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Fotografía DIY: Seis cámaras de papel. Pugly Pixel’s DIY Calling Cards. Greetings, Glitter Girls!

Pugly Pixel’s DIY Calling Cards

It’s Katrina from Pugly Pixel. I’m happy to share an easy tutorial that will show you how to make your own confetti calling cards. Last year, my friend Margaret from Paper Pastries wrote a post about DIY Calling Cards made with a customizable stamp kit (you know — those stamp kits that are sold at office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot). Her cards turned out adorably, so I decided to follow suit and make my own using supplies I already had on hand: business card-sized glassine envelopes and colorful tissue paper. Welcome to Our Shop. DIY Scrap Paper Light. Because im addicted. HOW TO: Build a More Beautiful Blog. This series is supported by Webdesigner Depot, a popular web design blog covering tutorials, design trends, blogging and inspirational posts.

HOW TO: Build a More Beautiful Blog

You can visit WDD at and follow WDD on Twitter @designerdepot. Whether you're blogging for business or pleasure, now is the time to take your little corner of the web to the next level. Social media makes your blog more visible and valuable than ever, and the amount of resources available to beautify and streamline your blog is enormous, and ever growing.

Cómo hacer copos de nieve de papel de 5 puntas. Hace un tiempo ya os enseñamos una divertida manualidad de Navidad: copos de nieve.

Cómo hacer copos de nieve de papel de 5 puntas

¿Os acordáis? En ese post, preparamos copos de nieve con palitos de helado y botones, para decorar el árbol de Navidad. / Cajitas organizadoras en tela. Hand-sewn passport cover. Have passport, will travel . . . yes.

hand-sewn passport cover

Have passport in a hand-sewn leather case? JET SETTER. In the spirit of this month’s Design*Sponge travel theme, let’s take a lesson in leather hand sewing that we can use for a passport cover or just about any small case-like thing you can think of. Hand sewing leather is easy, but a few key steps will make it even easier. Sewing 101: electronics sleeve. It’s really starting to feel like fall, and whether or not that means back to school for you, fall always seems to mean new supplies.

sewing 101: electronics sleeve

Don’t forget your electronics this season, so you can whip up a cozy little wool sleeve for your laptop or tablet! In this project, you’ll learn how to install a zipper around a curve, which really isn’t difficult to do, I promise. You can use these instructions to make a case for a laptop, tablet reader, or any flat electronic device. Once you get the hang of the construction, these sleeves really only take a couple hours to make, so they’re great weekend projects (and good gift ideas, too). Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more. Las Manualidades. Simple técnica para hacer tus propias telas estampadas. Hacer nuestras propias cosas y personalizarlas para que no haya dos iguales en el mundo es una de las cosas más lindas e importantes de realizar manualidades.

Simple técnica para hacer tus propias telas estampadas

Y por eso, en esta ocasión te contamos como hacer tus propias telas estampadas. Una técnica muy linda y divertida. Maegan: * Leather Lanyard Bracelet Maeg-it Yourself * Fashion+Home+Lifestyle. A Pair and a Spare. DIY Christopher Kane Inspired Tassel Earrings. Top 11 DIY Fashion Blogs · Dismount Creative. Update 7/23/12: Hey guys!

Top 11 DIY Fashion Blogs · Dismount Creative

I wrote this post in February of 2011 and since then I’ve discovered lots more awesome DIY blogs! Either there are tons of new ones popping up or I didn’t even know how much great stuff was out there. Keep sharing them in the comments, I love checking each one out! These are in no particular order. DIY Wrap Bracelet. You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists.

DIY Wrap Bracelet

The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! D.I.Y. DIY Box Braid Necklace. The moment we saw Phillip Lim‘s Box Braid Collar Necklace, we were immediately overcome with a wave of nostalgia. Our memories of a neon, plastic box braid lanyard was suddenly transformed into a sophisticated leather jewelry component. Honestly, brilliant! Sponsor Love: Nicolux. Nicolux is a New York based online jewelry shop created by Jocelyn Negron, a former resident of Athens, GA.

Sponsor Love: Nicolux

Jocelyn got her start in Athens redesigning and upcycling clothing but switched to accessories when she moved to NYC. Her work is modern, colorful, lightweight and comfortable. She's currently having a big sale in her shop (most items are discounted by $10). Pinterest / Home. Disfrutar de tu hogar es Friday’s Fab Finds: DIY Necklaces. Happy Friday!

Friday’s Fab Finds: DIY Necklaces

Or should I say, Harry Potter Day? How many of you were up at midnight to see the last Harry Potter movie? I’m going tonight with my husband and I’m really excited, although a bit sad. I grew up with Harry Potter. The Photojojo Store! - the Most Awesome Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers. The Photographer's Pouch A safely padded pocket that velcros to the inside of your bag to carry SD cards, phones and other tiny accessories. More → The Polaroid Cube A colorful action cam that can go anywhere and film/photo anything. More → Engineer Prints Your photo printed in halftone black and white ink on extra-light 20lb bond at a whopping 4 feet wide! Ravenmarie. Stuffed felt monsters - tutorial: un álbum de Flickr.

Doodle duvet cover by stitch designworks. Gift wrapping available The award-winning sketchpad DIY duvet cover to use with its wash-out pens for messages, designs and notes, then wash and use again and again! Doodle duvet cover is printed to look like a giant piece of file paper, complete with printed holes, lines and red margins on both sides and comes complete with its own pack of 10 wash-out doodle colour pens so that you can make it individual, endlessly! It's ideal for jotting down late night thoughts, drawing a masterpiece, writing a story or just messaging: then just wash your duvet cover for a totally fresh start all over again! Button fastening. Doodle pillowcase available separately. Crea DIY.