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Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over. Title. Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception. Because people have requested a photoset, here’s... - BEN KLING. Luis Cascante - Fashion Design. SHAHZIA SIKANDER. Insights from the ER. Photography Projects - wingyounghuie. THE UNIVERSITY AVENUE PROJECT: A Six-Mile Photographic Inquiry St.

Photography Projects - wingyounghuie

Paul, Minnesota (2006 – 2010) For three years Huie photographed the dizzying diversity in the St. Paul neighborhoods connected by this major thoroughfare. Workshops. Omar Vulpinari. Introduction Omar Vulpinari is a transdisciplinary and crossmedia creative director and innovation lab leader dedicating to communication for social change, culture and business.

Omar Vulpinari

He works for NGOs, private companies and public institutions globally. Projects. Finding Inspiration When Starting a New Web Project (Your first steps into uncharted territory) The beginning stages of a new web project can often be daunting, especially if there are areas of uncertainty that lie ahead.

Finding Inspiration When Starting a New Web Project (Your first steps into uncharted territory)

Believe it or not, this a blessing in disguise! Obstacles in the way of achieving your end result challenge you to be better at what you do. Let’s face it, our jobs would be boring if they were easy! I’m going to show you how to deal with venturing into uncharted territory. The evolution of comic books. N O N E W S I S G O O D N E W S. Please note; all entries regarding LOST ANGELES are now on this page.


Hello again. I've not 'up-dated' this sorry excuse for a blog for some time, as the more analogue facets of my existence have become quite pressing. One of these is that I'm making a new book; not Household Worms, as that is a relatively new book. Although you are, dear reader, invited to dally in the salubrious environs of the Notting Hill branch of Waterstone's bookshop on the evening of the 22nd March, as I may have mentioned before. No, this is a truly new book, in that it doesn't yet exist. New Media Scotland. ART+COM: Home. Paki Clothes.


Mindmapping. Arts. Infographs. Apple. from Moritz Waldemeyer. Jenny Packham 2012 Fall - Vintage Chic. One more view of a collection before I share my annual trends post on Monday.

Jenny Packham 2012 Fall - Vintage Chic

Another designer on my to-check list? Jenny Packham. Out of all the wedding gown designers, Jenny stands out in my mind as the only designer who has a signature style. Remember Kate Middleton’s pink/gold skimming dress that she wore to a fundraiser event? Cymaii's Photostream.