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3-Tiered Woodland Plant Stand. Haunted House Crafts for Kids. With Halloween less than two weeks away, there is still ample time to whip up a few crafts.

Haunted House Crafts for Kids

If your students or kids are scared of real haunted houses, why not make a pretend one? Haunted house crafts are great for inviting pretend play, learning 3D construction, and exploring a variety of mediums-like paper, Mod Podge, cardboard, and recycled materials. Gift Box Haunted House Craft for Kids via Yours Truly: The Classroom Creative Halloween Town via Little Lovely Paper Bag Haunted House from My Paper Pony Haunted House Thaumatrope via Mom Spark.

Haunted House Halloween Cut-out — Sarah Jane Studios. 22+ Of The Best Comebacks In The History Of Burns. Kid Jokes - Funny Kid Jokes. Q: What does a nosey pepper do?

Kid Jokes - Funny Kid Jokes

A: Gets jalapeno business! Q: What do you call a fake noodle? A: An Impasta Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest? A: An Investigator Q: What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish? Q: "What's the difference between a guitar and a fish? " Q: Did you hear about the race between the lettuce and the tomato? 20 Funny (and printable) Knock Knock Jokes for Kids. 31 Stupid Jokes That Are So Dumb, They're Actually Funny! #17 Is EPIC. 335 points commentsFunnyWormMay 21, 2015 32312You have already voted!

31 Stupid Jokes That Are So Dumb, They're Actually Funny! #17 Is EPIC

Thank you for voting! Funniest jokes that are so dumb, they will make you pee your pants. Well, it was a trick question, and you really don’t need to answer because last time I checked, we all like stupid jokes, funny quotes and dumb one-liners. And as much as we like to hear these hilarious jokes, we love to share them with our friends and family on a regular basis via social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. No matter how stupid & dumb these jokes sound, we can never get enough of them. So when a Reddit user asked this simple question in Reddit forum, “What’s a joke that’s so stupid it’s actually funny?” Everybody went crazy and started dumping their funniest jokes and corny puns in the forum topic and in no time, more than 7000 entries of funny jokes were added for our laughing needs.

Here, we have collected some of the best stupid but funny jokes for you. Story Bots Solar System Song. Solar System Song Lyrics Chorus We are the planets of the Solar System Different sizes for every one The music never ends, we are such good friends And we all orbit the Sun.

Story Bots Solar System Song

Sun Here comes the sun Rappin first on this track from the beginning I’m the centre of the Solar System Planets be spinnin around me so hot, I’m roasting you see Now I pass the mic to the planet closest to me Mercury Mercury the smallest planet Small as Earth’s moon (yo!) I get super hot and cold and I spin very slow Venus I’m Venus I’ve got mountains and volcanoes that spray I’m the same size as Earth but spin the opposite way Earth Yeah I’m Earth I’m the home to every boy and girl (such a beautiful, beautiful world) Mars I’m Mars the red planet I got deserts and Ice And I’ve got two moons, That’s like one moon but twice!

Jupiter I’m Jupiter the biggest planet I’m humungous, gargantuan I spin the fastest, rap the fastest plus I’m handsome. Space Shuttle Paper Airplane Steps (page 2) - Pics about space. 6 Superheroes That Marvel Does Not Own the Rights to Anymore. With all the superhero movies coming out nowadays, there’s a lot of money to be made.

6 Superheroes That Marvel Does Not Own the Rights to Anymore

The Avengers alone made $1.5 billion worldwide according to IMDb, while franchises like Spider-Man have made a habit of breaking box office records. Way back before they were cash cows though, Marvel saw their various superheroes as commodities to be sold off to make a quick buck. Starting as early as 1985, franchises were offered up to studios like Sony, 20th Century Fox, and more, culminating in a whole mess of reasons now why Marvel can’t bring characters they themselves created into the cinematic fold. Each studio with a Marvel property keeps it jealously guarded, knowing full well the moneymaking potential each respective franchise represents.

While it would make sense for the rights to return to their original creators, the current owners have kept an iron grip since they first acquired their various properties. 1. Owned by: Sony Pictures (and Marvel, sort of) A Magical Tree House Lights Up for Christmas. 40+ Useful Gifts for Kids to Make. Get a finger emoticon for MSN and more!

No section of rude emoticons would be complete without a big collection of middle finger emoticons and smileys, so here they are!

Get a finger emoticon for MSN and more!

There are 28 emoticons in the Middle Finger Emoticons pack. Recent Comments: can i get these to text??? Great....! This is what I've been waiting for, to give a middle finger to... How do you do a middle finger with text?