Confessions of a Quirky Christian Artist Confessions of a Quirky Christian Artist Wow… I am worn out. My team’s big project at work is live now, and we just released a big patch to fix some terrible difficulty spikes. The last time we released Super Adventure Box: World 1 it got pretty universal praise.
Flark Design - Knowing the game — by Mike Birkhead Flark Design - Knowing the game — by Mike Birkhead Your cast is the story. The story is your cast. These are not separate entities, and if you fail to deliver a strong, compelling cast, then your grand imaginings will be as flat as day old soda. A story follows a meaningful flow. The protagonist, our player as avatar, takes an action, and she expects a particular result from her action: she sees a lever, and she expects pulling it will open the door.
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What Games Are As everyone does on New Year's Eve, I look back on the year that was and try to find a theme. With so many things having happened all in a short space of time (new consoles for all, new jobs for me, new realities in mobile, etc) it's hard to find just one theme among the multitude. However the one that strikes me was seeing several games that toyed with the lack of agency. For a medium largely centered around doing, 2013 was often a year about not-doing. What Games Are
About that word, ludology: A few years ago, we tried to identify the historical first use of the word. My search lead me to identify Mihaly (Flow) Csikszentmihalyi’s 1982 article ”Does Being Human Matter – On Some Interpretive Problems of Comparative Ludology”. Reading Csikszentmihalyi’s article, it always stood out that he does not seem to be introducing ludology, but writes as if this is a long-existing term that everybody knows. In the meantime, the Oxford English Dictionary has added a ludology entry, which dates first use to 1961 in Mankind Quarterly. But was this really the first use? Again the actual text, “animal sociology, ludology and an essay on the psychology of labor and accumulation” makes it sounds like the reader is already supposed to know the word. The Ludologist The Ludologist
At GDC this year, I was given ten minutes to speak at the Game Educators Rant. I actually went over by a few minutes (with apologies to my fellow panelists) so I had to cut the end of the presentation a little short. What follows are my notes (sans slides, and edited for strong language since this is not meant to be an M-rated blog). I’d like to start with an apology. I like futurists. They’re really entertaining to listen to, and their picture of the future always sounds so bright. Teaching Game Design Teaching Game Design
Yesterday a huge german weekly publication Der Spiegel launched a cover story about video games. The headline is “spielen macht klug.”, meaning playing makes you smart. The cover story attempts to legitimize games – to a readership that does not recognize games as culture, in a publication that does not recognize games as culture – by pointing to real life benefits in order to appease the gate keepers of the establishment. It’s all so very wrong. howtonotsuckatgamedesign howtonotsuckatgamedesign
Hotel vs Gozilla (October 6, 2011) Hotel vs Gozilla is an animated adaptation of the ancient Chinese game of Go. I teach casual videogamers the rules and tactics of my favorite boardgame. Fine Game Design - Ethan Kennerly Fine Game Design - Ethan Kennerly
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Created by an exclusive team at Google, Ingress is a game that gets you out of the house and into the world. This mobile app, driven by Google maps, encourages users to move through their own neighborhood or locale to play the game. The game directs players to find objects, capture territories and ally with others to complete required tasks. The Android version can be downloaded at the Google Play store, and the game will be available for iOS devices sometime this year. Learn more about it here. Gamepocalypse Now Gamepocalypse Now
Imagine a conversation with a recent film school graduate about the greatest films in recent memory. It would not be uncommon for such a student to mention Star Wars. After all, the film’s impact on culture was tremendous, and its effects are still felt daily among those in the video game industry. Some have joked that nearly every game made is merely some kind of retelling of some Star Wars meme. So, with this scene in mind, imagine the following conversation: Me: “Star Wars: A New Hope – do you know who directed it?” Applied Game Design Applied Game Design
Under graphical re-construction This site focusses on my hobby board game mechanics and board game development (check the concept link). My inventory of games is also included to give you a brief impression of the games I enjoy (Aquire, Magic the Gathering, Settlers, Mordheim, Roborally, Bloodbowl, Elfenland, Set!, Warhammer, the older games workshop games, etc.). Also I'm busy writing up a number of dutch translations for US games (spelregels) such as Aquire, Bloodbowl & Mordheim (Warhammer) (check the game rulings link). I dedicated a few special pages to Games Workshop board games (especially Bloodbowl (Note, these pages have long loading time due the amount of pictures). Gaming Gaming I haven’t forgotten the plight of Those Who Punch Ghosts. While juggling the holidays, family commitments, and — oh yeah, the release of the My Little Pony CCG — I’ve been pondering the metaphysics of the Ghost Punchers storyworld. After all, if we’re going to create stories of the supernatural, we need to establish how this stuff works. Humans in Ghost Punchers have three aspects. The first is the physical, which is their flesh and blood all that other icky stuff sloshing around just beneath your skin.
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How do we get players to play together in a manner that fits their schedules? This is a key logistical challenge a designer faces when building multiplayer games. The promise We are seeing a blossoming of innovative multiplayer systems. Lost Garden
It has been a while since my last post here, but I suddenly felt the urge to write… Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve been overwhelmed by a lot of things, by what’s happening in my personal life as well as what has happened in my professional life. I suddenly realized that I was overwhelmed when I was mindlessly browsing the net when I decided to go and have another look at our studio’s blog and see if there where any new posts and then my attention was drawn to the names at the side, links to the blogs of our studio’s artists. in-lusio
Freelance game designer Tom Sloper offers design services for developers and publishers of electronic entertainment. Freelance game producer Tom Sloper offers production services for developers and publishers of electronic entertainment. Consulting game designer Tom Sloper offers design services for developers and publishers of electronic entertainment. Consulting game producer Tom Sloper offers production services for developers and publishers of electronic entertainment. Sloperama Productions - スローパーラマ プロダクションズ
Greg Costikyan I've been in the game industry for more than 30 years -- my first job, at 14, was assembling and shipping games in the warehouse at SPI. At present, I'm serving as Senior Game Designer for Loot Drop and also as an advisor to the Pennsylvania Game Studio, as well as working on a couple of boardgame projects on my own time. The MIT Press recently published my book Uncertainty in Games. I've designed more than 30 commercially published board, roleplaying, computer, online, mobile and social network games; my ludography is here. I have, in fact, been something of a pioneer in new and emerging game markets -- I designed the first online game to attract more than a million players (MadMaze, for the old Prodigy COLS), founded one of the first mobile game publishers in North America. In 2007, I received the Maverick Award at GDC for "tireless promotion of indie games;" I've also won five Origins Awards, and am an inductee into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame.