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The Ludologist

The Journal of Games Criticism is proud to announce the publication of its first special issue, edited by Aaron Trammell and Zack Lischer-Katz. Adapted from the Extending Play: The Sequel conference held at Rutgers University in 2015, this issue’s articles and interviews consider matters surrounding sequels and repetition in the world of video games and their study. The issue is available at and the full list of articles is listed below. Considering the Sequel to Game Studies… by A. Trammell & Z. Teaching Game Design. Howtonotsuckatgamedesign. Fine Game Design - Ethan Kennerly. Google Translate. Gamepocalypse Now.

Applied Game Design. Gaming. Under graphical re-construction This site focusses on my hobby board game mechanics and board game development (check the concept link).


My inventory of games is also included to give you a brief impression of the games I enjoy (Aquire, Magic the Gathering, Settlers, Mordheim, Roborally, Bloodbowl, Elfenland, Set! , Warhammer, the older games workshop games, etc.). Also I'm busy writing up a number of dutch translations for US games (spelregels) such as Aquire, Bloodbowl & Mordheim (Warhammer) (check the game rulings link). I dedicated a few special pages to Games Workshop board games (especially Bloodbowl (Note, these pages have long loading time due the amount of pictures). Zen of Design. Lost Garden. In-lusio. Sloperama Productions - スローパーラマ プロダクションズ. Greg Costikyan.