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Is it an -ism or is it art ? EDUCATION. NewEd.

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Education Blogs. About EducatiOs. Education Online. NewEd Resources. Education Resources. Curricu Rumba. New Learning. Collabo Rata. Curate Content Research. Wiki World. Crowd Source Controls. Internetworking. Complex Systems. REALLY GOOD STUFF. Teach like a Pirate.pdf.

100 Diagrams That Changed the World. Five Reasons to Teach with Creative Constraints. Christopher Shamburg wrote a great blog post about creativity and limits.

Five Reasons to Teach with Creative Constraints

Have you ever been asked to do something creative and blanked out? Or worse, have you ever asked a students to create, write, or make something original and get little to no work? The imperative “Be Creative!” Five Reasons to Teach with Creative Constraints. Perceptions about time and learning. Coffeecue. Explore Our Schools and Programs. At our University, students are priority one.

Explore Our Schools and Programs

Our University is committed to providing quality education, superior student resources, and affordable tuition. In fact, while post-secondary tuition has risen sharply nationwide, the University continues to offer affordable tuition without sacrificing academic quality. Tuition and costs are always transparent with no hidden charges. #34 Ranking on US News "Best Online Bachelor’s Programs"180+ online programs93% of employers would hire one of our graduates again195% of seniors say they would choose us again294% of seniors would recommend us to a friend or colleague385% of graduates report they’re currently employed3Federal Student Aid and Armed Forces Tuition Assistance acceptedLow tuition: among the 10 U.S. leading providers of online education, we are on average 42% lower for undergraduate and 33% lower for graduate students4.

What works best. This page has now been revised (May 2010) in the light of John Hattie's recent apparently definitive work Visible Learning; a synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement (London; Routledge, 2009).

What works best

100 Incredible & Educational Virtual Tours You Don't Want to Miss. By Katheryn Rivas One of the wonders of the Internet is that it can bring the world to you instead of your needing to find the time and money to explore the traditional way.

100 Incredible & Educational Virtual Tours You Don't Want to Miss

The following virtual tours bring opportunities to explore cities, famous landmarks and buildings, museums, college campuses, and even outer space. 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. Engage Students in Informed Decision Making. This is the 8th post in the ThingLink Teacher Challenge series.

Engage Students in Informed Decision Making

Please Tweet and share through social media with the hashtag #TLChallenge. Feel free to repost any of the challenges on your own blog and be sure to invite your friends and colleagues to participate. Week 8: 9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning. The label of “21st Century learning” is vague, and is an idea that we here at TeachThought like to take a swing at as often as possible, including: –weighing the magic of technology with its incredible cost and complexity –underscoring the potential for well thought-out instructional design –considering the considerable potential of social media platforms against its apparent divergence from academic learning.

9 Characteristics Of 21st Century Learning

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. The EvoLLLution. PBL – the best teaching method in the 21st century instruction. Let me start this article with what Obama says in a speech at the Center for American Progress : “ Let’s be clear — we are failing too many of our children.

PBL – the best teaching method in the 21st century instruction

We’re sending them out into a 21st century economy by sending them through the doors of 20th century schools.” This is a true statement issued from the lips of a political person rather than an educator. There is a profound disconnect between what students are being taught and what the actual world is demanding of them as adults. It sounds like there exists two worlds one inside the school and the other outside.

How to Teach Internet Safety in K-6. The Internet is a wonderful resource for kids for researching school reports, communicating with teachers, staying in touch with friends, and entertaining themselves.

How to Teach Internet Safety in K-6 open-source community-based tools for learning. Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans from the Federal Government. EPN c'est quoi? - Un espace public numérique (EPN) est un lieu destiné à l'apprentissage et l'utilisation de l'informatique et des nouvelles technologies.

EPN c'est quoi? -

Ses missions principales consistent à offrir au public un accès à un ordinateur, à Internet ainsi qu'un accompagnement pédagogique. Des formations seront organisées régulièrement pour débutants et confirmés, pour les adultes, les seniors, les adolescents et les enfants. Ainsi chaque personne peut y venir pour un renseignement, un conseil, une aide, une formation. Les écoles, tous réseaux confondus, sont les bienvenues. Les ordinateurs ne sont pas que des machines pour jouer, ils sont aussi un outil d'apprentissage formidable, et ce dès le plus jeune âge. Un EPN est un lieu de partage et de convivialité, un lieu de créativité, de rencontre, de bonne humeur et éloigné du stress.

Ici, pas de mauvais points... KLEINMAKELEARNGOOD: the educational wing of AJET 28(8) Thorpe and Gordon (2012) - Online learning in the workplace: A hybrid model of participation in networked, professional learning. IowaKick-OffSeptember2008_preso. International Journal of Science, Second Issue by Science Journal. Uncomplicated Reviews of Educational Research Methods. NGLC Breakthrough Models Incubator 2015. Funding Framework. Socrative. 3 Reasons to Take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge This Summer. 3 Reasons to Take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge This Summer The ThingLink Teacher Challenge is a free, self-paced, online summer professional development opportunity designed to help teachers transform classroom teaching and e-learning with ThingLink, an easy-to-use interactive image and video platform.

3 Reasons to Take the ThingLink Teacher Challenge This Summer

This challenge invites teachers to learn to use interactive images to redefine learning in the classroom. Learn how to connect audio, video, images, and text in one cohesive presentation during this self-paced professional development opportunity. Here are three reasons to participate. ThingLink Teacher Challenge Showcase - Der original-Blog von ThingLink! ThingLink Teacher Challenge. Thinglink Teacher Challenge 2014. An Educator’s Guide to the “Four Cs” Preparing 21st Century Students for a Global Society Found In: teaching strategies All educators want to help their students succeed in life.

What was considered a good education 50 years ago, however, is no longer enough for success in college, career, and citizenship in the 21st century. The “21st Century Skills” movement is more than a decade old. Yet, educators still pose important questions about how to move 21st century education forward. Ten years ago, NEA helped establish the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) and in 2002 began a two-year journey to develop what became known as a “Framework for 21st Century Learning,” highlighting 18 different skills. Over the years it became clear that the framework was too long and complicated. Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Now the challenge is building the “Four Cs” into K-12 education. Science, Education, and Science Education. Identifying Effective Approaches in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Collaboration and learning - for educators by educators.

Project based edutopia search results. The Future of College?