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Upper Body Workout for The Everygirl. Remember those '80’s workout videos, complete with leg warmers and repetitive bicep curls and a hot pink leotard?

Upper Body Workout for The Everygirl

Thankfully, lifting weights has been updated since then, because strength training is vital to good health. Not only is it a great way to tone your muscles, but working out with weights will strengthen your bones, too. Ladies, it’s time to pick up the dumbells and use those muscles. Start by keeping a few light free weights around your house and adding in several exercises a few times a week. Doing so will boost your energy level and mood, protect your bone health, and define your muscles.

Throwing a Basic Pot on The Potter's Wheel Tutorial. SLAB BUILT POTTERY AND MOLD MAKING. [Serious] Is there an easy, unbiased way to read up on each presidential candidate to better understand where each candidate stands? : AskReddit. No. 37: Big Wedding or Small? Set I.

No. 37: Big Wedding or Small?

Check for airline refunds. Secrets to getting the cheapest airfare. The days are getting cooler and shorter, which means the winter holidays are right around the corner.

Secrets to getting the cheapest airfare

It's time to start planning your holiday vacations! If fact, October is the best time to find the cheapest airfare for holiday travel. The travel website Kayak crunched last year's numbers and found that Thanksgiving airfares jumped 17 percent after October. The Best Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorials. Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide. Here I made you this {DIY Linen Spray} Ask your mom and she will tell you that the most treasured Mother’s Day gifts are the ones you made her when you were a kid.

Here I made you this {DIY Linen Spray}

You know, the crappy crayon pictures of you and her together, construction paper flowers, and those ‘adorable’ fill-in the blank cards that read something like; My mom’s the best because she always maks my lunch. My mom’s job is cleaning the house, and her favourite hobby is making me diner … etc. Yes, that is a direct quote from my life from when I was a self-centered little prick (a.k.a. a child). Yet my mom loved it and even though I am grown up now and can afford to buy my mom flowers and brunches and hallmark cards, she still likes the handmade gifts the best. A Marriage Agreement and Other Essays: Four Decades of Feminist Writing - Alix Kates Shulman. Pre-pregnancy contract: Signing on the dotted line to avoid household conflict.

Illustration by Robert Neubecker I’ve been wavering on the subject of motherhood for what seems like decades.

Pre-pregnancy contract: Signing on the dotted line to avoid household conflict.

Like Ruth Graham, who wrote of her fear of parenthood on Slate not long ago, when I contemplate jumping the gap between not-mom and mom, I see only catastrophe. The physical changes, the financial challenge, the increased difficulty of travel—having a baby seems like saying goodbye to my freedom. The Politics of Housework. Liberated women-very different from Women's Liberation!

The Politics of Housework

The first signals all kinds of goodies, to warm the hearts (not to mention other parts) of the most radical men. The other signals-HOUSEWORK. The first brings sex without marriage, sex before marriage, cozy housekeeping arrangements ("I'm living with this chick") and the self-content of knowing that you're not the kind of man who wants a doormat instead of a woman.

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed. 50 Unexpected Wreaths You Can Make Out Of Anything. 14 Floral Arrangement Hacks That Are Simply Divine. How To Cheaply And Easily Make Your Own Flower Arrangements. 18 Helpful Diagrams To Solve All Your Clothing Woes.

Non-toxic Home Cleaning & Care: Natural, Green, Eco-Friendly Solutions. Make sure to keep all home-made formulas well-labeled, and out of the reach of children.

Non-toxic Home Cleaning & Care: Natural, Green, Eco-Friendly Solutions

All-Purpose Cleaner: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda (or 2 teaspoons borax) into 1/2 gallon (2 liters) water. Store and keep. Use for removal of water deposit stains on shower stall panels, bathroom chrome fixtures, windows, bathroom mirrors, etc. Or use a citrus-based natural all-purpose cleaner. Another alternative are microfiber cloths which lift off dirt, grease and dust without the need for cleaning chemicals, because they are formulated to penetrate and trap dirt. Air Freshener: Commercial air fresheners mask smells and coat nasal passages to diminish the sense of smell Bathroom mold: Mold in bathroom tile grout is a common problem and can be a health concern.

Carpet stains: Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Chopping block cleaner: Rub a slice of lemon across a chopping block to disinfect the surface. 21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life. 9 Books Scarier Than Any Horror Movie. 36 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know.

Belly Dancing

Food. Your First Ukulele Chord. A chord can be described in a number of ways, and I will describe them in more and more detailed and mathematical ways as you progress through UkeSchool.

Your First Ukulele Chord

Here in the beginner's lessons, we can think of a chord as 4 notes, one note for each string, all played at the same time. Rprnts.omelas.pdf (application/pdf Object) Welcome to Instant Rimshot.