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Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese. Ultra Handy Japanese Verb Conjugator Home. Subs2srs - RevTK. From Learning Japanese Wiki (RtKWiki) subs2srs is a small utility that allows you to create Anki import files based on your favorite foreign language movies and TV shows to aid in the language learning process.

Subs2srs - RevTK

This utility will parse through a subtitle file, extract the dialog and timing information, and then use that information to generate audio clips, snapshots, and video clips for each line of dialog. Use subs2srs to Create Anki Decks Based on Your Favorite Movie or Show. Tobberoth wrote:Won't the import files be quite enormous?

Use subs2srs to Create Anki Decks Based on Your Favorite Movie or Show

I mean, just look at a random subtitle file, it's generally several hundred lines of dialogue. Getting through just one movie would probably take you quite a while... and most of the dialogue will probably be stuff you allready understand.While the program is really cool, I'm wondering if it's such a good idea to use it. To bring up Khazu, he usually says that you need to learn 10 000 sentences as fast as possible, make them count by picking out the ones you really need. Taking every line in a whole movie isn't really picking the important ones.

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