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Buddhism & Meditation

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Graduate Certificate of Applied Buddhist Studies. Academic entry requirements Either a Bachelor degree with a major in humanities or social sciences, or relevant work experience and professional training over at least 3 years, for example in Buddhist ministry or counselling.

Graduate Certificate of Applied Buddhist Studies

Applicants who have undertaken studies overseas may have to provide proof of proficiency in English. Applicants who are in the final year of their undergraduate studies may submit a current official transcript showing their completed subjects and grades. Entry into one of the above courses may then be granted conditional on successful completion of the undergraduate degree prior to the commencement of the postgraduate course at Nan Tien Institute. An interview or other supplementary documentation may be required by the Academic Board to evaluate an applicant's suitability as a graduate student in Applied Buddhist Studies. Details of the application procedure can be found on the Nan Tien Institute website English Language Proficiency. About the Vipassana Meditation Centre, Blackheath. Home > About Dhamma Bhumi Dhamma Bhumi means Dhamma soil or Dhamma land The land includes over 40 acres of flowering heath and eucalyptus forest on the edge of an escarpment in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

About the Vipassana Meditation Centre, Blackheath

Just outside the town of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, within walking distance of the railway station, it has excellent rail and road connections with Sydney. Abhijit's Niche: ANANDA-DHARA : A Free Translation in English of the Tagore Lyrics. Six day meditation retreat / Retreats / Bookings / Home - Sharpham Trust. Dharma Teachers. As co-abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery, I am deeply involved with forming a monastic community that can serve as a guiding spirit for Buddhist practice in the world.

Dharma Teachers

The traditional, renunciate form of the practice is the embodiment of simplicity, strength and resiliency for anyone who seeks classical training in the monastic life. It is also a hand extended to the lay community that says: come, experience the life of the forest, the chanting, the bowing, the serenity of meditation, the robes, the peacefulness of celibacy. Draw from our well and bring this spiritual nourishment back into your everyday life. The outward structure of traditional Buddhism supports a form of spiritual living that is grounded in honesty, non-violence, and living in truth-all the qualities of inner freedom that are precious to me. Buddhist practice turns the current of attention toward an inner life, irrigating the arid internal landscapes created by the external priorities of our Western world. Contact – North Sydney Yoga. Sydney Buddhist Centre. Under One Umbrella.

It is likely that few English-speaking admirers of the Dalai Lama recognize Thupten Jinpa Langri’s face, even though they may well attribute to him an almost revered status.

Under One Umbrella

We who attend the Dalai Lama’s public appearances know Jinpa, His Holiness’s translator and interpreter, mainly by his voice. His job is to be an invisible conduit, and he keeps a low profile. So it was an unusual event—and the first time I had heard him address his own thoughts to an audience—when he took center stage at the Kalachakra Initiation in Washington, DC, in 2011 to deliver a talk entitled “Under the Umbrella of Buddhism: Do Religion, Science, and Secularism All Fit?” Jinpa began apologetically. Sydney Insight Meditators - Insight meditation in Australia - Sydney Insight Meditators. Subhana: Insight Meditation. Happiness — a Way of Being 8 Week Group Program: 13 Feb — 3 April 2014 Led By: Subhana Barzaghi Venue: Well For Life Centre – 2/35 Hume St.

Subhana: Insight Meditation

Crows Nest Download flier. Courses at BMIMC. Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery & Retreat Centre - Retreat Schedule. Weekend Meditation Workshop Sunday 9am to 5pm - 29th June 2014 Ven.

Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery & Retreat Centre - Retreat Schedule

Pannyavaro (Pannya) Mindfulness & The Wisdom Within. Click here for the Course Outline What it is.

Mindfulness & The Wisdom Within

This is an 11-week introduction to mindfulness and practical philosophy. It will give you the tools to become more mindful, more connected and more alive. Mindfulness is knowledge and love working together. It works when it’s heartfelt and you know what you’re doing. Somewhere along the way, practical philosophy got hijacked by theoretical philosophy. The course draws on the great philosophic ideas of East and West, which lead to mindful presence and effective action in work, study and every aspect of daily life. Mindfulness & Practical Philosophy. This 11-week course will give you the tools to become more mindful, more connected and more alive.

Mindfulness & Practical Philosophy

Mindfulness is knowledge and love working together. It works when it’s heartfelt and you know what you’re doing. On Being with Krista Tippett: religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas. Making Decisions for a Better World - Rigpa Sydney. Making Decisions for a Better WorldOne-day workshop:Saturday 24 May 9am – 3pm Drawing on on teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and work done by the US-based Tenzin Gyatso Institute; this workshop provides practical tools to develop discernment, broaden our perspective and cultivate a caring attitude toward ourselves and the others we meet in everyday life.

