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Game backgrounds on Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. The Official Website of Chris Sanders » gallery. AlcornStudios. Pins from on Pinterest. Draw Animals:Gen/Misc. Chibis Merida and Mum Bear from Pixar's Brave by princekido on DeviantArt. My Home Sina microblogging - anytime, anywhere sharing new side ... My Home Sina microblogging - anytime, anywhere sharing new side ... Pin by Karrtoon Studies on Draw Animals:Gen/Misc. Dipper and Mabel Sketches by sharkie19 on DeviantArt. Pins from on Pinterest. Draw Animals:Gen/Misc on Pinterest. Disney on Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. Little Video Game Books – Cute illustrations by Joebot. After “A Brain is for Eating, a Zombie illustrated book for kids” and the excellent “Darth Vader’s Little Princess” and “Darth Vader and Son” books, it is now the turn of the most popular video games in recent years to be imagined as concepts of children’s books!

Little Video Game Books – Cute illustrations by Joebot

With “Little Video Game Books“, games as Bioshock, Mass Effect, Half Life, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim or Portal then become some very cute illustrations in this series created by illustrator Joebot. Free PSD Files - Free PSD Files, Templates, Graphics, Flyers , Business Cards. GRAVITY FALLS on Pinterest. Character Designs de Gravity Falls, do Disney Channel. Completando o post publicado no último dia 13, quando mostramos os cenários criados para o desenho animado “Gravity Falls”, exibido no Disney Channel aos sábados e domingos.

Character Designs de Gravity Falls, do Disney Channel

Apresentamos agora uma parte também bem bacana do desenvolvimento: character design! As artes que você vê logo abaixo são de Joe Pitt, e na sequência, da artista Brigette Barraber, que foi responsável pelos primeiros estudos para os personagens. Podemos ver que algumas das características foram mantidas. Legal ver esse processo. How To Make Any Song Your Ringtone On iOS 8 All iPhones 2014 New Tutorial. Jason Sadler. Grzegorz Domaradski, or Gabz as he has come to be known in the design industry, has worked for high profile clients such as Guitar World, Honda, Lipton, Nike, Red Bull, Smirnoff, Underarmor, and Wired Magazine, just to name a couple.

Jason Sadler

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland, with a masters in graphic arts and drawing, he worked in illustration and graphic design for various ad agencies until he left in 2005 to make it in the freelance world. While his commercial work features a recognizable style , his playful nature causes him to regularly experiment with various media and styles. Strongly inspired by film and videogames, Gabz has created abstract expressionist paintings, pen and ink drawings, and his pencils are well controlled and cleanly executed.

Separating his portfolio between art and work, Gabz reserves his mastery of digital coloration for clients, with personal pieces as well as those to be exhibited done in traditional media. Cartoon List. Девушки до макияжа и после. 15 логотипов, на которые нужно посмотреть дважды. The Art of the Book of Life - חיפוש ב-Google. Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question Your Eyes. What Am I Looking At?! Alon Ziv Animation. REFLECTIONS. The Art of Jason Chan. Hero. A R M A N D   S E R R A N O: BIG HERO 6 Opens Today!!! A concept art I did for a Hiro-Tadashi moment based from an early storyboard idea!

A R M A N D   S E R R A N O: BIG HERO 6 Opens Today!!!

Enjoy the movie! This is the screen grab of the 3D model I used as guide for the artwork. All images ©Disney. Daily Painting 769. Zombie Hamster by Cryptid-Creations o… Tracer!, Ilya Kuvshinov on ArtStation at. CRAFT: plushies & co on Pinterest. Art that inspires! on Pinterest. Father And Daughter - 2000 Academy Award for Animated Sho… A R M A N D   S E R R A N O. Game concept art (c) Background. Game concept art (c) Background. Masterz on Pinterest. ★ Find more at. Disney on Pinterest. TWISTED DISNEY PRINCESSES: Tinker Bell. 19 Delightfully Macabre Disney Heroines.

