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Blog - Create Your Communications Experience. My friend Jason is a genius. Like many parents across the country, Jason had struggled to explain the price of college to his daughter. Seventeen-year-old Rachel had fallen in love with a school whose tuition is upwards of $60,000 a year. For a while Jason tried to communicate by multiplying that number. “You’re going to graduate with a quarter-million dollars in debt,” he would say. The BBP Blog. The Left Brain PowerPoint In case you haven’t seen this animated video of a talk by psychiatrist and writer Iain McGilchrist, it’s worth watching: Iain clears up popular misconceptions about the function and relationship between the right brain and left brain, and updates our… KEEP READING Free Webinar tomorrow: Learn the Physiology of Information Overload Have you ever wondered why your blood boils or you grow ice cold when you experience an overwhelming amount of information?

The BBP Blog

There actually may be a physiological explanation, which heightens the need for getting it right when it comes to… KEEP READING. Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog. Guy Kawasaki. Seth's Blog.