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Myers–Briggs Type Indicator - Wikipedia. A chart with descriptions of each Myers–Briggs personality type and the four dichotomies central to the theory The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.[1][2][3] The MBTI was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator - Wikipedia

History[edit] Katharine Cook Briggs began her research into personality in 1917. Upon meeting her future son-in-law, she observed marked differences between his personality and that of other family members. After the English translation of Jung's book Psychological Types was published in 1923 (first published in German in 1921), she recognized that Jung's theory was similar to, but went far beyond, her own.[1]:22 Briggs's four types were later identified as corresponding to the Is, EPs, ETJs and EFJs. Origins of the theory[edit] Differences from Jung[edit] Judging vs. perception[edit] Concepts[edit] Who's in charge – you or your brain? David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas and bestselling author It is clear at this point that we are irrevocably tied to the 3lb of strange computational material found within our skulls.

Who's in charge – you or your brain?

The brain is utterly alien to us, and yet our personalities, hopes, fears and aspirations all depend on the integrity of this biological tissue. How do we know this? Because when the brain changes, we change. Our personality, decision-making, risk-aversion, the capacity to see colours or name animals – all these can change, in very specific ways, when the brain is altered by tumours, strokes, drugs, disease or trauma.

5 Activities That Will Motivate Your Children to Excel in Life. Getting kids motivated to do the things that will help them become successful adults is not an easy job for parents.

5 Activities That Will Motivate Your Children to Excel in Life

Part of the reason for this is that kids can’t see the immediate benefit of getting straight A’s. High school, college and the adult world are far into the future. It’s also difficult for children to define their dreams. The few that can visualize their dreams and see their future are better able to focus on achievement. Parents who want their kids to live up to their potential, need to awaken their genius. The subconscious makes up 80% of our brain mass. These activities help reprogram your child’s mind. Here are the five activities that will awaken your child’s genius: The 20-Year Letter Have your child write a letter to themselves twenty years into the future. Sorry, but Sarcastic People are Actually Smarter Than You Are. Sarcasm, as they say, is the ability to insult stupid people without them realizing it.

Sorry, but Sarcastic People are Actually Smarter Than You Are

In some cases, sarcasm is a means of indirectly expressing aggression toward others or insecurity about oneself, as Psychology Today puts it. In other cases, it’s more of a secret shield from all the moronic buffoons in the world – a sort of a “true lie” that listeners won’t always comprehend as being insincere. It’s a private joke that can save you from annoying and aggravating situations, providing a respite in humor even in the crappiest situations. So are sarcastic people just certified smart asses, or are we more intelligent (at least on an emotional level) than non-sarcastic people? An university investigation shows that the ability to understand sarcasm depends on a carefully orchestrated sequence of complex cognitive skills in specific parts of the brain.

Sarcasm seems to exercise the brain more than sincere statements do. Win an Argument by Asking the Other Person to Outline a Plan. Babies with depressed mothers can 'contract' depression in the womb. Children whose mothers were depressed during pregnancy have a lifelong increased risk of mental illnesses such as anxiety and mood disordersThis is because they have reduced 'structural connectivity' in the right amygdala of their brains - this is the brain region which controls emotion By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 15:10 GMT, 5 December 2013 | Updated: 23:46 GMT, 5 December 2013 Pregnant women with depression can pass the condition on to their unborn babies, research has found.

Babies with depressed mothers can 'contract' depression in the womb

A combination of genetic and environmental factors can put children at an increased risk of anxiety and mood disorders. The clue is in the eyes: British scientists develop ground-breaking camera test to diagnose serious mental illnesses. Test can diagnose mental health problems by analysing eye movementsSchizophrenia, bipolar and depression patients all look at pictures differently By Anthea Gerrie Published: 22:00 GMT, 7 December 2013 | Updated: 22:11 GMT, 7 December 2013 British scientists have developed a ground-breaking camera test that can diagnose a range of serious mental health problems by analysing patients’ eye movements.

The clue is in the eyes: British scientists develop ground-breaking camera test to diagnose serious mental illnesses

The revolutionary technology works using a theory more than a century old that abnormal ways of looking at objects are associated with psychosis. The team behind it believe that it can help to differentiate schizophrenia from bipolar disorder and severe depression. Face the problem: The camera tests the eye movements of mental health patients and will help differentiate schizophrenia from bipolar disorder and severe depression, the team says Researchers used special cameras to track the eye movements of patients as they looked at pictures on a computer screen.