Jeffery Thomas’ Twisted Princesses. There’s no shortage of dark!

Jeffery Thomas’ Twisted Princesses

Disney fan material on the internet. It’s just something that people do with family-themed favorites from their childhoods: try to make them thematically relevant to their adult sensibilities. Jeffery Thomas‘ Twisted Princess series stands out from all the Goth! Tinkerbells due to sheer creativity. After completing six initial drawings, Thomas gave in to the feedback and wound up doing seven more. My personal favorite is Megara, pictured above, but I’m a sucker for any reference to the Fates. Nala, with bonus hardcore Timon and Pumba: Ratatouille by sharkie19 on DeviantArt. Ca-tsuka: Artworks of Disney’s Feast short film... - Metapham. Aaron Blaise - Rajah. The Making of Disney Short Film 'Feast' Disney's "Feast" Exclusive Two Alternate Openings With Director's Intro.

Big Hero 6 - Blu-Ray Intro. Games - Playtech. Welcome to games, the truly open platform!

Games - Playtech

Pins from on Pinterest. Env/Nature/cities on Pinterest. Draw Fem:Cool Poses on Pinterest. Karrtoon Studies on Pinterest. ZEBE: ARTHUR CHRISTMAS. Bonjour à tous, Hi everybody,


Pins from on Pinterest. Karrtoon Studies on Pinterest. Free Online YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others! The 43 best Photoshop plugins. In this article we've lined up some of the best Photoshop plugins available for Adobe Creative Cloud's photo editing giant.

The 43 best Photoshop plugins

Photoshop is an amazing tool – capable of producing sublime images, high-quality video and even very passable renders for 3D art. All this power offers a world of possibilities – but occasionally it's worth adding a few optional extras to get the most out of your investment. There's a plethora of plugins available for PS users, but we've selected the best of those that you can download and use straight away. 01.

Filter Forge 6.0 Publisher: Filter ForgePrice: $149-$399 (now with 80% discount $29 - $79)Good for: Photographers, photo editors, graphic designers, 3D artists Currently in version 6.0, Filter Forge offers 11 thousands of filter effects and textures, covering almost every application you can imagine. 63 Photoshop shortcuts to speed up your workflow 02. Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever. Talented Russian nature photographer Vadim Trunov has had close encounters with squirrels before, but this is the first time we’ve seen his photos of squirrels playing or shooting photos of each other!

Russian Photographer Captures The Cutest Squirrel Photo Session Ever

The photographer recently published some photos he’s captured of squirrels that seem to be building snowmen or playing volleyball with nuts. Show Full Text The truth is a bit different, however – it’s winter, these squirrels are hungry, and they want food! Grimmer's Blowg. Games - Playtech. Benchart's Portfolio on Shutterstock. Interface Game Design (Resource Bar And Resource Icon For Game) Vector Illustration (Part 2) - 193936913. Stone button Stock Photos, Stone button Stock Photography, Stone button Stock Images. Online Gold Factory Slot Machine - 32Red Online Casino. You are here: Online Casino Home > Online Casino Games > Gold Factory Slot Machine You'll be catching all manner of virtual transportation to get to 32Red Online Casino's new triple bonus video slot, travelling by steam train, hot air balloon and even a yellow submarine to check out the Gold Factory.

Online Gold Factory Slot Machine - 32Red Online Casino

The light hearted industrial theme of this big, fifty pay-line game is carried by vibrant and colourful cartoon artwork depicting a fictional factory that pumps out the glittering yellow metal in abundance, accompanied by amusing sound effects. Gold Factory's big attraction is its Boiler Room Bonus, from where two other bonus features can be accessed to boost your bottom line.

