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10 Tricks You Didn't Know Your Camera Could Do (and How to Make Them Happen) Welcome to Time Out with Tanya, where I’ve put my fast paced graphic design career on hold in favor of adventures in motherhood.

10 Tricks You Didn't Know Your Camera Could Do (and How to Make Them Happen)

I’m capturing every moment on camera and you can come along, if you’d like. Sign up for my weekly email here so you’ll never miss a Time Out. Zach Sutton’s informative article, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Camera, on Tuts+ caught my eye last week. He brings up a few special functions available on most digital cameras these days that some of you might not know how to use.

Here’s his list, with links to some of my favorite tutorials explaining how to make them happen: 1. Bracketing is a function I used to use in my old film days when I wasn’t quite sure which shutter speed to use for a proper exposure. 2. I recently started using back button focus and, while it took a couple weeks to get used to, I’m now wondering how I ever got along without it! ├ Photography Cheat Sheets and Infographics. 30 Awesome Cool Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials. Typography you use it a lot if you are a web designer.

30 Awesome Cool Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Good typography design is not easy, but once mastered; it can be a very defying tool in the graphic design area. Photoshop’s text and layer tools can be used to create some really awesome effects. If you are beginner Photoshop designer you can enhance your Photoshop knowledge with these best text tutorials. In addition to learning how to use vector and 3D effects, many text effects use a photomanipulation and other techniques. So in this article I have posted 30 amazing photoshop text effects tutorials created by highly talented Photoshop artists and designers. 1. Learn Melting Chocolate Text Effect 2. Smoke Type in Photoshop in 10 Steps 3. Chocolate Bar Text Effect 4. Create Animal Textured Typography 5. Create a Chrome 4×4 Vehicle Emblem 6. Create Super Glossy 3D Typography. 50 Brilliant Photo Manipulation Tutorials to Understand Photoshop Like a Pro.

Email When it comes to photo editing, the first thing that comes to my mind is Photoshop.

50 Brilliant Photo Manipulation Tutorials to Understand Photoshop Like a Pro

Photoshop is the second name of creativity. Photo manipulation may be one of the funniest things you can do with Photoshop. Of course, a person should have lots of patience and time to create some truly stunning artwork, but it’s worth a try. Today, I’ve collected 50 great photo manipulation tutorials, which will teach you many new features. Here, you’ll find tutorials on how to combine photos and brushes, apply textures, create light-leaks and other high-tech elements, mix the components on a suitable background and learn blending, lighting, image adjustment techniques and much more. Photoshop Water Tutorial. Second Picture is devoted to original tutorials about 3D graphics, Photoshop, Photography and Web Design.

Photoshop Water Tutorial

Water Tutorials Picture 1. Convincing water sufrace is pretty simple to create in Photoshop. 16.07.2008 Category: Photoshop In this Photoshop water tutorial I cover the creation of a water surface in Adobe Photoshop CS3. 24 Really Cool Photoshop Actions To Enhance Photography. Photoshop actions are the best — they save time and make you more productive during post-processing.

24 Really Cool Photoshop Actions To Enhance Photography

They can be used to speed up repetitive tasks, make quick work of time consuming edits, and give you a little creative inspiration. So here are 24 Really Cool Photoshop Actions To Enhance Your Photography These actions are not simple, filter-playing actions. The steps they take have been studied and thoroughly tested, making these actions true image enhancers. The results of these actions are realistic re-creations of traditional effects, without any gimmicks. Download PROActions Bundle – Film & Special Effects → HDR legendary image actions work for any image size (doesn’t matter how large it is) Download HDR Legendary Image Action → So, here are 100 photo styles to quickly enhance your images.

Download 100 Photo Styles → 90 Premium Actions Set is a pack of professional Photoshop actions perfect for photographers and graphic designers. Download 90 Premium Actions Set → Typograph! Water drops. For the lovely Teresa. Snow Time for Teresa. Night time for Teresa. Sunshine forTeresa. Urban Landscape for Teresa. Autumn Time for Teresa. Summertime for Teresa. Spring time for Teresa: Spring has Sprung. Some more - the one above is my fave Some of the pics I took today.

Spring time for Teresa: Spring has Sprung

Ladybirds. Abstract for Teresa. More abstract for Teresa. Abstract Three for Teresa. For Teresa. Memories for Teresa. Winter Time for Teresa. Park Time for Teresa. Lake. Harbour. Surfer. Drops. Grass and droplets. Ballons. Bridge. Beach Huts.