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Hemp pendant lamps. Inspired by West Elm’s gorgeous Abaca pendant lamps Super talented Heika DeHart strikes again.

Hemp pendant lamps

These pendant lamps she made of hemp string are genius. Plus, don’t you love how they look with her wallpaper? Heika writes: “I fell in love with West Elm’s Abaca pendent lamp a few years ago but, as usual, my taste was more expensive than my wallet could support. However, I was sure that I could copy them at a fraction of the cost.” How to make hemp string pendant lamps Supplies and tools bouncy balls of various sizesclear drying craft glue (about 1 bottle per ball) such as Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Gluehemp string 20lb. weight estimated amounts needed: 16 inch diameter ball—400 yards 14 inch diameter ball—300 yards 9 inch diameter ball—100 yardsplastic gloves (optional)trash bag or small drop clothpermanent markerball inflating needle (available at sporting goods stores or bike shops)light fixture and hardware (Lowe’s doesn’t carry the fixture that Heika used anymore. 1. 2. 3. How to DIY Lacey Doily Lamp.

Re-purpose those old doily’s into this fabulous decorative lamp!

How to DIY Lacey Doily Lamp

This is a great DIY you’ll love to try and it’s sure to impress your family and friends! Image: the whoot. Outdoor Decor: 5 Beautiful DIY Paper Lantern Projects. I know what you are thinking: paper and outdoors??

Outdoor Decor: 5 Beautiful DIY Paper Lantern Projects

Well, perhaps not permanantly, but for those non-rainy summer gatherings, you will want your outdoors do be as fun and welcoming as your indoors. Paper is inexpensive, comes in a bazillion varieties, and makes a big impact! Here's a big tip: start with a ready-made paper lantern and gussy it up a bit! 1. Belinda at the Happy Home Blog used doilies to make this stunning statement,above. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hopefully these cheap and easy DIY's will get you in the mood for a little summer socializing. Tagged : outdoor, decor, lantern, lighting, summer, paper, Craft, DIY, DIY. Illuminations. Lyyxyz Mosaic Illuminations by Nikki Ella whitlock Art.


How to Make a Chandelier (Part 2 (With Friends)) I'm not going to lie to you, this chandelier is both time + labor intensive.

How to Make a Chandelier (Part 2 (With Friends))

However, we worked assembly line style + were able to finish 4 chandeliers that night. 1. Tear off your wax paper into long pieces. We used 2 - 2.5 foot pieces. (Ann + Amy) 2. 3. 4. Audible gasp... Diy+luminaries. Flashing Lights! How to Make Your Own Vintage Marquee. Materials: - 12 inch paper mache letters - globe string lights (about 10 lights per letter) - spray paint Tools: - hot glue gun - exacto knife - cutting board - masking tape Start by using the exacto knife to cut out the top of each letter.

Flashing Lights! How to Make Your Own Vintage Marquee

We found once you got it started, the top layer just ripped off really easily and cleanly. Remove the top piece and any cardboard supports inside. You can either save this top piece for future projects or recycle it, but we won’t be needing it for this one. Continue cutting off the top portion for all your letters. Next up, flip your letters upside down and cut x’s where you want bulbs to go. When you’re done with the cutting and punching of holes for the lights, flip the letters back over and you should have something that looks about like this. Paint time! While the letters are drying, unscrew all the bulbs from the string. Insert the back portion of the light strand into each hole, making sure to start and end each letter at the bottom. DIY Light Up Sign Tutorial. Thanks to everyone who has voted for Vintage Revivals for the Best Home Project/ DIY Blog over at Apartment Therapy!

DIY Light Up Sign Tutorial

Today is the last day to vote and while we are in 2nd place, we are about 300 votes down. We need a Hail Mary to pull this off. So if you are the praying type now is the time to start, and if you haven’t voted yet (yes, I am looking at YOU!) We need you!! You can be our miracle maker! Do you find yourself saying the same things to your kids over and over and over again?

You guys know how I preach finding inspiration and running with it in your own direction? So those ideas, married mine (I guess that would make them polygamous) and the Happy Girl sign was born. 7 DIY Lighting Fixtures That You Won't Even Believe You Can Make (PHOTOS) An amazing lamp can really make a space sing.

7 DIY Lighting Fixtures That You Won't Even Believe You Can Make (PHOTOS)

And, while chandeliers are stunning focal points that light up a room, store-bought versions can be pricey, especially if they're large or intricate. But did you know you can make one yourself? We've rounded up seven DIY lighting fixtures that are made from things you probably have around the house, although you'd never guess it. From a pendant fashioned out of plastic spoons to a fun string light hack using egg cartons, these ideas will give your home a warm glow -- and impress your guests. 1. Photo by Design Sponge 2. Photo by Brigitta at Norske Interior Blogger.