Making Decisions for a Better World - Rigpa Sydney

My Headspace. Buddhist courses - Buddhist classes - Sydney - Sydney North Shore. Overcoming Problems through Tibetan Buddhism 1, 2013 starts Sunday November 3rd and runs for 1.5 – 2 hours.

Buddhist courses - Buddhist classes - Sydney - Sydney North Shore

The Buddhist classes include meditation but as well as that there is an optional short meditation before the classes. New participants to Overcoming Problems through Tibetan Buddhism One will be accepted for several weeks after the program begins. After this it is too difficult for most people to catch up. The course cut off date is Nov 24th. Please either fill out the form here and press ‘Send’ below it or download a PDF application and send it to Level 4, 12 Thomas St, Chatswood NSW 2067. IMPORTANT: All questions must be answered completely for your enrolment form to be submitted. Privacy. Nhap Luu Monastery, Victoria Australia, in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Tibetan Buddhist Society - Buddhist Centres in Australia - Tibetan Buddhist Society - Buddhist Centres in Australia. The Tibetan Buddhist Society’s largest centre is the Peaceful Land of Joy Centre, located in a rural setting on the outskirts of Melbourne. The Society has three other centres in Australia as described below. Each centre has a similar teaching programme, with regular introductory, Path to Enlightenment (lam rim) and vajrayana classes. Each centre uses Geshe Loden’s books for its teaching programme to provide a consistent curriculum throughout Australia, and also Geshe la’s prayer book for prayers and sadhanas.

Tibetan Buddhist Society - Perth Centre Established in 1982 at the suggestion of Geshe Loden, the Perth centre also has a traditional Tibetan Buddhist temple on a twelve and a half acre property at Herne Hill, in the Swan Valley. Resident Teacher Les Sheehy is the founding director and principal teacher of the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Western Australia. Courses. Thich Nhat Hanh. Spirit Rock Carpooling Bulleting Board - Spirit Rock - An Insight Meditation Center. Carpooling Bulletin Board We usually have more "Rides Needed" than rides offered. If you can, please offer - be a ride bodhisattva! For info on other Monday night carpooling sites, click here. Good reasons to carpool: It's a great kindness to our valley neighbors and everyone else on the road to reduce traffic in this area, especially on weekends!

Public transportation can get people to the main transport terminal in San Rafael, the Hub in San Anselmo, Downtown Fairfax. Chautauqua. Sharon Salzberg. Tricycle: Sharon Salzberg & Real Happiness at Work. Eknath easwaran. Mindfulness at Work, with Sharon Salzberg and Janice Marturano. Two Perspectives on Cultivating a Mindful and Compassionate Experience of Work Open to the public Even the best jobs can be marked by stress, tough deadlines, impatient bosses, uncooperative subordinates, and seemingly endless meetings.

But as science increasingly shows, meditation is an antidote. Robert Thurman. Bob Thurman's Menla. R&R Healing Weekend April 2nd - 6th, 2014 Now you can escape the stresses of daily life for a weekend in the tranquility of our breathtaking 320-acre Catskills forest preserve and luxuriate at our state-of-the-art Mahasukha Spa. Immerse yourself in our new Tibetan-inspired destination spa and enjoy healing treatments, deluxe private accommodations, and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. Throughout the year, experience an unforgettable weekend getaway guaranteed to leave you feeling rested, reconnected, and thoroughly rejuvenated. Guests on this getaway will benefit from consultation and diagnosis with a Doctor of the ancient Tibetan medical tradition.

Centuries ago, before Buddhism entered Tibet, Tibetans like all ancient people had a significant degree of medical knowledge. This R&R Healing Getaway includes two optional classes with Tibetan doctor Chenagstang Nida on the subject of Tibetan Dream Study. Dr. . * Consultation with Dr. Tibetan Healing Treatments: New York Open Center LIVE WEBINAR: Real Happiness in the Workplace. Insight Meditation Society.

Buddhist Wisdom, Meditation, and Practices for Daily Life. Happiness & Its Causes 2014. The Lotus Institute - Contact Us. Center for Mindfulness and Justice. Australian Teachers of Meditation Association. Dharma Boat Sangha. I am home, i have arrived. The MBSR Online Course - Saki Santorelli, Florence Meleo-Meyer. Benefits of Mindfulness. Blue Mountain Center of Meditation & Nilgiri Press. Vipassana Meditation Centre - Dhamma MediniVipassana Meditation Centre – Dhamma Medini. Directions to Vipassana Meditation Centre. Contact Us - Rigpa Sydney. Meditation and Buddhism drop-in classes in North Sydney - Meditation & Buddhism in Sydney.

Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre. Buddhist eLibrary.