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Psycho.pathetikos. Untitled. Overview of Research at The Monroe Institute The Monroe Institute® serves as the core of a research affiliation investigating the phenomenon of human consciousness and making related information available to the public.


TMI’s Research Division seeks to support, promote, and engage in rigorous and ethical research practices and affiliations, thus creating a multi-vocal forum for the cross-cultural, experiential, experimental, and theoretical study of consciousness. Service to the community is our primary goal. LifeTools. Ἰδιούμαι. HOMEOPATHY. Left Hand of Darkness. Light And Love Reiki, School. New Mentat. Complementary Medicine. Alternative Modalities. Well Health Reminders. Daily Doses. The AMT - EFT, Energy EFT, EmoTrance, Energists & Modern Energy. New Healthy Energy.

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Endocrinologica. Vibratory. Cymatica. What are electromagnetic fields? Harmonic Energy and Water. By Ciarán Graham Natural harmonic energy might be described as the atmosphere created as a direct result of the existence of all-living creatures, plants, and elements, found on this earth and beyond.

Harmonic Energy and Water

Just as the force of gravity on the earth’s surface stops us from flying off the face of the earth, due to its high speed of rotation, harmonic energy brings a sense of balance to the billions and billions of energy fields found on this earth, so that all might co-exist together, while retaining their own identity at the same time. The one common energy element that binds man, animal, and plant life together, is water. If we look at the air we breathe, we find that hydrogen and oxygen combine together to form one element of water. Water might be described as the catalyst found in all life forms. Science as we know it today, has chosen to take a certain route in creating chemical reactions, in order to control or influence living elements. Living Water.

Spiritual Structure. Your medically-based source on Magnetic Field Therapy. William Pawluk, MD, MSc.

Your medically-based source on Magnetic Field Therapy

Alternative to Barefoot Grounding. Ever wonder why you feel exhilarated while walking barefoot on the beach?

Alternative to Barefoot Grounding

Maybe it's just the fact you're on vacation in a warm climate. Or maybe it's because you feel so fantastic in that new bathing suit… a new slimmed-down look you worked extra hard to achieve through healthy eating and exercise. Or, perhaps it's just getting out in nature on a beautiful day... dipping your feet in the water... feeling the sea breeze flow through your hair... All of these things can have positive effects on your frame of mind. But are there other less obvious reasons you feel better? Magnetic Therapy FAQ's. Are electromagnetic fields the same as static magnetic fields?

Magnetic Therapy FAQ's

No. The electromagnetic fields produced by power lines, cell phones, and electronics are different. Back to the FAQ overview Are Therion products all bio-north? Yes. Can a magnet be too strong? No. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF Therapy) Research Review. Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bemer Magnetism Schuhmann Frequencies. Magnetic Pulse Therapy Keywords: Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bemer Therapy Bioquant Schuman Frequencies Centurion Curatron Dentamag EMG Enermed Magnecure Medicur MPG-4 Papimi Quantron QRS Vitalive Vitamag BemerTherapy Coil Mat:

Magnetic Pulse Therapy Bemer Magnetism Schuhmann Frequencies

Bioelectromagnetic Healing - Integrity Research Institute. Bioelectromagnetic Healing, its History and a Rationale for its Use Thomas F.

Bioelectromagnetic Healing - Integrity Research Institute

Valone Integrity Research Institute, 5020 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite 209 Beltsville MD 20705 Presented at Whole Person Healing Conference & Tesla Energy Science Conference, 2003 Abstract Bioelectromagnetics (BEMs) is the study of the effect of electromagnetic fields on biological systems [1]. Though electromagnetic fields have sometimes been associated with potential for harm to the body, there are many BEM instruments and devices re-emerging in the 21st century, based on high voltage Tesla coils, that apparently bring beneficial health improvements to human organisms. Introduction to Reiki Healing. Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a combination of two Japanese words rei and ki meaning universal life energy.

Introduction to Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies. Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. This healing art is an effective delivery system. The Reiki practitioner serves as a vessel that supplies healing energies where they are most needed. What is Consciousness? We become consciousness when there is an awareness of movement, balance and clarity in the relationships between all these directions, giving rise to the experience of presence and an awareness of the core Self, which is whole.

What is Consciousness?

How Energy Travels in the Body: The Meridian System and It's Effects on Your Health. Digg HJ: The meridian system in the human body is the basis for many different healing modalities.

