records of meetings and other interactions with their far-flung workforce. Managing and working with people that you don’t meet in person and those you see face to face is quite different. Here are some tips from experts on how to work with a virtual team: Make sure you have the right people on your remote team: Some employees do better in a conventional work environment where they can interact with their colleagues.

Email Etiquette – Tips to Look More Professional. Tips for Scholars Writing for the General Public. Most Law Firms Not Compliant with Cyber Security Policies, Says Study. Based on recent news and reports, it is evident that cyber attacks against law firms are on the rise. Most law firms have to deal with enormous amounts of valuable data ranging from corporate intellectual property and strategy documents to sensitive government secrets and more. But, are U.S. law firms cyber secure? No, says a LogicForce survey report. 95% of assessments conducted by LogicForce show that law firms are not compliant with their data governance and cyber security policies. Even when considering legal transcription outsourcing, legal entities should have a clear idea of the partnering company’s security measures to protect their data. Benefits of Recording and Transcribing Lectures.

Data Analytics can help Organizations Boost Meeting Productivity. In their recent book on how organizations can enhance team productivity, authors Michael C Mankin and Eric Garton report that senior executives spend the equivalent of two days a week in meetings, and that an organization typically spends 15% of its collective time in meetings. A Bain & Company study of time budgeting in large corporations found that a single weekly meeting of midlevel managers cost an organization $15 million a year. Simple Strategies for Conducting Successful Video Interviews. How to Research Effectively and Produce Good Content. How to Efficiently Conduct a Business Virtual Meeting. Meetings are essential criteria for any business and many crucial decisions are made during such meetings that propel the growth of the company.

Nowadays, virtual business meetings have become more common with employees working from different locations. Whatever be the type of meeting, business transcription services are utilized to maintain an accurate textual record of the meetings. Launching a Podcast - Eight Tips to Help You Succeed. Focus Groups And Its Importance For Trial Attorneys. Implications of Formal Opinion 477 and Legal Transcripts. Essential Tips for Improving Business Productivity. Depositions & Deposition Transcription Can Help to Win a Case. Deposition transcription plays a crucial role in the legal industry. Conference Call Transcription - How Important Is It for Business? Writing for the General Public – Useful Tips for Scholars. Scientists conduct research by conducting experiments and gathering information through surveys, literature review, and relying on academic transcription companies to get recordings of interviews transcribed into written form. Significance of Transcribing Your Videos and Adding Captions.

How to Conduct a Productive One-on-One Employee Interview. Interviews, Interview Transcription and Their Uses. Tips to Improve Earnings Calls and Better Investor Relations. The earning calls between the management of a public company, analysts, investors and the media, which dedicated conference calls transcription services are available, are a routine exercise to discuss quarterly or annual financial results.

Today, public companies put a considerable amount of time and efforts into the preparation of earnings calls. Digital Transcription Service - A Key Tool To Create High Quality Bulk Content. Essential Tips for Effective Note Taking for All Industries. Tips to Deliver Impressive Startup Board Meeting Presentations. Police Interrogations to Undergo Significant Change. Effective Proofreading Strategies to Ensure Error-free Writing. Importance Of Video Transcription For Your Social Video. Academic Transcripts and a Good Routine Ensure Relaxed Writing.

Tips to Look Great and Make a Good Impression in Video Conferences. Preparing for and Organizing Conference Calls– Some Useful Tips. Good Communication Essential for Effective Business Functioning. Document Forgery More Common in the Financial Industry, Says Report. Attending a Deposition – How Important Is It? Key Strategies to Consider for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. Artificial Intelligence cannot replace Focus Groups, say Experts. Tips to Remember While Interviewing Job Seekers. Common Conference Call Pitfalls and How to Fix Them. Tips to Increase Billable Time and Boost Productivity in a Law Office. Tips to Make Your Video Stand Out with Special Effects. Conducting Job Interviews – Key Considerations and Mistakes to Avoid. Legal Transcription Outsourcing to Maintain Technological Competence. Tips for Delivering Great Presentations and Engaging Your Audience. Top Tips for Ensuring Success with the Dissertation Writing. Security Still a Concern around Confidential Documents, Study Reports.

Data Management Challenges in the Insurance Industry - Can Outsourcing Transcription Help? Know How to Prepare Well for Your Telephone Interview. Enhance Your Social Video with Captions using SRT Files. Advanced Technology and Automation in Business Offices and Its Social Impact. Reid Technique of Police Interrogation May Be on its Way Out. Finding Success with Depositions - Expert Tips for Lawyers. Why Fraud Insurance Is Indispensable in This Digital Age.

Learn Few Tips to Develop and Write an Impressive Essay. Improved Connectivity a Major Requirement for Efficient Insurance Data Management. Tips to Transcribe Documentary Interviews. Stanford's Electronic Research Submission touches Milestone of 5,000. Innovative Speech-to-Text Dictation Tools for Lawyers. How Voice Recognition Software Can Help Businesses Boost Productivity. Creating Multipurpose Content from Video - Creative Tips. Oral History Transcription – Some Important Guidelines. Interview Transcription - How It Benefits Researchers. Useful Tips to Conduct a Productive Business Meeting. Court Reporters – Aren’t They the Unsung Players in a Court? Body-Cam Transcription – A New Legal Transcription Requirement? Academic Transcription Services and other Key Strategies for Success with Your PhD Thesis. Tips to Improve Conference Calls and Participant Engagement. Why You Should Choose YouTube over Conference Calls.

How Verbatim Transcription Is Useful. Proposal to Replace Court Reporters with Digital Recorders. Seven Essential Tips to Keep in Mind for Effective Business Writing. Why Is Interview Transcription Important? Proper Witness Preparation Crucial for an Effective Deposition. - free file sharing and storage - Document Preview - text. Tips for Conducting a Productive Corporate Meeting.

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