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Francesca Woodman 1958-1981. WANDA KOOP. Mickalene Thomas. URS FISCHER Untitled; Cioran Handrail; Spinoza Rhapsody; A Thing Called Gearbox; 2012. Random Recipe. Vitra. Menu Project Vitra Vitra is a Swiss family-owned company.


It not only makes furniture and creates retail environments, but also has its own Campus with buildings by leading international architects. Click here for a film about the Vitra Campus. Play video Products and solutions Creating innovative products and concepts with great designers is Vitra’s essence. More information Everything about living The Vitra Home Collection encompasses furniture, lighting and accessories for private interiors, including such well-known classics as the Eames Lounge Chair and the Panton Chair, as well as numerous pieces by contemporary designers. More information Everything about working For more than fifty years, Vitra has developed office furniture that is innovative, functional and aesthetically appealing. Jessica Harrison - My Brightest Diamond.

Jessica Harrison - Ane Brun. Mum Band. Ali Banisadr. Robynne Raye Posters. Mengyu Chen Portfolio. Behance. MICHAEL MAPES. Inspirations – Vasare Nar Art Fashion & Design blog. Moira Hahn Fine Art. Kim joon. Push the Boundaries: Peter Farmer. Peter Farmer – Veuve Clicquot Interview By Esteban Lara Esteban Lara: How old were you or when was your first contact with art?

Push the Boundaries: Peter Farmer

What did you like about it? Peter Farmer: I moved around a lot as a kid and drawing was the way I found it easiest to meet people, and it still works to this day . I didn’t start painting until I was 19 and I have only gone to one art class. Peter Farmer -The Black Rabbit EL: You work with a variety of mediums to communicate your art. PF: Canvases are my favourite. EL: You have traveled and painted in different cities? PF: Yeah, many cities across Canada. Peter Farmer – Boulevard Saint-Laurent EL: Do you have preferences or which one is your favorite? PF: I like different cities for many different things. Firelei Báez. “Aqueduct” (2016), glazed stoneware and porcelain, 8 x 8 x 1 feet, all images via Courtney Mattison “Aqueduct” (2016), glazed stoneware and porcelain, 8 x 8 x 1 feet Doubling as an artist and ocean advocate, Courtney Mattison (previously) produces large-scale ceramic installations that draw attention to conservation of our planet’s seas.

Her latest installation “Aqueduct” showcases hundreds of porcelain sea creatures including anemones, sponges, and coral sprouting from a porcelain air duct. The piece asks us to imagine the plight of these undersea creatures as tropical sea temperatures begin to rise, asking where they might migrate to once their homes have been rendered uninhabitable. In addition to large-scale installations, Mattison also sculpts more intimate vignettes. The Denver-based artist studied marine ecology and ceramics at Skidmore College and received a Master of Arts degree in environmental studies from Brown University.

Melvin Sokolsky - images © Melvin Sokolsky 2009. Mademoiselle Cranky Pants. Jeffrey Deitch. Aurel Schmidt Maneater October 4–November 1, 2008 76 Grand Street In this new body of work, Aurel Schmidt munches her way through modernist masterpieces, transforming them with graphite and colored pencil into seething masses of interwoven debris.

Jeffrey Deitch

Gravitating toward the most iconic and most macho, she turns the gallery into a sort of Museum of Modern Art gone wrong. Picasso’s "Weeping Women" are her first meal: Composition and color are retained while one lady’s hat becomes a nest of seagulls and pigeons and her eyes are transformed into circles of feeding flies; the eyebrows are drawn as crawling centipedes, and her tears form pink cockroaches.

Two de Kooning women are fed into the shredder next. Schmidt makes drawings for the urban naturalist. —from the press release. About the Website. Shyra De Souza, Interdisciplinary Artist - Home. Artsy. URS FISCHER 1 2014. John Currin - 48 Artworks, Biography & Shows on Artsy. Ragnar Kjartansson - Artists. Still life, 2014. Gregory Euclide. Apollonia Saintclair. Joana Vasconcelos Versailles. LAVAR MUNROE. Adrien M / Claire B on Vimeo. Ali Banisadr. Ida Rubinstein and Vaslav Nijinsky print.

Sophie Ebrard. Filters Paracuru The Italian Wedding Opatija Michel Superba Avenue Finca La Prospera Osvaldo Gualeguaychu En Attendant Jules.

Sophie Ebrard

Kim Joon - 51 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy. Jeff Wall’s Unique Photographic Vision. ONE HUNDRED MILES into the desert north of Los Angeles, at the intersection of two crumbling roads that are slowly re-assimilating into the ruddy, sunbaked earth, a flimsy, black folding umbrella—the kind that sells for $7 at a drugstore—fends off the high-noon rays from its perch on a metal stand.

Jeff Wall’s Unique Photographic Vision

Beneath its shade, a tall man in a blue dress shirt and black jeans climbs onto a ladder, oblivious to the 85-degree heat. He peers through binoculars, concentrating intently on two land surveyors working about 15 yards in front of him and, beyond, the scrubland extending to the horizon. The binoculars are balanced atop an accordion-like, oversize black camera. After a moment, the man triggers the shutter by squeezing a small piston with a precise flicking motion that calls to mind Roger Federer’s net game. Then he lifts his head, runs his fingers through his chin-length gray hair and removes the exposed sheet of film from the camera before sliding in another. Taryn Simon. Information.