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Paper Lights & Lampshades

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Make A Designer-Look Origami Paper Lantern. Origami Light - Easy To Make. Vega Paper Light, Manchester, UK. Paper Designer Lighting, Designer Lampshades. Radiance Lighting (Paper Art Lamps) I'm all for getting out of frigid Dodge today... err, Delaware, to take a virtual trip to the town of Hebden Bridge located in West Yorkshire, England - not that winter is any less icy there - but I would like to meet paper artist, Hannah Nunn... ...and have a leisurely look around her warmly lit shop, Radiance, where she displays her line of beautiful paper cut lamps and shades.

Radiance Lighting (Paper Art Lamps)

Allium Raised as a city girl, Hannah studied at Carmarthen College in West Wales where she fell in love with the local countryside. As a result, the botanical world has inspired many of her designs... first via a line of paper cut greeting cards sold in places like Harrods and Paperchase, and later, the lights she makes today. Tulips Just five years ago, Hannah opened the Radiance boutique and workspace where she makes and features her lamps, as well as eye-catching lights and other items handmade by more than thirty designers, many of whom work with paper. Bird Fairy Lights by Joanna Coupland - papier mache Hedgerow. Toilet Roll Lampshade - Pierre Vedel. Traduisible par l' "abat jour en rouleaux de papier toilette" Fabriquer une sphère de structure géodésique à partir d'une collection de rouleaux de papier toilette de 4 ans Design a geodesic sphere using a 4 years toilet roll collection #carton #rouleau de pq #mobilier #geode #sketch up #upcycling #valorisation des déchets Inspiré par : une collection de 70 rouleaux accumulés le style année 60 Plus d'images sur flickr Si vous appreciez l'abat jour géodesique et que vous souhaitez en fabriquer votre propre géode, n'hésitez pas à me contacter (je publierai certainement un guide de fabrication).

Toilet Roll Lampshade - Pierre Vedel

Ce(tte) oeuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la Licence Creative Commons Paternité - Partage à l'Identique 2.0 France. Make A Lamp From Toilet Paper Rolls. One of the most fascinating aspects in crafting is transforming simple or useless material and giving them new shape and a brand new use.

Make A Lamp From Toilet Paper Rolls

I loved the idea of making something out of TPR (aka toilet paper rolls). So I decided to create a lamp out of them, with a pretty cool design. It's an easy and fun project with a stunning end product! Supplies About 20 empty toilet paper rollsBowlMarkerScissorsCraft glue or hot glue gunBlack spray paintBlack acrylic paintPaint brushClothes pegsRulerDust mask 1. Step 1 Fold the empty toilet paper rolls. Step 2 Once the rolls are folded, use a ruler to mark measurements. Step 3 Following the marks you made, use scissors to cut the rolls into strips of 2.1cm (0.8 in).

Step 4 After a while, you will end up having about 100 strips of a cardboard petal shape. The cardboard petal shapes should look sharp at the edges with a curved center, as illustrated in the image below. Cardboard Chandelier. Cardboard Street Fighter II Rotating Lamp. DIY Paper Lamp / Lampara De Papel. I've got a lot of lamp all around the house.

DIY Paper Lamp / Lampara De Papel

I made these wall paper lamps in the entry. Once I had found the way to make the pattern, it was super fast to make several. Tengo un montón de luz por toda la casa. Hice estas lámparas de pared en papel para la entrada. Una vez que había encontrado la manera de hacer el patrón, fue súper rápido hacer varios. And to continue a short tutorial:Y para seguir un pequeño tutorial: 1/ Print, assemble and cut the pattern. 2/TURN POWER OFF and unscrew the base of your wall lamp. 3/ Remove a little the base of the lamp, you don't need to take it of or disconnect any cable. 4/ Slide the paper behind the base. 5/ Screw the base on. 6/ Fold the left side of the paper. 7/ Fold the right side. 8/ Slide the tab into the slot.

Please, always use energy saving bulb, it doesn't heat and it's safer when you work with paper. You can find the pattern Here in US letter format and Here in A4 format. Pueden encontrar el patrón Aqui en formato carta y Aqui en formato A4. DIY Geo Lampshade. If you regularly take a look on crafts blogs, you couldn't have miss the geoball vibe!

DIY Geo Lampshade

I saw on a nice french blog (which I unfortunately don't remember the name ...I finally found it) these Geo lampshade. The project was perfect for my bedroom. I followed the Weekday Carnival's tutorial, it's very easy ... except I couldn't remember how to draw a hexagon (is the basis shape for this project). So I've made you ​​a board with the steps to draw a geoball. Si ves regularmente los blogs de manualidades, no pudiste perderte las geoball! Si vous regardez régulièrement sur les blogs, vous n'avez pas pu manquer les geoball! What you must have at this point; glue the triangles on top of each other following arrows. Lo que debe tener ahorita; pega los triángulos unos sobre otros siguiendo las flechas. Ce que vous devez avoir a ce stade; collez ensuite les triangles les uns sur les autres en suivant les flèches.

Et voila!!! I used the white cardboard (0.5 mm) and painted inside with acrylic.