How Energy Travels in the Body: The Meridian System and It's Effects on Your Health

Three that immediately come to mind are acupressure, acupuncture and EFT (emotional freedom technique). What do they all have in common? How Energy Flows in the Body: Meridians and Microlines. Digg HJ: The idea of the meridians are one of the few concepts that Western and Eastern medicine see eye to eye on. In Western terms, meridians are referred to as the nervous system, however, the name means little as the function of this biological network is ultimately what holds significance for us. Furthermore, the Eastern concept of the network of energy channels is far more refined, going even further in specificity and identifying microlines and temporal flows which are more subtle and etheric aspects of the larger nervous system/meridian framework.

Either way you approach it, this network of nerve impulses is in large part responsible for our health and wellbeing, as it bridges both physical, mental and spiritual realities simultaneously. Science Measures the Human Energy Field. Science Measures the Human Energy Field Energy is a theme that permeates many areas of complementary health care, including Reiki. For historic and emotional reasons, two key words have not been mentionable in polite academic research society: "energy" and "touch. " Hence it is not surprising that Reiki therapy has been neglected by mainstream biomedical science. Why People Fail to See The Aura and How to Learn to See It. Digg HJ: Learning to see the Aura is like riding a bike — it takes skill and practice that is developed through trial and error. It may be a bit more frustrating and slightly less exhilarating, but certainly no less useful. Imagine being able to get an instant visual read on anyone or anything that comes into your field of view — after learning to understand what the various colors and patterns represented, it would open up an entirely new field of perception that could be highly useful for any number of things.

Surely it is worth the effort involved. How to Release Negative Thoughts and Emotions Using EFT. Digg HJ: With EFT, you can nearly instantly clear unwanted, ‘negative’ emotions and thought patterns. It is a powerful and rapid method of releasing highly charged emotional energies and quite a useful tool in anyones arsenal for dealing with the common daily challenges of life. However, basic EFT methods do not clear the underlying cause of the emotions and thoughts, which are highly charged beliefs and traumatic experiences. To address and neutralize those, we must work at a deeper level. For these instances it is recommended that one use a more powerful form of EFT known as Matrix Reimprinting. You can learn more about Matrix Reprogramming here: Using Matrix Reimprinting to Rewrite Your Past and Transform Your Future.

Teaching The Reiki First Degree Attunement. Learn Energy Healing with this Beginner's Guide for Healers. Learn energy healing with this beginner's guide for healers. So you want to learn to work with healing energy. Maybe you've always been interested, maybe you're facing a health crisis, or maybe you just want to find out more about it. Energy Healing Info. Energy Healing : A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Healing Vibrations. An Empath Discovers Healing Abilities. The Reiki Page. Reiki: (In)frequently asked questions... REÏKI (médias) Exercices/ REÏKI (sources) Join the Reiki Membership Association. New Health Concerns. Wi-Fi - The Invisible Killing Fields. By Jamie Lee January 18, 2014 from TabuBlog Website. Uplifting human consciousness on a global scale. Love Your Human Design » The Gates of Love. Posted on: February 11, 2010 by: peter. Love Your Human Design.

Print Version - Five Tibetan Rites. By Mary Kurus Copyright Mary Kurus 2001, All Rights Reserved. Prescrire Article on Homeopathy. The following page was originally published in the English version of the magazine Prescrire international February 1996 Vol 5 No. 21. It is their translation of an article which first appeared in their French edition la revue Prescrire October 1995; 15 (155): 674-684.

Using Matrix Reimprinting to Rewrite Your Past and Transform Your Future. HJ: We typically think of time as a linear experience, when in fact it is multidimensional in nature. Informational Medicine versus Energy Medicine. Energy Medicine Practice. Alternative healing has become generally equated with Energy Medicine, through the name being given to every modality that does not use allopathic drugs. Crystals. Health. The Impact of Poor Health Infographic. ASEP Conference. ISIS PHOENIX - Sensual Shaman. ONE HEART TANTRA - Home. Attunement. Spirits Align. Learn Energy Healing with this Beginner's Guide for Healers. Oneness - USA / Canada. Oneness University. ONENESS UNIVERSITY. The Cancer Cure That Worked (The Story of Royal Raymond Rife) by Barry Lynes & John Crane (1997)

Knowledgebase - University Medical Centre. Six Signs You May be a Disaster Shaman – Fractal Enlightenment. TETRA: the science bit from the national research-based TETRA Airwave safety campaign. Electromagnetic mind control persinger human brain electromagnetic induction fundamental algorithms chemtrails. Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences.

Story. The Empath Survival Program: Tools and Resources for Empaths. Empathic Perspectives. The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) & The Empath. The Levels Of Clairsentience Part 6. The Book Of Storms. Empath Zone - A place where Empaths can be themselves :) Empath Community. How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Psychic Energy - Psychic Development. Disperse Psychic Energy Buildup - Psychic. Bioenergetics, the study of the flow and transformation of energy.