When 3 or more gold bonus medallions appear on the five reels this generous second screen feature is triggered, transporting the player into a very productive part of the factory and awarding 4 picks from 12 gold and prize-filled hoppers that discharge into your mini-train. Game UI Design by Creativedash. 35 Brilliant Examples Of Creative Package Design. In today’s competitive business environment, product packaging is as crucial as the product itself. Apart from being visually appealing, your package design needs to be practical, (re)usable and make the consumer prefer your product over the competitor’s. Brands like Apple, who get it right, pay a lot of attention to the minutest details and create an experience around “unboxing” their products. Today’s post showcases 35 unique and innovative package designs that practically sell themselves. Check them out below. 1. 2. 3. 2D, 2.5D, & 3D animation studios - Humouring the Fates. The Fates Crew - Animators production blog where the stories of how animation is made are told. Our Animation studio makes anime, Japanimation, rotoscope, 2d, 2.5d, and 3d animation. - Part 2.

Here is 009-01, with all colors and shadows. Effects still have to be added, and this is scratch timing. No Comments » Color flats and shadow layers for the Cleaner kicking in the door and double-double-tappin’. Needs background layer, and lighting effects. The Fates Crew - Animators production blog where the stories of how animation is made are told. Our Animation studio makes anime, Japanimation, rotoscope, 2d, 2.5d, and 3d animation. Thelorax-clementgriselain-2. Pins from on Pinterest. Awesome Illustrations #illustration. Lucy and the Anvil. Wilbura59's photos tagged with flintstones.

Idle Worship by OtisFrampton on DeviantArt. Patricio Marcello Balanovsky. Patri Balanovsky - illustrator. My biggest hobby is looking for some new artist in internet. This time I found great pictures of Patri Balanovsky. He is a Concept artist, Visual Development artist and Illustrator. Born in Israel but currently residing and working in Denmark. Patri has a blog when you can find tons of his work, from hot kitten to really ugly orcs. Tak a look at few pictures here and for more visit his site. pictures from: Related Animal Sculptures by Sean E. Sean E Avery is an Australian artist and writer-illustrator but also an sculptor, best known from his animal sculptures made from CDs and electronic waste. Patri balanovsky - חיפוש ב-Google. [CUSTOM] Breaking Bad: Estátuas estilo cartoon criadas por Trevor e Troy Grove.

Referência absoluta entre escultores, o artista americano Trevor Groove vem ao longo dos anos desenvolvendo fantásticos trabalhos para empresas como Sideshow, Quantum Mechanix e Tweeterhead. Procurando abordar uma de suas séries favoritas, Trevor e o seu irmão, Troy Groove, deram início a um projeto pessoal, recriando os principais personagens do seriado Breaking Bad em um estilo cartoon pra lá de carismático.

Adam de blog. Way Up High by AndrewMcIntoshArt on DeviantArt. Walk crycle on IsraelAnimators - DeviantArt. Soldier Attack Animations by AlexRedfish on DeviantArt. Wolf Ground Slam Animation by AlexRedfish on DeviantArt. Fallen Defenders by denOrelli on DeviantArt. Decor Animations by AlexRedfish on DeviantArt. Punches-Slashes FX Animations Part 1. Swinging Pug. Behind the back - Lightning Strike. Smoke_by_alex_redfish.fla. Art & Animation on Behance. Smoke animation FX. (19) Pinterest.

Mijbil Creatures on Pinterest. Free exclusive vectors by Freepik. Freepik Free graphic resources of %s on Freepik Christmas ornaments on wooden background 56.050 99 3 months ago Vintage Christmas invitation template 41.970 80 3 months ago Christmas background with sparkle 38.695 82 3 months ago Christmas background with balls 37.890 45 3 months ago Merry Christmas background with stars 35.233 41 3 months ago Vintage Christmas background 36.669 74 3 months ago Christmas balls template 35.961 38 3 months ago Merry Christmas background with red and golden balls 33.159 46 3 months ago Background template with white snowflakes 28.635 32 3 months ago Merry Christmas vintage background with balls 22.529 50 3 months ago Merry Christmas and Happy New Year background 28.363 70 3 months ago Vintage Christmas elements 27.070 104 3 months ago.