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Sticking a Fork in the LMS. I had a moment of panic over the weekend.

Sticking a Fork in the LMS

I was expecting to teach my summer course from June 14 to Aug 5. It turns out that due to an administrative error (which, quick frankly, I should have caught earlier) it was scheduled to start on Monday. It usually takes me a full eight hour day to really get my course site/D2L site turned over for the new semester. I’m mainly fighting battles with changing due dates and what not. Not to mention summer session requires me switching up content to better fit a 8 week programming schedule instead of 16 weeks.

This summer, I’m hosting all the course content and assignments in a Github Pages site: The site is powered by a single file. One thing I’m always interested in web is load speed. Ok. The theme is a very, very basic theme that uses the Jekyll framework. Of course, this means that you can grab a copy (or “fork”) of the course whenever you’d like. Static and free. My time with Squarespace ended today.

Static and free

It was never an entirely happy marriage between us, and it’s not worth spilling every detail why, but I will say that the main thing that ultimately drove me from Squarespace for good was its poorly implemented Markdown editor. I feel that I should qualify that “poorly” because I really do mean poorly for me, and I don’t have any fantasies that I’m a typical Squarespace user or that I know more about Squarespace’s user base than Squarespace knows. I fully believe Squarespace has designed its user interface with its primary customers in mind. But as it stands now, Squarespace is not a place for lovers of Markdown, and that is who I’ve been for years and likely always will be. Even though Squarespace was among the first major blogging platforms to welcome Markdown-based blogging, I don’t think the Markdown functionality in Squarespace ever got past “add-on” status.

Life and content go on… to Jekyll Ultimately I chose Jekyll over other options because:

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