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Digitala verktyg

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Charlotta Wastesons bollplank: Tips på verktyg för digital elevrespons #SETTSYD. Jag hade glömt hur stökigt och tröttande det är med mässor.

Charlotta Wastesons bollplank: Tips på verktyg för digital elevrespons #SETTSYD

Allt sorl. Alla människor. Slamrandet. Köandet. Förväntningarna, glada överraskningar och besvikelser. Första dagen av SETTSyd är till ända och för mig är det dags att summera dagens intryck. En av dagens höjdpunkter var Joachim Thornströms föreläsning: "Dynamiskt lärande - Klassrumskommunikation för aktiva elever". I dag jobbar Joachim istället med som är ett forum där lärare recenserar appar, ger förslag till användningsområden och kopplar apparna till de syften och förmågor som tas upp i grundskolans läroplan.

Joachims föreläsning handlade om tips på olika verktyg för elevrespons och hur de kan användas i skolan. Med reservation för att jag kan ha råkat lägga till, missuppfattat och tagit bort något försöker jag här sammanfatta Joakims föreläsning. Dessa verktyg presenterade Joachim: Socrative - passar bra att använda vid digitala förhör. Mentimeter - ett responsverktyg där man kan ställa frågor och få svar. SurveyMonkey : logiciel gratuit de sondage en ligne et de questionnaire. Glogster: Multimedia Posters. YouTube Video Converter and Download. Xcode - What's New. Playgrounds Playgrounds have been thoroughly updated so you can author gorgeous documentation, easy to follow experiments, and interactive educational content.

Xcode - What's New

You can add playgrounds to your project that show how to use your own APIs, demonstrate how you solved a problem, or even demo your code’s features. Code comments are static in comparison. New playground features include: Results are displayed in-line beside the code that generated them. Interface Builder Interface Builder gives you incredible control over the latest features in iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS. Testing Xcode is already an amazing environment for test driven development, and Xcode 7 makes it even better with user interface testing and code coverage.

User Interface Testing Xcode 7 introduces user interface testing, ensuring that changes you make in code don’t show up as unwanted changes to your users. Code Coverage. Learning Activities : Digital storylines- blogs used as virtual realities. My innovation is the combination of the method storyline with digital tools.

Learning Activities : Digital storylines- blogs used as virtual realities

When using the method storyline you create a fictitious world in which different made-up characters act. This method inspires the pupils to use their imagination and to fell free to act as someone else along the ”storypath” that is presented by their teacher. The content of the storyline is focused on different learning goals. This metod enables us to learn and practice different skills in a context, the storyline. Each ”step” in the story is followed by actions, that is the pupils’ characters have to move on and within the frame (the instructions given by the teacher) the pupils are free to create their own versions of the story. The storyline and its different steps is planned by the teacher. Below (Supporting resources) I have links to two examples of my digital storylines; The Taurus Express ( and ”Fritidsgården” ( In these blogs the project plan is presented as one of the pages. Recension av Explain Everything - Spela in det du skriver och berättar.

Class With Apps. Bookabiby Tamajii Inc One of many available apps that creates story books, Bookabi offers fun and simple interface for younger grades.

Class With Apps

The app allows students to add images and illustrations to tell a story. Bookabi includes generic illustrations, including backgrounds and people in order for younger students can create stories without importing images. How It Works? Step 1: Open the app and tap on the add icon to create a new story. On the menu page, you can also browse through the created books and export the books by tapping the share button. Step 2: Add a story title and author name to your book. Step 3: The app will create the first page of your book. Step 4: Tap on the background button to add illustrations or images from the photo gallery. Step 5: Tap the character button to add characters from the Bookabi library. Showbie - the Paperless Classroom App for Teachers. Programvara för att rita minneskartor - Rita minneskartor online.

Jing, Record and share videos on your computer, by TechSmith. The always-ready program that allows you to instantly capture images and record video on your computer—then share them with anyone.

Jing, Record and share videos on your computer, by TechSmith

Jing is a great tool for adding basic visual elements to all of your online conversations Jing for Screenshots Capture What You See The Jing sun sits nicely on your desktop, ready to capture your screen at a moment’s notice. Jing will capture a window, pane, or region with just one click. Jing Loves to Share Send your screenshots all over the web. Make a Point Need to emphasize a point or explain a tricky concept? No Need to Wait Simply paste the link into an IM, email, forum post, anywhere…and when the person clicks it they see your freshly–uploaded screenshot.

Share Images Instantly Jing will place a hyperlink on your clipboard when you send your screenshots to a destination like or Flickr. Jing for Screencasts Record What You See (and Do) Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff.