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Repaint FAQ: Using Watercolor Pencils – No Nap Time! My name is stine and I am working on becoming a better repainter.

Repaint FAQ: Using Watercolor Pencils – No Nap Time!

I have been researching on online tutorials for AGES, and I work and work on trying to get things come together. Here’s my problem. Whenever I work with my Faber Castell Watercolour pencils on my Monster High doll heads, it’s like the colour never really want to “Stick” to the doll. Unlike others, the colours just doesn’t get sharp looking at it, and it doesn’t get that wonderful flow to it. When I then try to paint more pencil colours on top of others, The colour that was already there, starts to dissappear, because it gets like; “rubbed off”. Please, I really hope you can help me. I truly hope you want to help a fellow hobbist out. Stine Believe it or not, this is a common problem among beginners and professional repainters. Doll Dressmaking Series — Phoebe&Egg. Articles. Skip to content Articles Interview with Cherry Dolls Boutique for Sick And Tired Of Doing BJD Outfit the O.


Handmade Tea Stained Gown. BJD Amino! Amino. Install a Dollfie Dream on Obitsu 50cm Body. The skin color of DD Head is a little bit darker then Obitsu 50cm Head 1) Firstly open the head cap. 2) Pull the head out together with the internal neck attachment tube. 3) Unscrew the screw located inside the neck attachment 4) Unassembly the neck attachment parts. 5) Place the spring part inside DD's head and place the tube outside the head.

Install a Dollfie Dream on Obitsu 50cm Body

Press the spring and screw it at the bottom. 7) Push the neck attachment tube inside 50cm body's neck. Learn How to Sew Dolls Clothing. Clothing for dolls may be small, but it proves challenging to sew.

Learn How to Sew Dolls Clothing

If you have excess fabric lying around, use it to create doll clothing for far less than the stores charge unsuspecting parents. Supplies You Will Need Here are some of the tools and supplies you need to create doll clothing: sewing machine, fabric, thread, pins, fabric paper, fabric pen, measuring tape, buttons, snaps, ribbons, and sewing needle. Step 1 – Finding Patterns for Dolls Many patterns for dolls clothing can be found in sewing magazines, websites, and through online searches.

Step 2 – Measure the Dolls Just as you would measure a human, you will measure the dolls you plan to dress up. Step 3 – Setting Up the Doll Patterns Create patterns with paper and then cut fabrics in the same shapes. Tips for Sewing Doll Clothes — Pin, Cut, Sew. 4 Sewing Tools that are worth the Investment for Sewing Doll Clothes – Oh Sew Kat! Sewing doll clothes can be a pretty quick project as a general rule.

4 Sewing Tools that are worth the Investment for Sewing Doll Clothes – Oh Sew Kat!

The pieces and seams are small, they don’t take long to cut out, and they don’t use much fabric. However, if you want to sew a lot of clothes (like for a craft show) or you just have a short nap time to work in, here are four tools that can save you a little more time and make your sewing time more efficient, and, in my opinion, are really worth the investment. 1.

A good Serger- sergers are funny machines. People that sew fall into three categories. 2. 3. 4. So many sewists have a room full of tools and toys and still sew with the same 2-3 sewing feet or stitches day in and day out. Like this: Like Loading... Tips on Sewing for 18" Dolls - Avery Lane Sewing. Smaller Sewing Notions Doll Clothing Patterns. What Holds It All Together?

Smaller Sewing Notions Doll Clothing Patterns

~Selecting Sewing Notions for Dolly’s Clothes~ As a sewer, you know that every project presents unique opportunities to learn something new. Use this spirit as you immerse yourself more fully in the exciting world of sewing from our doll clothes patterns and the many sewing notions available to add the perfect touch. You most likely have the basics on hand, but now it is time to expand in order to get ready for your new venture.

Measuring & Fitting Doll Clothes Patterns. NOTE: Book recommended for beginning sewers.

Measuring & Fitting Doll Clothes Patterns

It contains a lot of basic sewing/fitting techniques, terms, basic fabric/thread information, hints on buying a sewing machine/serger, etc. The book is: "Mother Pletsch's Painless Sewing - Fourth Edition" and can be ordered on the Palmer/Pletsch website (click here). These notes are primarily aimed at measuring and fitting dolls. However, I have put in some references to human (and human pattern) measurements for comparison and to use when working with a human pattern to create a doll pattern ---- (see Pattern Creation Page).

*NOTE: I will not be covering how to make pattern alterations for individual body differences as it would take an entire book! MEASUREMENTS - only part of the story! There is no doubt that taking accurate body measurements will get you a better fit - either for yourself or for a doll. You almost can't take too many measurements! 1. Dolls aren't always easy to measure. Bust Around the bust line, at the fullest part.